Monday, 11 September 2017

Things You Won't Find Me Buying New.......................

..................................................or only very, very rarely

 I often post about my car boot finds and then wonder if people think I spend all my time spending money at boot sales! But the reason you see boot sale or charity shop purchases on my blog is because I tend not to spend money anywhere else.

Obviously I buy food and household necessities from shops but you will rarely find me in a shop buying new...............................                     
Make Up
Electronic Gadgets
Crafting Materials
Toys for Grandchildren

and other things I can't think of at the moment!

Anyway, here are my latest car boot finds from yesterday

The wooden  garage complete with wooden fire-engine, ambulance and helicopter is for Florence. Jacob has loads of cars and trucks but I think girls need cars too! These were £3 and there's a card alphabet game originally from the Early Learning Centre for 50p. The little jug with autumn leaves was 50p and two lengths of spring coloured bunting were £1 and at the front is a little metal heart with holly leaves for 20p. I also bought a large cauliflower for 60p and another box of mushrooms from the 'mushroom man' for £1.

When I got the dehydrator earlier this year I tried drying mushrooms bought from him but discovered,  when  I opened the storage jar that I'd put them in, that I hadn't sliced them thin enough or dried them for long enough................... Smelly!

This time round I made sure to get them dried properly and also saved some for a Potato, mushroom and blue cheese bake plus we had some on toast for our Sunday tea.

After accidentally deleting comments instead of publishing them on Saturday, I've turned off comment moderation. The weird comments from Korea? seemed to have stopped anyway. Thank you if you left a comment - I didn't even get to read them properly- Duh!

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  1. hope you had a lovely weekend. I was going to say 'out bargain hunting again', but then thought no, because it makes me look as if I'm saying you do that a lot, when I know you don't shop for the sake of it.
    Once on the Gram, someone said to me 'don't tell me you're shopping again'. Which really annoyed me! I scrolled down and looked at my posts, I had pics of weekly shop most weeks, and then a few treats over the weeks, but not every day. So you are right, mention it a few times and there are some people who assume you do nothing but spend, when actually, I can go for weeks without spending anything other than on food. If that makes sense.

    Right. Better get on with the day. Have a lovely Monday xx

    1. Sadie, for some reason I can't leave comments on your blog, but I just wanted to say I LOVE pink "custard", or pink blancmange as we knew it at school: it was served hot with a dollop of raspberry jam. I absolutely loved it and I've bought those packets of blancmange since then - they are on sale in our local Waitrose as we speak! Now I shall have to add a packet to my shopping list, you've whetted my appetite for it all over again!
      Margaret P

    2. I cannot comment either on Sadies blog as it is set to Google accounts only and I am locked out of mine (long story). To be able to comment it needs to have an Open ID option in the drop down menu.
      Love you recent finds.

  2. I am going to do a post like this Sue, because I sometimes think people think as we are trying not to spend much we are always car booting, but mainly it is for my online selling, I only show a few personal bits and bobs, like you O don't really go to shops and just by stuff, would love to hear more about the dehydrator, I was considering if it would be worth us having one.

  3. You got some bargains there. Love the little wooden garage.

    I used to get comments from Korea and other places. I still have all published comments come into my email so I can see any suspicious ones quickly, then I go in and delete permanently, it seems to stop them for a while.... they turn up about every six months or so

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I am pleased your comments have gone back to normal; nothing like spontaneity in blog commenting. I have had a visit from the Far Eastern spammers this morning but all one needs to do is ignore them on the old posts and delete on the current one. This is what I have done, and we all get them, no worries.

    I treat myself to Vogue every so often because I can't resist it even if I slouch about in shorts or jeans, my mother and I enjoyed the magazine together and it is one of my links with those times with her. As for the rest of the things in your list I do not buy them either, except just spotted makeup and I do buy make up when I pass through an airport, good quality and lasting for me for several years. I enjoyed the post and being able to read other comments again.

  5. Spammer on my comments this morning but as all comments are moderated, they just get deleted.

  6. I wish we had more car boots round here but I do shop in charity shops more now since I discovered the huge Barnado's distribution shop in town. They have some amazing stuff.

  7. Lovely finds at the boot sale. I must admit I would have (and did have) a field day looking through the charity shops for books and crafty magazines. If I could find such bargains here I'd never buy one new again. There were so many really recent books in the charity shops and most really cheap! I found lots of craft magazines at one shop in Felixstowe and they were only 6 for a pound! Such a bargain. No wonder my suitcases were so heavy lol

  8. curtains are something I never buy new!

  9. Like you I find most of what I want at the car boots, why pay full price when you can find them cheap. We went on Sunday but the ground is getting a bit muddy, not many more sadly and then its the long wait for March again.

  10. Great finds, I love a good car boot sale but since moving they don't seem to have them.

  11. Why do I never find anything worth buying when I go to a Car Boot Sale when you always seem to root out bargains.

  12. Sue, since I had problems with my blog and had an 'expert' change things for me (at quite an expense, I might add) I've been plagued by all kinds of emails, people trying to persuade me to 'monetize' my blog! I do not want to 'monetize' it, it's for fun, not for making money. Some of these people pretend to be readers, but you soon get an instinct for those comments which are Spam, don't you?

    I loved seeing your list of what you didn't buy! I'm just the opposite as you probably know - indeed, I keep the publishing industry afloat on a raft of newsprint (the daily paper, monthly magazines, always the Radio Times, loads of books both new and 2nd hand); I love and buy perfume, and make-up when required, and I spend a small fortune at the hairdresser's, but I seldom buy what might be described as trinkets or ornaments or anything which isn't, in the words of William Morris (and I paraphrase) either useful or beautiful (well, beautiful in my opinion).

    Also, I don't visit boot fairs - you have to get up early for those, ha ha! - and I don't visit the library (to my shame: I was once always in the various libraries in the Bay but now it's less expensive to buy books for one penny plus postage on Amazon than driving to town, paying for car parking and ordering a book from the library only to find, after waiting for ages for it, that you have to read it in record time as there's a waiting list ...)

    However, occasionally I will visit a charity shop (I have a favourite which is in a good part of town and more boutique than charity shop!) but mainly to hand things in rather than to buy things, but I've had some lovely finds, including a tea trolley which husband painted for our bed sitting room and the small TV now sits on that.

    In other words, I have my small indulgences but nonetheless I am a very careful shopper.

    Margaret P

  13. I love seeing your car boot finds, you gave far better car boots in Suffolk from what I see. I used to buy magazines and newspapers etc. Now I read on line free, I use the charity shop or library. I bought a Radley handbag a couple of years ago half price second hand on eBay and I'll probably get the money back when I sell it. Most of my clothes/shoes are bought in the sales. I bet rarely pay full price.

  14. I adore the feeling of a new book that NOONE has opened!

  15. I do shop stores and buy items on sale. As for make up I buy new. 2nd hand books and toys and anything kitchen related fine too but usually in thrift stores I don't need what's there nor can I find what I'm looking for. I actually need to down size one or two pots now that I found one that fits what I was needing. Sigh. Need one? Teehee!