Monday, 8 January 2018

January 8th - Plough Monday + Weekend Visiting

January 8th is Plough Monday  and was traditionally the day when farmers would start to plough their fields ready for spring sowing. Often the ploughs would have been blessed at church the day before.

Plough deep while sluggards sleep:
and you shall have corn to sell and keep.

Turn out for Plough Monday
Up, fellows now
Buckle the horses 
And Follow the plough. 

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This photo above comes off the internet and as there are dozens of people watching it must be a ploughing match.
The men who walked 10 miles a day in all weathers back in the day would have smiled to  see people nowadays doing it for fun or to keep the memory alive. Most of them welcomed the arrival of tractors.

On Saturday I visited small grandaughter - now walking lots of steps- but tired, grumpy, teething and a sore bum!
On Sunday visited Colin in hospital, not walking anywhere except to the loo, feeling very rough still, not eating much and waiting for more tests.
Oh dear.

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  1. Sending good and positive vibes to Col, sounds like a very grim time for him at the moment. And for you.

    Ah, ploughing. I once had to watch a ploughing exhibition, back when I worked for an agricultural magazine. It was quite a fun day.

  2. I'd challenge them to get a plough through the deeply frozen ground up here at the moment!
    I'm not surprised the little one is grumpy, teething must hurt like hell! Her sore bum is probably connected to her teething too! It's a good thing they don't remember it!
    Poor Col's really going through it at the moment isn't he? Hopefully he'll turn a corner soon! X

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  4. Don't think they could plough round here at the moment - it is either heavy wet clay or as it is today - frost hard. Although the memories are kept alive with a sense of nostalgia - they were not easy times. Fingers crossed for Col.

  5. A lovely picture!.It reminds me of pictures out of old Ladybird books that i had as a child.Sorry to hear about your hubby,but sending love and positive thoughts to you both,Debby,xx

  6. Sending healing thoughts to Col in Addenbrooks and strength to you Sue x

  7. So sorry to hear Col is having a bad time again.x

  8. Oh, dear, I'm extremely sorry to read this. All the very best to Col and sending 'pick up soon' vibes.
    J x

  9. all the ground is very frozen up here at the moment.. i wonder if there was a different date in Scotland?

  10. Healing thoughts and love to you and Col xx

  11. Interesting, I don't think we have a Plough Day here in Canada, though I could be wrong in that.

    Still sending thoughts and prayers for Col and you.

    God bless.

  12. Prayers for you and Colin. I cannot imagine . You were so right with your post about,"If Christmas Day on a Monday be then a cold, hard winter you shall see" .

  13. Thinking of Col, hoping he feels better soon. Hugs for you too as it has to be a rough time right now. I love reading your anecdotes of old times - thanks for posting them!

  14. Glad you got to see Florence. Hope Col has some good news soon.

  15. The pleasure you get from that grandchild must help you at a time when your life is really full of worry Sue. Love to both of you.

  16. We have ploughing contests here though later in the year. Best wishes to both of you.xx

  17. We drove to the west coast today as my birthday treat and the farmers were muck spreading even on top of the frozen fields in preparation for ploughing when the ground thaws. It was a very cold, clear day with lovely views over the snow capped mountains of the Island of Arran. Sorry to hear Col is still poorly. Catriona

  18. Best wishes to your husband. I see we chose the same blog material today...great minds think alike!

  19. sorry to hear Col's not well. sending hugs your way.

  20. Sending prayers your way. Hugs.

  21. I am not a farmer but I had heard of this and wrote about it in my Celebrating the Year 2010 artbook calendar that I made for friends. I was quite intrigued and in awe that you could plough in January when the ground looks frozen solid.
    Sending best wishes to you and Colin let's hope the tests get to the root of the problem or that he suddenly takes a turn for the better. x

  22. Sending good thoughts for you and Col...hopefully he will be feeling better soon..very soon!

  23. Thank you for the interesting background on Plough Monday! I can imagine the ground might be a bit hard yet but we know the early farmers were a hearty bunch!

    I'm sending all my prayers and healing thoughts to Colin and you both. I don't always comment but I do keep the two of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. I do hope the tide turns for Col soon and he starts to feel better.

  25. Sorry Col is having a rough time. Thinking of you both and hope things improve soon. Thank you for the interesting country items.

  26. It looks like the fellow is wearing a tie! You can always tell age by things like that. Most people had two changes of clothes; every day and church.
    I ordered the book by Edith Holden. It’s much better in person! I’m enjoying it immensely!
    I’m also sending prayers and healing thoughts to Colin! And you, as well!

  27. The picture could be my Grandad! He used to do this, and, went in for ploughing matches. He would have worn a collar and tie and his beloved trilby hat for the competition - a contrast to his workaday garb, open-necked shirt and corduroys, normally topped by either the battered everyday trilby or a flat cap.
    The kitchen range was surrounded by horse brasses, which Grandad would polish once a week, and the horses always wore them every day. (I don't remember, but he probably rotated them.)
    We are talking about the late 1940s/early 50s, so my memories are hazier than they used to be!

    Do hope Colin is starting to feel a bit better.