Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Small Cousins Meet Again

Our eldest daughter, our son-in-law and gorgeous grandson Jacob were up from Surrey for a visit before Colin vanishes off into hospital later this month. So of course we got everyone together for Sunday lunch.Our family of 5 has grown with partners and grandchildren to 10, and 11 next April, we can still fit round the dining table - just about.
We see granddaughter Florence most weeks but hadn't seen Jacob since July, how  he had grown up! now running and saying loads of words and understanding many more, a cheeking monkey who can be forgiven anything when he grins.

As usual we were so busy watching them play that we forgot to get decent photos.

 It didn't take long for the two of them to have all the toys out and over the floor but it took us a lot longer to clear everything away again on Monday morning!

It will be the New Year before we see our little fella again but we shall see Florence this week when we babysit for A. She's doing a 6 week  back exercise course to strengthen her lower back which has seized up after lifting Florence around for a year. She says the rest of the people doing the class are all over 60! It sounds like something I need to do too!

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  1. They grow up so quick, such a lovely time cousins playing together

  2. I love it when our grandsons get together, we live in Hampshire, but one son lives in Somerset.

  3. Jacob does have a gorgeous grin. Grandchildren are wonderful!

  4. How lovely the grandchildren meeting again. Gorgeous grandchildren :)

  5. When our family get together it's 8 plus 2 toddlers, like yourselves. (Although I'm cooking at Christmas for 10 + 2 this year). Very chaotic but lovely and never any awkward silences!

  6. Aren't they just gorgeous.
    I'm so lucky that mine live only four miles away from us but I have kept away for a few days as I don't want to pass this cold back to them.

  7. What was your Sunday lunch menu with the spread of ages there?

    1. Just a traditional Roast Chicken, roast veg and the trimmings followed by blackberry and apple crumble

  8. Super photos-thank you for sharing. Catriona

  9. That is an adorable little boy. Looks like he keeps his parents on their toes!
    I love your granddaughters hair.
    I've got granny lust. Someday I'll have them, but not very soon.

  10. There is nothing better than a family gathering - when I was little it happened every week but now families live so far apart most of us have to plan to get together.

  11. Aww, I don't blame you for missing pictures. They are adorable.

    God bless.