Friday, 22 September 2017

A Few Cheap Meals

A few cheap meals from earlier this month..........each serves 2

 Main meal #1
Grilled Bacon and Courgette Fritters
Bacon - from ¼ pack of the cheap bits (670g is £1.50)from Sainsburys (170g approx 40p) served  with courgette fritters.Courgettes home grown, egg =16p, flour is pennies, chives  for seasoning also home grown, Black pepper = pennies. With Heinz  tomato sauce - very cheap from Approved Foods 700g for £1.49.
Approx total  80p

Main meal #2
Toad in the hole. 4 sausages taken from pack of local sausages from Co-op.(on offer 2 packs of 8 for £5) bought using divi of £3 and a local produced voucher for 50p. So cost £1.50 for 16 sausages. Therefore 4 were under 40p. Batter mix = flour = pennies, milk = 5p ,egg =16p. Served with roast mixed veg (courgette homegrown, carrot approx 10p, potatoes homegrown,beetroot homegrown).
Approx total  £1

Main meal #3
Tomato,bacon and Basil Sauce with pasta. Bacon - ¼ pack as above 40p, Tin of tomatoes = Morrisons value price 25p, Good squirt of tomato puree = Aldi(37p) approx  ¼ tube 9p, Onions 2 small from 1kg bag (55p) 10p, desert-spoon dark brown sugar (Aldi 500g 69p)  = pennies. Basil =homegrown. Pasta penne (Aldi 500g =29p) =  approx 10p
Approx total £1.10

Main meal#4
Sag Aloo
Red Lentils 50g =7p (Lidl 69p for 500g), 250g potatoes - Homegrown.Half red pepper - homegrown, 250g frozen spinach leaf = 25p( Morrisons £1.50 1kg),2 small onions as above 10p. Seasonings - garam masala,ginger,pepper,salt + rape seed oil approx 20p. With rice  15p (Aldi 89p kg)
Approx total 90p

Main Meal #5
Cauliflower Cheese
 Cauliflower = 45p (60p from carboot sale). Cheese sauce made with ½ pint milk and 2 tablespoons of cornflour + ground black pepper =pennies and 125g Extra Mature cheddar 60p. Served with chips - potatoes homegrown.
Approx total  £1.15

 I think that these are cheap but I'm sure someone will do even better!

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  1. Interesting and simple meals. Makes me wonder why they don't teach cookery in schools any more. Even my old convent had a proper teaching kitchen. Do you make your white sauce without a knob of butter?

  2. About as good as it gets, there's not much that can be done cheaper or more healthier than that :-)

    I'm in a Facebook group called 'Feed Yourself for £1 a Day'. It's lovely to watch as young mum's and folk that have never been taught to budget and make things from scratch gradually become more and more aware and then share their recipe successes with each other.

    There's a real disconnect with food preparation and where food comes from with the majority of the younger generation at the moment, it's very sad.

  3. Cheap, nutritious and tasty. My kind of food. I was thinking the same as Rachel. I still hear the voice of my old cookery teacher in my head while I'm cooking. X

  4. They do teach cookery in school these days. The other week Violet made leek and potato soup, on Monday she's making macaroni cheese. Excited about that, macaroni cheese is one of my favourite things.

    Some good recipes there. Have a fab weekend.

    1. That is tremendous to hear Sadie. Hopefully cookery in schools is returning here in Norfolk too.

    2. It's great Rachel, though I have to admit the leek & spud soup looked more like apple sauce! But it's just so good to know they are being taught the basics. I always loved cooking at school, and Violet is enjoying it too.

    3. I teach in Norfolk and it certainly is taught. The students on Friday were very excited to be taking home meatballs and pasta sauce.

  5. Ooh, you are economical! I made cauliflower croquettes yesterday but the darned cauliflower cost nearly $3! (there's some left for soup and the croquettes did stretch to two meals. Still!!)

  6. You did very well. There is no way I can make meals that economically here in Canada. I try and keep my daily expenditure to under $10.00 for the two of us, but sometimes go over this. Today was relatively inexpensive. Coleslaw made with garden produce (pennies), fish that Harvey caught before we left on vacation (pennies), and about 25 cents worth of rice. That was supper. Lunches were leftovers from the night before and breakfast was either toast or in my case yogurt. For once we were well under the $10.00 mark.

    God bless.