Thursday, 30 November 2017

Down the Lane on the Last Day of November

This is the 9th month that I've walked up and down the lane taking photos chronicling the changing seasons close to home.

Heading towards the end of the year, leaves have gone.

The only berries left are those on next door neighbour's Privet hedge, I guess birds eat them eventually?

The old pump base is visible again after being hidden by undergrowth since the spring

Remember the empty house that no-one has ever lived in since it was built 15 years ago. We heard that the owner who lives in Sudbury/London/France or all three had died so maybe it will come onto the market. We also heard a strange tale that a few years back a brand new car was stood in their drive just out of site from the lane. It stood there without being moved for 6 years and then vanished. Very Odd.

I had walked up and down the lane several dozen times before I noticed that behind this ivy is a tiny tumbledown shed!

Pine cones on a fir tree against a blue sky .

Can you spot where the trees finish and their reflection in the pond starts?

 We haven't got roses round the door but instead we have clematis on the trellis each side. I need to find out when/if they need cutting back.

That's it for another month. Will we have snow next time?

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  1. Wonderfully evocative photos. Thanks.
    J x

  2. I love this monthly look at the lane and look forward to seeing the changes each month. : )

  3. Same here, the monthly 'outlook' That empty house is a bit spooky though.

  4. This link might help regarding pruning:

  5. I love how it all looks at this time of year, the skeletal forms of everything let in so much precious light, and we see the land around us in a different way.

  6. Gosh I had no idea you had been in the house so long!! Lovely to go walking with you in this way.

  7. It is lovely to have our blog to check back on things, I am always looking back.

  8. You've answered a question that's been puzzling me for years. We have those black berries growing in amongst a cotoneaster and have never known what they are - now I know it's privet. Thank you!
    Patricia (in West Suffolk)

    1. Happy to be of service!
      Lovely to know another Suffolk person is reading

  9. I used to do something like this... I used to take a picture, of the little woods, across from our house, on the first of every month. :-)

    Your plan makes for more interesting photos though.

    Hmmm, about that empty house.... 15 years, wow. And it seems to be kept up, though. Do you ever get the urge, to go peek in at it? ,-)

    In the dark of night, of course. When the wind in blowing clouds across the sky, and obscuring the full moon, perhaps...? >,-)))

    No! Better not! -smile-

    Luna Crone