Wednesday, 31 January 2018

So Just How Low-Spend was January?..........

..............Not very is the answer.

I'm glad January is over as we hadn't planned on Col being in hospital for 2½ weeks and of course buying diesel, parking the car for visiting and extra phone top-up plays havoc with any sort of budgeting.
Also hadn't planned to buy anything from Approved Food or having to have a new tyre when the car got a puncture that couldn't be repaired.
Add on the last few days of the month spending from Saturday 27th to 31st

£37 Very Large sack of bird feed peanuts which will last most of the year
Computer Virus protection £5
Diesel for blue car £34.20
Shopping at Morrisons and Aldi £21

£   28.30
£ 100.70
£ 102.00
£ 196.25
£   97.00
£ 524.25

Spending was lots less than income so that's good but I suppose I'd better do Frugal February!

February will be starting in a good place...............Both cars have enough diesel for a week or two. The cupboards are full. We have enough bird feed for the rest of the year. I think we are due a quarterly  water bill and house insurance and I must get the LPG cylinder.
Although however much we have to spend out in February it won't be as much as February 2017 as that was when we bought a house!

 Thanks for all the comments about the NHS, hope the question from a reader about our National Health Service has been answered.

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  1. It is my strong and fervent belief that I am going to do a no spend year. Well done on all your efforts.

  2. Fingers crossed for February - although, given all the unexpected stuff, I actually think you've done extremely well during this month.
    J x

  3. I think you manage brilliantly Sue and I hope February goes well for you too. I filled my car up yesterday and I'm hoping for a frugal month but there is usually something unexpected that I haven't been planned for. X

  4. I am assuming today is the 31st January, hopefully. You have one day of spend left before 1st February, don't rush it, or confuse me!

    1. Not going anywhere today so no spending will be done!

  5. Spending less than what comes in is always a win.

  6. Oh Sue...if that's all bills in ...well I don't know how you're doing it! Due to taking on the cottage our Council Tax is still running...and the water which usually goes the same as C.T. Think the youngsters had the benefit of what we'd paid to date but never mind! Another couple of £180+ bills for go before settling back down(a bit)!x

    1. Luckily there were no utility bills in January and no Council Tax so that helped

  7. Good luck for Feb. I think I might be carrying out a similar exercise in the using up stakes!

  8. From all you and your husband experienced in January, I think you did very well indeed. Here's hoping February provides you both with less stress and fewer costs.

  9. You did very well this past month and I am sure February will be an even lower spend month.

    God bless.

  10. You do very well with your money, Sue. January is always an expensive month for me. My heating bill doubles and tax bills come in.

  11. Every time I think I'm on track for a low spend month, something unexpected crops tyres! It's very frustrating isn't it?

  12. Excellent to do this. I start sometimes, to write what we spend on groceries and etc. We don't go-go-go so we don't have lots of frivolous spending. Then I forget to keep marking things down. -sigh-

    Perhaps that is a good idea, for this coming week! Thank you for the prompt!