Wednesday, 15 November 2017

For the Hampers

I added another thing to the hampers yesterday when I used a tin of this

Home Cook Conserve - Prepared Strawberry 825g alt image 1
which I bought from approved food for 99p earlier this year. It doesn't look much when you open the tin but tastes like a smooth strawberry jam when made. Ideal for filling a cake or jam sponge pudding.
I'd only ever seen  the tins for sale in Lakeland and had never tried it before, but they couldn't have been very popular as they no longer stock them.

I think that makes 7 items made for the hampers so far, plus a couple of bought things, so almost sorted.

Thank you for comments yesterday.

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  1. What a good idea, like you said, perfect for cakes or tarts xx

  2. You are certainly filling your hamper with lovely items.

    God bless.

  3. nice idea for basket. I'm putting together a small one for our son's family. One little item is "big" as it's a gift card to a grocery store they like to frequent. I do have a jar of homemade jam to add.

  4. They had a lot of complaints about these tins of prepared strawberries as people expected it to be chunky. I just bought two runners of strawberries and added them to the liquid. But I bet it's equally delicious smooth.

  5. I'm playing catch up, which is why no comment from me yesterday! A nice idea for the Christmas hampers.

    I made the mistake of dehydrating some strawberries this year. It worked well but they are all PIPS!!!

  6. I'm so curious about your Christmas hampers. You mention them on a regular basis and I would love to know more about them. Sometime if you have the time and inclination I would be delighted to know more details about what a typical Christmas hamper would contain. Thanks much!

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