Monday, 27 November 2017

Car-boot and Jumble Sales

Rounding off the year with the remaining car boot and jumble sale treasures.

Not sure when I picked up these 3 things but found the picture on drafts from late September and I know they were from the small nearest boot sale and were 50p each.

The VTech talking phone went to Florence when we saw her. The mug and plate say "For Santa". We are bound to have the Surrey family and Jacob staying here at Christmas sometime so this will stay here ready and the warm fleece-lined slipper-socks will be part of a Christmas gift.

At the end of October I picked up this pack for £2, originally from the Mid Wales Willow company, it's a kit with instructions for making willow stars and wreath. I shall have a go at these next month.

Then I splurged a whole £2.20 in the middle of the month on..

...........................a small artificial Christmas tree for £1 -  it needs some tlc because, as we say in Suffolk, - it was slightly on the huh.; a slow cooker cookery book for 20p - this is for Col's brother who since his Dad died is now having to cook for himself after he gets home from work; a children's game ready for a couple of years time, new hot-water bottle, new hot water bottle cover ( these will be a Christmas gift) and bottle brush for £1 for the lot - been looking for something to clean the narrow vases - my old bottle brush disappeared somewhere between the smallholding and here.

Early in November I zoomed to a big jumble sale in a village hall across the A140. Blimey, it was packed out and there were so many clothes, though not so much bric-a-brac. Quite a lot of books...... I just found this one

also got  a big bag of tea-lights, a pot-holder and some paper craft bits all for £1. Had a go on the tombola - didn't win - as usual.

Another car boot sale on another day and I spent  a total of just £1.20, the pink spotty thing is a doll carrier for a little girl to carry her dolly around, will put this away for Florence. Cupcake cases and toppers are a Christmas present to go with money for niece who likes baking and the Sue Grafton book for me. I now have all her ABC crime books except X and Y, I've read up to K so far.

And one more boot sale on a very cold Saturday morning later in the month, where I found 2

card making kits for 20p each, some vehicles for the Brio railway were £1, a dusting mitt to keep in the car 20p and big plastic jug for 50p.

Also this below for the Grandchildren, when they've grown a bit,  for the bargain price - I reckon- of £3 including the farm machinery. It needs putting onto a sturdier plywood base as it's on hard-board and a bit bendy.

 Someone made me something similar when I was small but it didn't have a farmhouse and I always wanted a farmhouse! The roofs lift off the buildings so you can see inside when organising your livestock.
 Now we can look out for farm animals and fences although I may want to play first!

I doubt I'll bother with boot sales in December, there are a couple more on Saturdays in Needham Market but it's too cold for most people to think about selling so they will only be small .

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  1. I think your splurges are well justified, given what you manage to get for your money.
    The farm is brilliant. X

  2. I have just started O for Outlaw by Sue Grafton, I am hooked on these books, I read them on my iPad, hubby got them all for free. I do own A for Alibi, I keep one book from each loved author on my book case. You are selling carboot sales to me, might start going again in the summer.

  3. Certainly some good bargains there Sue. I hardly go to car boot sales now but don’t mind the occasional one in warmer weather.

  4. You do find some bargains, my experience of car boot sales has not been that good, but like Dc perhaps I'll try again. I'm very envious of the farm! I had a lovely collection of farm animals and people when I was little. I can recall pressing my face against the glass case at our local toy shop and deciding what to buy with my birthday money.

  5. I love the farm and especially the way the roves were made!

  6. Gosh that farm brings back some memories.
    My sisters and I had something similar when we were children.
    You always find the most useful things.

  7. Some great find as always,love the farm/toys in the last picture, I am looking for some amish books as I think they will make for a very interesting read. It is our last car boot next week, good job really the grassy green field is now very slippery and slidey.

  8. Some great bargains there. I LOVE the farm, I would have loved that when I was little ... I think I'd even have a play now ;-)

  9. I love your gifts! I bought used books for our three children for Christmas. I also got one or two for the grandchildren but several more were from amazon. It’s hard to find good used books that aren’t dirty or tattered. I would love it if we had sales all year, though. The thrill of the hunt and all that!

  10. You have a great eye for suitable buys, Sue. Very thoughtful purchases which will be well loved. DH and I ended up clearing two cupboards this morning and I'll be doing a delivery to the CS as soon as I can as they are items useful for cold weather. Catriona

  11. You find the best things at the car boot sales.

  12. My kind of shopping too. It's very strange at this time of year when I do go gift shopping [not very many] and go into ordinary shops. I do so little beyond grocery shopping that I've forgotten what it's like! Might ahem now have my own used copy of England In Particular.....Arilx

  13. Completely off-topic but do you know what's happened to Frugal Queen? Her blog, twitter, facebook and instagram have all disappeared this week. Hope she is ok, her blog and yours are the two I always read.

    1. No idea, I'm afraid I don't read her blog nowadays so hadn't noticed

    2. Was wondering the same, hope she is ok

  14. Great finds Sue. I must get out and about more then I might find some bits too!

  15. You found some lovely items. I really like the farm yard.

    God bless.

  16. Some lovely finds. We love orchard games here with the grandchildren. Happy hunting to find animals. The farm will be lovely to play with. Best wishes