Monday, 6 November 2017

Delia's Mincemeat

It's mincemeat time, ingredients are ready and Delia's book is ready so off we go.
The recipe is below and on the separate recipe page. I made ¾ of the amount this year and forgot to buy blanched almonds so added a little extra mixed peel instead.

1lb cooking apples, peeled, cored and chopped small.
8oz Shredded suet - I always use Vegetarian Suet
12oz Raisins - chopped
8oz Sultanas
8oz Currants
8oz Chopped candied peel
12oz Soft dark Brown Sugar
Grated zest and juice of 2 Oranges
Grated zest and juice of 2 Lemons
2oz whole almonds, cut into slivers ( or flaked)
4 teaspoons mixed ground spice
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
Grated Nutmeg
6 Tablespoons Brandy

Mix everything together  EXCEPT the brandy  in a large ovenproof bowl. Cover with a clean cloth and leave for 12 hours or overnight.
Next day cover the bowl loosely with foil and put in a cool oven Gas ¼, 225F (120C). For 3 hours.
The reason for this is to melt the suet so it coats all the fruit with fat, sealing in the juices and this will stop the apple fermenting which can be a problem.
Remove the bowl from the oven and it will be swimming with fat - don't worry.
As it cools, stir from time to time. When it is completely cold stir in the brandy.
Pack in clean dry jars and seal.
Keep it in a cool dark cupboard and it will keep for a year

Unwrapped 3 of our stored cooking apples and found 1 completely rotten and two with brown spots so had to unwrap another couple before getting enough for the recipe, they are really poor, no point storing any next year, better to put them in the freezer. I'll have to remember to make mincemeat much earlier in the year while the apples are still good.

Hello and Hello and Hello to three new followers, hope you enjoy reading. Thanks to everyone for all the interesting comments about the USAAF Museum sites. So many of the old airfields have museums of some sort, all run by volunteers.

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  1. I have always used Delias recipes and wanted to have a go at the mincemeat but to me its all about the cost and i usually get mine reduced after christmas for the next year , The funny thing is i always make my own christmas cakes and thats more expensive than buying shop bought lol xxx

    1. I've always made my own Christmas cake too and used to do puds, but may just buy a couple of the mini Aldi ones again this year

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe. One year Ireally must try it myself :)

    1. It tastes delicious and doesn't ferment like some home made recipes

  3. You can't go wrong with Delia at Christmas, I've found. I do tend to freeze my mincemeat, and now I break with tradition and switch out some fruit for cranberries.
    These days, I am lazy and buy it on sale and 'doctor' it up the following year.
    Her Creole Christmas cake cost me a fortune because I had to buy all the many alcohols in specially, fool that I am! But it was exceptionally good.
    Sad about your apples. Wonder what caused it?

    1. We only stored a few because there weren't many on the family tree but they were rubbish, maybe not Bramleys after all

  4. MLooks a good list of ingredients. My mincemeat is my mum's recipe with a few tweaks of my own. Can't wait to make mine soon! I have to make a tonne of it this year and keep some until next year as my hubby bought me a box of 12 suet instead of a couple, not using all of it of course. Ha ha!

  5. Ooooh I bet your kitchen smelt amazing.
    Mine smelt of garlic, chilli and lime as I made a marinade for some pork....nice but I would rather smell the mincemeat.

  6. I shall be making a 1/2 amount next week, slightly adapting as always!

    1. After I've made it each year I always think I could have added some chopped apricots instead of raisins but by then it's too late and by next year I've forgotten again

  7. My mom always made mincemeat pies for the holidays. This post brought back some sweet memories.

  8. We are not a mincemeat eating family, but I do love the smell. My great grandmother used to make this every Christmas.

    God bless.

  9. I have used this recipe since it was first published, I do swap the fruit around a bit, cranberries and apricots if I have them are good. I use the vegetable suet as well, lots of my friends are vegetarians and love a jar in their hampers.

  10. I think I've only made mincemeat once when I was at school. I used to make my own mince pies but haven't done that for a couple of years. Our big family make is the Christmas cake. That's definitely an annual event. xx

  11. It is a long time since I made mincemeat - I have one daughter who loves mince pies and the other hates them. Me and OH find them difficult to digest now think it is the pastry so we have the odd one like at the Christmas parties but we tend to eat more Christmas cake now at home - but I bet the smell making the mincemeat is gorgeous.

  12. A friend leant me an excellent book which I think you might enjoy if you haven't read it '"Netherwood" by Jane Sanderson.

    1. Looked it up and the library have it, I thought it was just a Downton abbey sort of book which I wouldn't like but reviews say otherwise so I shall order from the library and see
      Thank you

  13. Well, your Duracell batteries worked well this year, I need a lay down after reading that, well done both.