Friday, 9 June 2017

How Many Library Books?.....................


Good grief, when will I get the chance to read all those when Queens Club and Wimbledon tennis are both on TV in the next month! 
 Luckily borrowing from the library van means we have 8 weeks to read them and I can probably renew them anyway. 

Several of yesterdays haul are books that have been mentioned on blogs or have popped up somewhere as recommended and I've requested them.
So what have we got. From the left.......a book about the first months of the war. Then a cookbook which I've glanced through - looks like some good value recipes. Then the latest in a very long series of historical crime by Anne Perry - always a good read. Next "Four Fields" - saw this mentioned but it may be a bit of a 'dry' read. There are two by Peter Turnbull, who has been churning out crime fiction at the rate of two a year for ever!. Tessa Harris - new to me - no idea what it is.
From the bottom of the pile........ Alys Fowler has done several gardening books but this is an exploration of the Birmingham canals by inflatable kayak! Next Crimson and Bones, read about this somewhere and I thought it was historical crime but maybe just historical, it might be OK.
Too Marvellous for Words by Julie Welch is another book about life in a girls boarding school. Trisha Ashley writes light fluffy books which I read now and again for a change.
The Whitstable Pearl idea about this except it's set in Whitstable! " The Shipping Forecast" There are several books around on this subject and this is the latest - a BBC book . Family Matters is another of the British Library Crime Classic reprints.
Then "Six Against The Yard" Which was originally published in 1932 and is a story written by members of The Detection Club which included Margery Allingham and Dorothy L. Sayers. An Agatha Christie that I've not read before............ The Secret of Chimneys and top of the heap is  "A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess" This is the lady (with umpteen children) who lives in the middle of nowhere on the moors.

Should keep me busy for a while. I'll keep you posted on how I get on with them.
All books read recently have been added to the  'Books Read 2017 Page'.

Thank you for all the comments on our beautiful grandchildren......... I do like being a Nana!

Back in a flash


  1. Sighs...if only I had the time to concentrate on a good book right now...I think that's why I love blogs so much...a quick in and out...I spy a Trisha Ashley book...Winters End came from a Winters Tale originally. x

  2. You are an avid reader which I envy. I read in bursts and would love to be one of those people who can read and knit at the same time! but my head and hands don't coordinate!

  3. Library books have taken over my bedside table, the pile teetering dangerously. I love to read and always find great books in my local libraries. Meg:)

  4. Not only do I have apile of books and magazines to read but as of yesterday I have downloaded 9 talking books with an average of 8 hours running time each! I could do with a month off work to get down them. My mum likes Agatha Christie - I think she could write one now she has read so many! Let us know if you come across any interesting recipes in your cookbook.

  5. I didn't enjoy the Yorkshire Shepherdess book as much as her first, but I love the Alys Fowler book :-)

    Happy reading xx

  6. Lovely lot of books! Hope you find time to read them. The Trisha Ashley one was a fun read. I actually managed to get a copy of it here across the pond. Usually I have to wait and see if I can get one when I come over. I have a stack of reading to do but seem to find myself doing other things.

    Hope you and Col have a lovely weekend

  7. Gosh Sue, that pile will keep you busy. I have reserved the Julie Welch one as I went to a boarding school, best years of my school life. We are more settled here in Suffolk now after 4 weeks, but we're still have boxes to unpack. We have planted new trees in the garden, cut the knee high grass and I have potted up some pelargoniums and other plants I brought with me. Still an awful lot to do in the garden and lots to do all the time, but I love it here.

  8. You got a great stash of books from the library. I am a retired librarian and love to see libraries being used. Nice photo of the red letter box which I think my favorite author, Anthony Trollope introduced when he worked for the Post Office.