Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Frugal (or just slightly less spendy) notes for August

August was a bit less spendy compared to previous months. Just (?) fencing, curtains, septic tank pump out, a small mower and garage door repairs and some plants. Although there is a bill for the new oil tank to pay...........Blimey this moving house thing is expensive!

Frugally things..................................

2 Free samples of toothpaste from the hygienist  (ignore the fact that it cost a fortune) and I'm sure in the past  a scale and polish was included in a NHS check up.

Runner beans, potatoes ,beetroot, chard, last few courgettes, salad leaf, plums,cooking apples, damsons from the garden plus tomatoes,cucumber,aubergines and peppers from the greenhouse.

Made Damson jam, Marrow and Ginger jam and Hot Tomato Relish with home grown produce.

Several packets of flower seeds for 10p each

Baked bread, bread rolls and cakes and made all meals from scratch.

Card making from stash

Lots of free reading from Library books and books from my shelves

Couple of things for Christmas presents from car boot sale

Persephone book for £1

Car boot finds - nappies for Florence 50p, Denby mug + 2 others 50p each. Toys for grandchildren.

Used Dehydrator for chili peppers for us and Christmas Hampers.

Water bill now lower after having water meter fitted.

 The electric and water bills were both less than we thought they would be and when they moved the oil over they said the tank was still nearly full so using the boiler for hot water when it isn't sunny enough for the solar thermal to work isn't using much oil.

Thank you for comments yesterday about grandchildren and folklore. Here's a strange co-incidence -  on yesterdays Countdown  Susie Dent was explaining the origin of the saying "By Hook or by Crook"..... I got in there first!

Enjoy your weekend

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  1. I'm really interested in your dehydrator. We found some edible mushrooms recently and I totally ruined them trying to dry in a very low oven. Was it expensive and have you got your money's worth from it?
    You are right about moving being expensive. We found lots of things needed replacing in our first year, boiler, built in fridge as well as various building jobs due to shoddy workmanship. Thankfully we have now finished and hopefully can now enjoy our rejuvenated house. Have a lovely early autumn weekend

    1. I've only just got the dehydrator not sure yet if it's worth while. We have access to cheap mushrooms from a car boot sale but I didn't cut them small enough or left them in long enough. Things seem to take twice as long as the leaflet says. It was a cheapy rather than the very posh Excalibur models which are probably much better but cost 5 times more

    2. I have a dehydrator too. I used to use it a lot, not so much now and it is something I should use more. * puts it on 'to do' list.

    3. I just googled to look at prices. Some of them are a bit steep. All in all I think it might be used occasionally during the summer and then be stuck on the top gathering dust so it is back to making mushroom soup and freezing for me.

  2. I hadn't known that explanation even though I had heard of it. On our walk this week we saw a chap using something similar to get firewood to cook his lunch!

  3. We are hoping for a cheaper September, August was a bit high spend for us.

  4. Moving expenses mount up don't they Sue - I am beginning to find that out and I haven't actually moved yet.

  5. We haven't moved but are just beginning a whole house revamp and we have been shocked at the prices. The last time we really bought anything like wardrobes was in 2004 when we bought our cottage - before that it would be in the eighties when we bought this house. OH needed a lie down after our recent shopping trip to look at what is available!

  6. I'll be watching your progress and comments on the dehydrator.
    Oh, don't get me started on dental hygienists and how much they cost. I'm sure £70 is way ott, and we never had to pay for a scale and polish, you are correct.

  7. I love my dehydrator!! At first I only used it for herbs and now I use it for fruit, garden produce (when I get tired of freezing or the freezer gets full) and jerky. You are going to enjoy yours.

    God bless.