Tuesday, 19 November 2019

1 Week Eating Local Part 5

More local eggs for £1

More apples from another boot sale, not as good as the first - all a bit sharp but this lot were £1

I certainly couldn't afford to always replace my store cupboard with local produced food but it's interesting for a one off experiment.
Every thing below is from the local Co-op

All East of England Co-op shops have 'Locally Produced' shelves. Quite a lot of choice of jams, chutneys, cakes etc etc, which I don't need as I always make my own
I bought Marriages multi grain flour - this is what I meant to buy first time. Hill Farm Rape-seed oil is local -Heveningham near Halesworth. The tomato sauce is Wilkin and Son Tiptree - Essex and the sausages are Taste of Suffolk from Bury St Edmunds.(I always buy these or another local company- Brundish Farm - sausages anyway) and as you can see on offer as a BOGOF.

My pepper grinder broke recently so I replaced it with a Maldon Salt Co. (Essex) although I'm sure they don't grow the pepper there!

Then there is milk from Suffolk Cheeses and Suffolk Blue cheese from them too both bought at The Hog and Hen farm Shop. The milk is £1.25 and that small bit of blue cheese was £3! - Blimey!

Lunch same as yesterday scrambled egg sandwich and beetroot.
More of the cauli made cauliflower cheese. The sauce was made using the local flour and cheese,
and eaten with a piece of home made bread.

Too much home made bread!

I cooked the remaining cooking  apples and served up a little  with half of a baked egg custard. I did take a photo but it looked very unappealing ( although it tasted lovely) so won't include it.
The egg custard was 1 egg, a little sugar, local milk and NON local Nutmeg.

I'd forgotten how good a baked egg custard is and made with the milk which comes from Guernsey cows and isn't homogenized it was  good and creamy.........and full of calories too probably!

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  1. Morning Sue. It must be very satisfying to know you're eating almost all local foods, and seasonal. But it's difficult too, until you start doing something like this you don't realise just how much we use that isn't local, and not even from this country. Hard to know whether it was better to eat a limited but very local and seasonal diet as our ancestors did, or have the wider choice of foods we have now.

  2. The tomato sauce is so good, I buy it from time to time as a treat. Which says it all about the price, but it's worth it.
    I noticed in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago that Tiptree had liqueurs, in the booze aisle. Looked very nice but not something I would go for. salted caramel, English raspberry, English spiced rum and chocolate orange. Very fancy. (I don't have a brilliant memory, I took a photo because they looked so nice)

  3. We bought some Hillfarm oil at the Sandringham Food Fair a couple of years ago, and thought it was good. I love Tiptree products.

  4. You can't get more local than home made jam made with your own grown produce, can you?
    My Dad always gets that tomato sauce. It's very good indeed.

  5. We try and eat food grown in UK, but we do eat seasonally, so no summer fruits here, but loads of root veg. It's nice to have to wait until next summer for my berries, but the waiting does make them precious when we do eat them.

    1. We have started to eat seasonally too. It makes summer fruits such a treat.

  6. Your meals look and sound lovely. I need to ask is tomato sauce there like what we call ketchup here?

    God bless.

  7. Lovely! You're doing so well.

  8. Wondering how many of these items, you will continue to keep in your shopping list and diet? Many of them sound so good, and probably better for you, than the far-away-stuff...


  9. Tiptree products are really tasty aren't they, I even bought a jar of their jam that was made with tiny whole strawberries … I know it felt weird buying jam when I make so much of my own, but it was delicious.

    It is an eye opener once you realise how far some of the things we use without thinking about it have travelled isn't it. This is a really good challenge.