Friday, 22 October 2021

I Really Don't Understand

 I really need some help to understand what some folk are saying. I'm being completely serious here (hard for me I know) but I just don't get it.

This is what I read  "Life as we know it is being completely destroyed". and I really want to know how, in what way is my life being destroyed?

 2 years ago, before the pandemic my life was like this .............................

                            I lived alone following the death of my husband of 38 years in 2018
I tried to be positive and enjoyed life as much as possible 
My children and grandchildren visited me and I visited them
I requested lots of lovely library books and enjoyed reading  them all for free
I listened to whatever I wanted to on the radio and ignored all the rubbish news and didn't believe all I heard
I watched all sorts of interesting programmes on TV and didn't watch things that didn't look interesting and didn't believe all I saw
I didn't  have time to read any newspapers
I rode my bike or walked whenever and where ever
I drove my car whenever I wanted to go further
I went to lots of car-boot sales
and haunted charity shops
My Brother in Law helped out sometimes
I grew some food in my garden and greenhouse
I went shopping in supermarkets and other shops and bought all the food I needed easily
I had a warm and comfortable home
Electricity and water came to my home without problems
Heating oil was easily available
I went swimming once a week
I went to WI and listened to interesting speakers
I visited and enjoyed all sorts of local events
I got my prescription medications for free and easily from the local doctor
I wrote letters to a couple of pen friends and they wrote to me
I used the internet for communication and some shopping.
and my favourite indoor hobby was blogging 
I was never bored

Now, two years on and a house move - downsizing and releasing equity to make life easier...................

I live alone following the death of my husband of 38 years in 2018
I try to be positive and enjoy life as much as possible 
My children and grandchildren visit me and I visit them
I request lots of lovely library books and enjoy reading  them all for free
I listen to whatever I want  on the radio and ignore all the rubbish news and don't believe all I hear
I watch all sorts of interesting programmes on TV and don't watch things that don't look interesting and don't believe all I see
I don't have time to read any newspapers
I ride my bike or walk whenever and where ever
I drive my car whenever I want to go further
I go to lots of car-boot sales
and haunt charity shops
My Brother in Law helps out sometimes
I will be growing some food in my new garden and greenhouse next year
I go shopping in supermarkets and other shops and buy all the food I need easily
I have a warm and comfortable home
Electricity and water come to my home without problems
Heating oil is easily available
I go to WI and listen to interesting speakers
I visit and enjoy all sorts of local events
I get my prescription medications for free and easily from the local doctor
I write letters to a couple of pen friends and they write to me
I use the internet for communication and some shopping
and my favourite indoor hobby is blogging.
I am never bored 
Please can somebody tell me in what way my life is being destroyed or tell me in what way it will be destroyed in the next few years. I can see no point in worrying about the more distant future ........I can't change it. Perhaps I shouldn't have had children and they shouldn't have had children..... bit late for that now. So I can only do what I can do.

(The only difference in the two lists?.........swimming. Which has been abandoned for the time being as the pool has cut the times for lane swimming, increased costs and since moving I'm now a bit further away. I'm doing more walking instead)
Although I don't understand how my life is being destroyed there are a few things I know for definite
  • World distribution networks are under pressure due to many reasons that are out of our control
  • No government are ever brave enough to make major changes because they are scared of being voted out next time round........... therefore............
  • We've not paid the proper amount for food to cover the cost of good production for many years
  • and we've not paid enough for the services we now all expect with an aging population
  • Europe is still in a hissy-fit because we were brave/mad (take your pick) enough to leave
  • There's no such thing as "fair" and never has been
  • Too many people rely on "them" for everything and blame "them" for everything wrong
  • It's all the fault of us "baby boomers" ( might be being facetious here! I can never be completely serious)

 Discuss ...................
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  1. Enjoyed reading this, Sue. It will be interesting to see what discussions unfold. --Elise

  2. Nope, our lives aren't destroyed either, despite the covid instances rising again (Somerset is one of the worst areas now, apparently). We just don't go places where it's likely to be packed, and when we do go out (shopping etc), wear masks. It's simply a case of being sensible.

    Oh, your marmalade cake was lovely, by the way, thanks.

  3. My life is being severely restricted but not ruined but this is because I am going blind and can no longer see to drive and I am going deaf which restricts my contact with people. Having lived through many previous 'crises' I take most of the headlines with a pinch of salt.

  4. Maybe the people were writing from a global perspective? In some parts of the world people are genuinely seeing their livelihoods destroyed due to coastal erosion and devastating changes in weather patterns (more flooding etc) We live in a rich corner of the world, where we are relatively sheltered from such things. You and I belong to the group who get a state pension, free NHS care, and much more besides. But there have been huge changes even in this country. Younger people I know have lost their employment due to covid, or seen their original plans for Uni go out the window in recent months.
    I think your post shows two things - firstly that you have a balanced attitude to life, and put the strength of good relationships above the acquisition of material goods. People matter more than things - and that love is still there. And secondly, that many of the things which have gone wrong are the result of unwise decisions by people in power. And to name, blame and shame might make us feel better but it will do little to put things right.
    So yes, I'm like you, I have not seen MY life being destroyed. But I'm aware that others have, to a greater or lesser degree. I shall continue to stand in my small corner and hold my little candle of hope.
    Thanks for a such thought provoking post (you should submit it to your Parish Magazine!)

    1. I could not say it any better Angela or Sue.
      Hazel 🌈🌈

    2. Bangladesh, for instance, has had devasting floods during my entire living memory. What floods is Angela talking about and what proof has she that specific weather changes have caused these today? Wars going on, civil wars that never end, terrorists kidnapping, killings are far more of a crisis in this age we live in than anything else.

  5. I am listening to the Road to Wigan Pier at the moment, Orwell paints the time as bleak and black for the poor and it was. The poor miners that had to walk crouched for miles to get to the coal face and then work in the heat crouching, and as we know women suffered as well. Coal and various energy sources have now brought us to this new low as it affects our climate, and the media has emphasised it because bad news sells.
    I would say thank our lucky stars for living on a small island, open to the weather but still protected by good social laws. Lets leave it to the young to make the world a better place.

  6. No our lives are not being completely destroyed. We are having to adjust slightly. There are things we have taken for granted in the past that are not happening or we chose not to do now. We live not far from Sooze in Somerset. Our carnivals are not happening for the second year, events have been cancelled. Our granddaughter works for a large travel company, from home now, their shop closed. People are still booking holidays abroad. We have chosen not to cruise (might not ever again) but had several very short breaks in this country.

    The media make the whole situation of shortages worse then people react, for example the toilet roll and fuel 'shortages' Do we also need 15 different varieties of the same product in our supermarkets! Yes there are shortages and there are supply chain problems. Our local trades people often have to wait for supplies. Our daughter's brother in law has no work for a couple of days waiting for building supplies so was able to go and do a couple of jobs for her.

    Locally some of the staff at the Clarks shoes distribution centre are on strike. The company that bought out Clarks want to 'fire and rehire' the staff there on a lower hourly rate and with changes to their terms and conditions. They are blaming the Covid shut down where money was lost and folks could not/were not buying so much footwear etc.

    As Hard up Hester said, we have lived through previous 'crises' before, you just have to get on and enjoy life as it is.

  7. Agree Sue. The number of people who declare themselves experts on Brexit and trade and farming who never took one iota of interest during the Common Market,EEC,EU years and quotas and cuts and imports and exports beggars belief, causes division and does the country no good at all. As I sit in my house in 6 layers of clothes and hat this morning I can tell you nothing has changed in basics in my life in over 60 years. You make of life what you will.

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  9. Funny you should write this today because last night I was thinking of writing a similar post myself.

  10. Angela has expressed my personal view far better than I could have done.

  11. Its the Rule of Enough isnt it everyone wants more when they already have enough

  12. Life has always been about changes, some of them are decisions we make for ourselves, some of them are forced upon us. Life as we know it is being destroyed, but it will take a long time for the changes to filter down. In the meantime people of our age have a good chance of continuing doing what we want to do, with maybe a few tweaks and changes. The younger people will not have the freedoms that we have had, and still got to an extent. They will have to adapt to the digital age.

    What is happening in the world is all down to money, of which we have no control. You mention baby boomers, that is indeed one of the reasons that this is happening. Think of each country as a business, they have to balance their books, but many don't. Trouble has been brewing for 20 years. In the US 21 trillion dollars are missing from the Central Government. They have been moving large amounts of money out. Since 1998 Central Governments have refused to provide statements. I guess something similar is happening here. The problem is when baby boomers retire, there isn't enough money in the pot to cover them, so they need to juggle things even more to cover up their incompetence.

    Everything that is happening is linked to this. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Digital currencies will come in, which will mean that we lose control over our finances and freedom. It will take a while. All we can do is carry on. We may live on an island but we don't live in a bubble. What happens around the world affects everybody.

    There are a lot more twists and turns, but I won't litter your blog with them. Thank you for starting this conversation, it needs to be discussed.

  13. I agree with you, the virus has changed how we live, but the media has done the damage on how they now report, 'what might happen', 'what is happening' 'how we think it should have been done differently'. Then you have the real nutcases and their conspiracy thoughts/views.
    The main difference was quoted by Dalai Lama, the issue today is... we used to love people and use things, today more people love things and use people.

  14. And all that is exactly why we LOVE and follow your blog. 100% in agreement with every word. F & Mr T

  15. My life has changed, not worse, just different. I still do the things I want and enjoy my life at home. The one thing I will say is there has been blessings through all this, just as hardship. Then it has been then way all through our history, hasn't it? love your blog.

  16. I love Ecclesiastes 1:9 that states, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (New International Version)
    There are always gloomy doomsayers telling us negative things, but it has all happened before in one form or another. We just need to get on with our own lives and live the happiest life that we can, because Life as we know it will always change (hence the saying that “The only thing that never changes is change itself”).
    Change can occur quickly or slowly, and whether the change is for better or for worse is really a case of how we react to it more than the actual change itself. Humans really are very adaptable :)

  17. Most of us older ones are generally untouched and will probably remain so, except perhaps for some difficulties with health services and inflation. But your last list is right: we haven't been paying enough in tax or for food and services for years and the loans are now being called in.

  18. I'm with you all the way on this one, Sue. Well said!

  19. I don't think the statement was too far from the truth, as although our own lives may be the same I think the statement was more a generalisation than for individuala.

    Many changes will result if you put the consequences of Brexit, Covid and Climate Change together. They don't affect me as, just like you, I am doing exactly the same as I was before any of these occured. I'm thinkng of those who passed away with Covid, many too young whose loved ones will have had their lives destroyed and heartbreakingly, some who weren't allowed to be with their loved ones as they passed on. Climate Change resulting in the diverse weather (or so we believe) with floods destroying many homes and areas. The old procedure for doctor appointments etc has been 'destroyed' as it seems to be nigh on impossible to get face to face with a GP resulting in many people getting worse with their ailment, sometimes too late to be cured.

    So thinking outside of my own box, yes, I think there is a grain of truth in that statement.

  20. I sometimes wonder whether we have done a disservice to a generation of young people, who have (in many ways, thankfully) grown up with absolutely no experience of want, hardship or loss. Husband is a school governor of a primary school where, until recently, no child came first or last on sports day, no tests within a class gave performance places, and all pupils were rewarded equally. It has now been recognised that this was not preparing them for life, and 'resilience' is being built into their lessons.
    If someone grows up with everything they could possibly want, no one, not even a pet, dies, and their lives are made easy by loving parents, well, they might take the absence of their favourite brand on the supermarket shelf a bit harder than the rest of us!

    1. You are right on the money with this comment, veg artist!

  21. Great post Sue and I can understand your confusion. From reading your blog you seem to live a very contented life and the pandemic has not disrupted that very much compared to the loss of your husband. I am sure though like Angela says there are many people who are feeling some effects from it and to varying degrees. It was the same during the war with many parts of the country being much less affected than others. Some of the headlines these days do seem a bit over dramatic, as the one you quote, but then maybe because of all the social media influence overdramatisation has become a bit of a way of life.
    My life has both changed and not changed over the years depending on many things including government decisions as well as my own or those of family members. I suppose it is the way of life. Our biggest change was our retirement plans when we had the major flood in 2014 at the cottage we had spent 10 years renovating and was almost ready to move into. Experiencing these things first hand does make a difference to how you view what is happening and I am able to empathise with the trauma and devastation any victim of a flood may feel. So even though some people might disregard flooding as something that has always happened isn't it the amount of flooding now year on year that is escalating as well as the ice caps melting and if we can do something to avoid these tragedies then should we not at least try?
    I would personally sign up to anything that would help provide a better future for everyone both here in this country and throughout the wider world and stop all the divisions that are being created.
    From my perspective this government will only take an interest in anything if it will affect them and their cosy lifestyles. We need a government that are concerned for all the people all the time and not just about fixing things that will earn them more votes in the next election. I agree with you that we should be contributing more for better food production and towards the care of the elderly than even thinking (like Boris) that it would be of better benefit to society by spending millions to build a link bridge to Northern Ireland over the Irish Sea that is full of WW2 munitions dumps and would also need yet another motorway constructing in a beautiful part of the world to carry the increase in traffic. He and his government really need to get a grip - people are the priority.

  22. I agree with you entirely and live a similar lifestyle. I find some people are intrinsically not happy individuals. They live and see the dark side of anything they encounter. That said, there are lots of events/incidents going on worldwide that are not ideal. Like you, I choose not to make them the center of my focus.

  23. Couldn't agree more - in some ways the covid restrictions have brought a better way of life - I work from home and really enjoy it - I appreciate my swimming, weight lifting at the gym far more since it was temporarily unavailable during lockdowns, I go for walks far more than I used to as I appreciate what's around me more, I garden more as I value my small patch of space more, I probably call family/friends more often as I realise how precious people are and how they will not always be there, I love myself more as I am lucky to be alive and to live in a country where I am as safe as can be expected. I do think all this negative downtalking we are hearing should be stopped - the media seem to feed us with it and negative people feed off it!

  24. This really has been interesting. I was raised Catholic, with parochial school, etc. and always felt the Catholic Church had a lock on guilt. It took decades for me to understand guilt doesn't benefit others in the community. Or the world, for that matter.

    Certainly there are people who've lost homes, businesses, plans for their future... marriages or loved ones... through natural disasters like floods, storms or fires, illness, imposed restrictions, government decisions, inflation, violent crime and so on. Always has been. There is no perfection on this earth. To be grateful for what you see as GOOD in your own life is something no one should feel guilty about, because it won't bring back anything someone else has lost. It doesn't change a thing. Just live your best life and be kind. --Elise

  25. What a wonderful post. I feel a mixture of amusement and irritation that two of the worst bloggers whose blogs are a mass of misspelled hyperbole and utter nonsense and conspiracy theories have decided to respond in your comments !


  26. As usual Sue, or should I say Pat, an excellent post and thank you for allowing differing opinions in the comments as opposed to categorizing dissenting opinions as “trolls.”

    Life styles evolve, so I suppose one can always say that “life as we know it is being completely destroyed.” My grandfather had polio, luckily because of vaccination seeing people with braces on their legs has been “completely destroyed.” My partner’s parents had an outdoor toilet, not that common now in the UK…”completely destroyed”.

    That, however, is not what people mean when they make this comment with respect to COVID. One thing that has changed is, in my opinion, the noun “expert” is now often seen as a derogatory term. This is something I do not understand. My partner recently had a cancer diagnosis after being double jabbed. We were delighted he was treated by experts. Surely if you have an issue you want to consult experts! But some people state they don’t read MSN because “they” have an agenda. Instead they rely on YouTube, social media and all sorts of rabbit holes for their “information”. Confirmation bias and a complete lack of fact checking or looking at what else is posted on the website. If a website has articles about alien abductions I probably wouldn’t rely on it for information about COVID vaccines.

    BTW to say that The US central government (actually it is the federal government) has “refused to provide statements” since 1998 is incorrect. The US government issues f/s each year. The statements are in accordance with GAAP as promulgated by FASAB and are audited by the GAO. (Sorry showing off, I have a little bit of expertise in the subject matter).

  27. Sue, can I just say that this person who calls themselves Boris has been trolling me relentlessly for a long time. This last few weeks the comments have been coming thick and fast, sometimes two or three a day. They are obsessed with shutting me down. I would say that they are of unsound mind. I knew this would happen. This person needs help.

    1. I let everyone comment - and don't believe what Boris said was trolling.
      I only delete the rubbish computer generated "penis enlargement" type comments! or those being pointedly rude to me.

  28. Things have changed. I would agree with Boris however. Mean Queen doesn't seem to understand that when you post an opinion, others have the right to do so as well. This does not mean they are trolls. They are simply those with different opinions.

    Although things are different, it is up to each one of us to negotiate the changes wisely. Research leads to new findings, and new findings lead to changes in treatment and dealing with the virus. Yet, every time something new comes out, people seem to believe that this means that the government does not know what they are doing. My question has been simple: When there is a new cancer treatment, it is publicized and seen as a breakthrough. It is unveiled to people who are thrilled with the cutting edge technology. Not so with Covid. Every breakthrough is seen as a sign that the experts don't know what they are talking about. This is completely due to the vast misinformation out there, as well as people's seeming inability to think critically.

    Brexit? I can offer no opinion on that, since I am from another country.

    Climate change? It is happening.

    Here's the secret, though. Not one of us here are in a position to change the big picture. We can only control what is within our control. We can only be a positive force in our corner of the world. I try my best to be just that. That is the key to contentment, in my opinion.

  29. I agree with you. I think it is easy for when things to change to look for someone to blame especially if things seem a bit different and frightening. I try to live my life as best as I can, to think of others as well as myself and to help support those around me.

    It's not been a good year for us as a family and some of the things being said seem just...well, pointless.

  30. Here in Canada the people that are saying this type of thing are those that are refusing to be vaccinated, or follow protocols from our various health departments.

    In most cases I totally ignore them as I am tired of hearing them talk about how all the "jabbed" are going to die within a few years, that Canada is the only one under the control of the government, that the UK is wide open, that the Queen is in hiding (or jail depending upon the wacko commenting). Now they are saying that all world leaders are clones of the real thing, and the real people are dead or in jail.

    Things always change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Like you our lives here have not changed that much. We are more cautious when we are out and perhaps travel a bit less due to the pandemic, but I still see vaccinated family and friends, attend church and Bible study.

    God bless.

  31. I'm with Boris on this too (and also agree that he/she is just posting their opinion, not trolling). There's a lot of disinformation out there and if you believe it without any "research" whatsoever into the bigger picture then that is a big mistake.

    Our lives have changed insomuch as whilst we still go to the Fairs and what have you that we always have (those which are still running that is, since Covid), we have to take precautions as at our age and with health problems, Covid is not something we would wish to catch. I am happy to wear a mask - why not? I do not have a Medical degree with a speciality in Epidemiology so am inclined to believe those that do!

    From what I can see, the changes in our lives are going to be governed by the cost of living (as ever) but with the huge hikes in everything from houses to fuel to food to the cost of a bag of cement or timber for DIY, then we are going to have to budget carefully.

  32. I think that statement is pretty true from a more universal perspective than an individual one. I don't know about the UK but in the US (and I regret to say it started with our boomer generation) the key thought seems to be "It's all about ME!" "I don't have to worry about the environment because I can't fix it and I won't be around to see it in another ten, twenty or thirty years. Never mind the generations after me, I'm fine." But when you look at climate change and the return of the worst of racism, nationalism and xenophobic behavior on a global level -- it's hard to take that back, at least not for many years. It has become boldly apparent during the Covid period where a large percentage of Americans refuse to wear a mask or vaccinate for the greater good simply because they choose not to. It's all about them. (I understand those with legitimate reasons, generally medical, for not doing so; it's those who view Covid as a political issue versus a health issue that are bogging up the works.)

    We can all do small things to help ease this -- recycle, pick up trash, moderate with the goal of eliminating or radically reducing plastic use, drive carefully at non-excessive speeds to conserve fuel, wear a mask, get a vax, lots of things. Many do this already. But what is truly needed is for governments would participate well in ways to modify fossil fuels, it would help.

    My own situation isn't radically changed right now, apart from the usual things that come when one gets older. Costs are higher and, unfortunately, for valid reasons. Is it destroying my life? No. Changing it? A bit. I make more careful decisions. But I do think that unless there are major changes on a global level, life as we -- NOW -- know it will be changed forever. And while I won't be around to see it, it makes me profoundly sad that my grands will and have to live with our mistakes for a very long while.

    1. I am tired of the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers crying FREEDOM when it is really selfishness.

  33. It probably depends on what kind of life you had, eh? I'm a recluse-of-sorts and my life hasn't changed in decades. :-) ~Andrea xoxoxo

  34. No government are ever brave enough to make major changes because they are scared of being voted out next time round...........

    Well said. And everything else stems from that.

  35. The one thing that does seem to have changed in my part of the world is people seem to have stopped wearing masks….which is pretty annoying. Look at England Covid numbers compared to countries in Europe…way higher.

    1. They are sensible here in Wales and you still have to wear masks in shops/inside events and I for one am glad about that. Not just because the chance of Covid being passed on but also Flu (which also kills) or even the Awful Cold which is doing the rounds (daughter had it and doesn't recommend it!) I think it was a mistake to tell the good folk in England that they didn't need to wear it any more.