Thursday, 2 November 2017


Here's my usual look back to see what, if any, frugal things were done last month. I noted a few.................................

Bought myself a longer length lightweight jacket, after putting it off for 3 years. Found one on sale at £25 reduced from £60. Now I can ditch my short old-lady navy fleece! It won't be chucked but put away to use for working outside ready for when my current working-outside jacket falls apart.

Reading free books from library

Took  flask and packed lunch or flask and a snack every time we went out so we weren't tempted to buy anything

Col made tree protection for the new trees from things that were here already.

Found toys for Grandchildren at car-boot sales.

Cut up pallets to make wood for kindling also picked up lots of twigs

Free heat using wood, so boiler still only on for hot water

Col took two doors off and planed them down so they closed properly.

Baked cakes and bread

Sorted through books again and sent a box full to Ziffit = £22

Picked all pears and put into freezer

Eating own apples all month

Lettuce from greenhouse and leeks and beetroot from the garden, Also beetroot from Col's brother's garden. Own peppers and mange-tout from the freezer.

Card-making from stash

Un-blocked drains ourselves.

£3 cheap veg seeds from car-boot sale

Couple of small Christmas presents from car boot sales

Sold 3 things on Ebay which sounds fine except that two of them were things we shouldn't have bought in the first place!

Had to go to the dentist due to a chipped filling. Went locally as a new patient instead of driving to Ipswich and he told me two other fillings that I'd had done in Ipswich hadn't been smoothed down, and one had a ledge that was catching food and impossible to floss correctly. Had to go private as even the dentists I went to in Ipswich have stopped doing NHS. Driving 3 miles instead of 16 miles makes sense to me.

Had to pay for trees to be cut down (but it's provided fuel for winter 2019/20)

Had to buy Col more PJs ready for when he is in Addenbrookes

Colin had to buy a new battery and charger cable for his laptop.

 Thought I'd use the November photo for a change of header for the month and  I forgot to say that our neighbours girls didn't come round on Halloween so I can eat the Freddos all myself! and thank you to everyone for comments on yesterdays post.

Found this Online HERE.......A Freddo will be 38p by 2030, but I'll either be long gone by then
Freddo Index
or have no teeth to eat with! Luckily they were 6 for £1 at Tescos

Back Tomorrow


  1. Brilliant header. I can remember well when they were only 10p.

  2. Don't think I have bought a Freddo since they were 10p so had not realised the price had gone up so far. We too heat with our woodburner so only use the boiler for hot water. We've been fortunate to be given the wood from two small to medium trees this autumn so we will have wood for next winter too : )

  3. Lots of frugal things to be proud of there.
    I wish I had known you had Freddo's in....I do love a Freddo.

  4. love your header photo.

    I asked Bill to bring home some Topic bars for me yesterday, they are tiny now! Hardly worth bothering with!

  5. Had to google 'Freddo", they sound very yummy!!!

  6. I have never heard of a Freddo so it was all rather lost on me. I eat Kit-Kats and Smarties and that's it for chocolate, but I buy them every week. I wear two layers of pullovers and fleece tights and shorts in the house so live happily with the woodburner and nothing else. I have an electric blanket to warm the bed. No other heating. I like your header for November.

  7. What are Freddos? Never heard of them. I like chocolate but I have an expensive tastes and like Lindt dark 70% chocolate or sometimes I will indulge in chocolate violet and rose creams, the richer the dark chocolate containing the violet and rose cream, the better.
    As far as eating chocolate regularly, husband and I have one bar each per week, and we try and make that last. Sometimes I run out before he does, but I don't help myself to his as I don't actually like it - he has dark chocolate with hazelnuts (Waitrose's own). I love rich, dark chocolate and I love nuts, but not together. We ration our bars to last the week, otherwise a treat would become commonplace and before long you'd be buying more than one bar ... a slippery, chocolately slope!
    I love you new header, it's really imaginative, Sue.
    Wishing you well for the weekend, my fingers are always crossed when I comment on your blog because of Col's health. Sending positive vibes from one who has had cancer.
    Margaret P

    1. A slippery chocolaty slope sounds delicious!

    2. Oh, Sue, it is, it is! As is a Macaron slope (bought in Lidl from their freezer and as lovely as many at triple the price.)
      Margaret P
      PS I don't mean the French President, I mean the small round dessert confections!

  8. I've never had a Freddo, I used to buy them for the boys when they were small on a Friday after school. I might take out a mortgage and buy one for myself ;-)