Thursday, 28 September 2017

Propped up

The small apple tree and the Conference pear tree had, sometime in the past, both been clipped by a mower which had pushed them over , there was no way to cut the grass underneath them.
 The apples had finished on the little tree, no idea what variety they were but definitely an early sort that soon went woolly, so Col banged in a stake one side and a prop on the other and then pulled the apple up and tied it to the stake with an old bit of rag.

The Conference pear tree is also leaning badly but the pears aren't ready yet so the tree is just propped up at the moment.
 Col picked all the  pears from the other bigger pear tree as they were falling fast - he got a whole trug full - they don't keep, so apart from a few to eat in the next few days, the rest have gone in the freezer.
Next time the  little mower is out we'll be able to get right under the little trees.

Thanks for the good wishes for our Son and Daughter in Law and their new arrival due April, we are very excited that all of our children will be parents soon. As they are also in Suffolk and nearer than youngest daughter we hope to see lots of this grandchild. We don't get to see grandson from Surrey very often and every photo shows him growing up so quickly.

Back Tomorrow


  1. I cooked some of my pears in blackberry cordial then froze them to stir through yoghurt or make into a crumble.

  2. Our biggest pear tree (courtesy of Lidl) has grown quite tall and I think we will need a ladder to pick the small pear harvest this year. They are late to ripen.

    I have had to (finally!) stake my little apple tree as it was listing to starboard! It looks much happier now.

  3. We had to stake our trees as the wind caught them when they were yoing. The cherry and apple have grown tall and strong but the plum died sadly.

  4. I've had one pear on my tiny pear tree in bosoms