Saturday, 16 September 2017

What Will Our Garden Grow in 2018?

The first two seed catalogues have arrived
Time to look through the seed tin to see what we need for 2018.

First a look back at what we grew from seed this year
In the greenhouse
Sweet Peppers 
Chili Peppers 
Salad Leaf
French Climbing Beans
Runner Beans
Butternut Squash
Mange Tout Peas
Few Early and Second Early Potatoes
We also bought plants of
Brussels Sprouts (Lost all these when they were accidentally sprayed with weed killer!)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
And a Spring Cabbage/Cauliflower Collection of 16 plants

On the whole I think we choose right when deciding what to grow in a much smaller area than we had at the smallholding. We didn't bother with carrots, parsnips and onions which are probably the cheapest vegetables to buy, and peas and sweetcorn which are cheaper and just as good to buy frozen.
The second sowing of French Climbing beans and Mange Tout peas didn't do well - successional sowing doesn't seem to work well in Suffolk as it always seems to be too dry at the wrong time.
Trying to squeeze so many things into the greenhouse wasn't entirely successful and  the aubergines suffered. Courgettes didn't set well due to pollen beetle so we didn't have many early on in the season.
We will have a little more room next year as there were several Dahlia tubers at the end of one of the beds which will be moved to the front flower bed now it's been cleared of grass.

So we'll stick to much the same things. I'll need to buy fresh aubergine and squash seeds. More Beetroot, Leek,  Mange Tout and another variety of Cucumber. Also need Plum Tomato seeds and some mini plum type too. My saved seed of French Climbing beans are getting really old so probably need to buy new and start again. I'll save runner bean seeds as there are several still on the plants. I'd like to grow a few ornamental Gourds for next Autumn's mantle shelf too.

Now comes the fun of choosing varieties and working out best value, that's a job for a cold winters day. Gardeners always have something to look forward to! 😊

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  1. I do agree that dry conditions in Suffolk can be a problem for some crops in particular. Peas and mangetou need so much cosseting on our sandy Suffolk soil that I might leave them out next year.

    1. Between where we lived at Knodishall an the coast it was very sandy but they grew onions,carrots and sweetcorn...... with huge amounts of irrigation!

  2. Congratulations, Sue, on growing such a wide variety of produce and during a difficult year for you, with the move and Colin's health. Well done, you!
    Margaret P

  3. Oh isn't planning so much fun?! Well done on last years selection.

    1. I hope some more catalogues arrive soon - love reading them and planning

  4. The soil here is very different to the soil at my previous house 8 miles away. I have struggled even with mint!

    1. At the smallholding Mint took over one of our polytunnels but wouldn't grow where I wanted it to grow!

  5. I will grow carrots but in tubs they're so easy. I will double the french beans next year. Less cucumbers. Different lettuce. Cylinder beetroot as they love my garden. Potatoes, leeks,kale and runner beans. I want to try something completely new but I'm not sure what yet.

    1. My first sowing of climbing french beans grew well but the second lot just wouldn't get going.
      Have fun deciding what to grow

  6. Our garden really did not do well at all this year, it was just too dry. Hoping for much better luck next year.

    God bless.

  7. What a lovely job to have to do on a cold day.

  8. I know you say you don't bother with onions, but I really recommend banana shallots – so super sweet when grown at home here! We also love Hercules onions for the same reason, somehow they are just more tasty than the sacks of onions that we tend to buy in bulk :)

  9. See if you can find seeds for lemon cucumbers - they look somewhat like a lemon and are ready when they turn a yellow color but taste like a mild cucumber.