Wednesday, 8 November 2017

So Far...........

We got the keys on 22nd of Feb and moved in on 1st March, since then we have
  • Had hall,landing,stairs,two bedrooms and dining room painted
  • Painted Kitchen and Living room
  • Had LPG gas connected to house and cooker installed
  • Replaced old brittle curtain tracks with new or curtain poles in 3 rooms
  • Got some bookshelves and shelved  books 
  • Sold lots of books via Ziffit
  • Had septic tank emptied
  • Pressure washed the patio to make it safe for winter
  • Put down a concrete base and had new heating oil storage tank installed to comply with current regulations
  • Had a water meter installed
  • Had oil tank filled
  • Had Chimney swept
  • Had boiler serviced and then repaired
  • Had the lane re-surfaced
  • Got some Ash trees and branches cut down and logs split to provide wood for wood burner 2017/18 
  • Had garage re-roofed and strengthened
  • Planted 21 trees (so far) to make a new mini- wood
  • Image may contain: tree, grass, sky, plant, outdoor and nature
  • Planted an Apricot tree in orchard and Fig tree by patio
  • Planted 2 Gooseberry bushes, rhubarb crowns and Asparagus
  • Treated the greenhouse with wood preserver
  • Set up 4 more water-butts to collect water from garage
  • Planted a vegetable garden and harvested produce 
  • Took down old wooden pergola
  • Used wood from pergola to make new beds for strawberries and raspberries
  • Planted strawberries
  • Kept hedges cut and footpath clear
  • Fixed 3 interior doors so that they shut properly
  • Replaced the downstairs toilet
  • Fixed new flushing unit for upstairs loo
  • Made chutney and relish, marmalade and jam
  • Had willows and poplars taken down from back of workshop
  • Cut them up ready for splitting for burning 2019/20
  • Had Ash branches cut down that were overhanging orchard and removed Ash from boundary to stop it falling on neighbours house. 
  • Cleared cut and stacked  them ready for cutting and splitting for burning 2018/19Image may contain: food and outdoor

No wonder the savings have taken such a big hit and when I say we, actually most of this work was Col, thank heavens he was well enough.

Still to do
  • Sort out what/how/when we can join with neighbours to get a new water pipe laid down the lane
  • Decide what to do about old random shower in bedroom and too large ridiculous bath in bathroom and if we actually need an en-suite or not
  • Have new kitchen to replace 30 year old broken units starting first with sink unit and tap 
  • Get the outside of the house painted
Just a few jobs done then! and  "not a lot" left to do .....Ha!

We like to keep busy.

Back Soon


  1. Oh, boy! What a long list you've worked your way through. I'm exhausted just reading it;) Meg

  2. Phew. That's a hugely impressive list. Well done to you both - you have a lovely home and are caring for it wonderfully well.
    J x

  3. Wow. I feel exhausted just reading your list, you and Col have done amazingly well. (Fancy coming round to sort my house out??)

  4. You've achieved so much, very well done. Can't be much left to do!

  5. I'm going to lie down now - just reading the list has made me tired...

    Well done :)

  6. Replies
    1. And Col will probably be stuck in hospital recovering from the transplant!!

  7. Incredible progress particularly bearing in mind Colin is in and out of hospital regularly - well done!

  8. Crikey! You've crossed a lot of jobs off your list there. My kitchen's nearly 30yrs old too - still functional if a bit squeaky in places and looks dated but it's on the to do list (probably within 5 years) 😂😂!

    1. Our problem is the drawer fronts and the missing kickboards. I like the tiles and the wooden doors even though they are dated. Not keen on our work tops which always look a bit dirty even when they are not

  9. You certainly do crack on with things when they need doing. What a fantastic list of achievements.

    We need a new kitchen but heaven knows when it will get done.

  10. That is an incredible amount of things that have been accomplished! You two have amazing energy. -Jenn

  11. Phew , Made me out of breath reading this , You have done a lot That's amazing progress xxx

  12. I’m glad you accomplished so much to help you feel efficient and comfortable enough to face the next challenges in your lives.

  13. Goodness me. I agree with all the other comments. Well done both of you.

  14. I am left both breathless and also in awe of what you have achieved in a relatively short time, Sue. Well done, the pair of you!
    We don't have an en suite bathroom as they weren't considered essential when our house was built 32 years ago, and if it's only the two of you in the house much of the time, I'd also question whether you need one. But if you come to sell it would be good from that viewpoint, because as a family home it would be more valuable with more than one bathroom.
    Margaret P

    1. We had one before but I've gone off the idea due to the upheaval.
      We have a downstairs loo and basin so maybe we'll just put a shower in there as well

  15. Slow and steady wins the race. Excellent progress considering how busy your life has been.

  16. All I can say is WOW, that man of yours (and you of course) is amazing considering all that he is going through. You have made such progress in a relatively short space of time.

  17. Phew! We've been in our house for twenty years and we are still working on it, though some things are on second or third time around!

  18. My goodness you accomplished a great deal in the short time you have been in the house.

    God bless.

  19. Oh boy, that is quite a list. You certainly had a busy year.

  20. My goodness reading that made me tired. Plus you blog and take pictures.
    I hope next year won't be quite as eventful around the house.

  21. That's a good amount of work done in a few months! Jolly good! And thankful Col did alot of it and there's always something to be done around the house. We'll probably get new siding next year as our nearly 28 year old manufactured home needs it. Good thing for the hardware store that we can find items to work with. A new kitchen would be nice. Right now I'm thankful for the working appliances we purchased in the last few years....stove and refrigerator. Phil has geririgged our dishwasher controls and it still works, instead a whole new electronics is the front that cost way to much! Ain't happenin' !! :-P