Monday, 20 November 2017

Victorian Christmas Fayre?

The local primary school were holding what was advertised as a Victorian Christmas Fayre at the Mid Suffolk Light Railway Museum. That sounds worth a look I said.

So we walked down our footpath and across the field and down another footpath and up a little lane until we get to the railway museum entrance.

There were lots of craft stalls and a tombola and rides on the train of course but where the Victorian bit was I have no idea...............just  two ladies in long dresses. That didn't matter as it was a lovely sunny afternoon for a walk. Col bought some draw tickets so there is always the faint chance that we could win a hamper but as we are never lucky it's a bit unlikely!

We spoke to some of our neighbours who live in the house opposite the end of the lane, they had also walked down our footpath "looks like you've got plenty of wood!" they said and they also introduced us to another lady who lives just along the road a bit who we hadn't met yet.

Then we got on the train for a lift part of the way home!

When they raise enough money to extend the track it will take us even closer to home.

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  1. What a lovely looking train!

  2. Lovely having that on your doorstep. The only things we have close to home are my patchwork class in the next village (3 miles away) and any events at Cothi Bridge showground - agricultural show and a couple of vintage events each summer.

  3. shame more didn't dress up, I used to attend a Victorian Fayre and if you didn't dress the part you paid double for you pitch, it was great fun dressing up and was a brilliant atmosphere

  4. I used to love the Victorian Fayre at the Bass brewery in the big town. All the stallholders dressed up and the atmosphere was fantastic.
    I've not seen one advertised for years but then it has been taken over by an American brewery chain now.
    Love that train.

  5. I like things like this. Worcester has a fabulous Victorian Christmas Fayre each year. We used to take out children every year when they were young and the fayre got bigger and better each year. The only problem is that parking nowadays is near impossible!

  6. There is always something going on up here N.E. Scotland. Next in Fraserburgh is one of the regular Super Saturdays, stalls in the main street and car park and this one will have a real ice rink. Might make an effort just to see everyone falling over.

  7. Forgot to say I love the train, there used to be one here now in the heritage centre, stationary. Shame.

  8. From your photos it looks as though the sun shone too so what a pleasant afternoon you would have.

  9. Maybe they all forgot the Victorian part lol. At least it was a little while out and you got to meet some neighbours!