Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How One Job Leads.......................

...............................to a find in the hedge.

This was the pergola thing at the bottom of the garden when we arrived. I cleared all the weeds and weed-proof membrane from underneath and found lots of the posts were rotten.
We didn't really want it anyway. It must have been a good idea when it was built but now just an eyesore.

So with a bit of hammering, unscrewing bolts and taking down, now it looks like this.
 At the moment we've left the Hop, just to see if it does actually produce any hops. The post it's on is rotten, so needed a couple of posts left to prop it up and the other posts are still there because they are concreted in and need some effort to get out, but will be dug out later.

The cross beams of the pergola were still OK and I suggested we use them as the edges for a new bed for raspberries and Col said 4 of the posts would make another edging for a strawberry bed.

So using metal stakes and rope we measured out 2 square beds. It was while I was standing holding the end of the tape that I noticed something I recognised growing just in the foot of the blackthorn hedge that's between us and the field.

A young Walnut tree
I fetched the loppers and we cut away the blackthorn hedge that was all around it and quite a way above,  then pulled out all the ivy from the ground. Gave it a good  watering and hopefully it will grow into a fine walnut tree...........in about 50 years time!

The two long rails of the framework will be used for edging the 5th vegetable bed in the garden, the only one without anything around it. I'm not sure when we'll actually get the 2 new square beds made as the ground is like rock after our dry month.

Back Soonish


  1. How exciting! Hope it matures enough to give you some nuts before the 50 years!

  2. The more I read about your day to day happenings, I'm finding it harder to see how you ever managed living in the town. X

  3. The garden must have been greatly loved and had some thought put into it years ago but since been allowed to quietly get out of hand. A case of the more you look the more you see! Wonder what other delights you will unearth?

  4. What a wonderful find! I hope your hop produces, they make beautiful decorations when dried.

  5. Well spotted you.....I wouldn't know a walnut tree if it jumped up and bit me....lol-x-

  6. My walnut tree was a seedling about 12 years ago. Had first flowers on it this year but the frost got it, so no walnuts this year. Hopefully next years if we can beat the squirrels. Hope yours grows well now it has some light.

  7. That's an exciting find! We went for a walk 2 years ago and came across a small hazel seedling that had been half washed out of the bank of a stream. Left where it was it wouldn't have survived, so we took it out, bought it home and popped it into a pot. Last year it put out new leaves. This year it has both leaves and tiny nuts. I like to think it is saying thank you! Tracy

  8. I love discovering things in the garden and a Walnut tree what a find.

  9. That's a lovely find, Sue. I like finding things that have self seeded here. At the moment, there's lots of little basil seedlings popping up as well as periwinkles. Meg:)