Friday, 29 November 2019

No Car Boot Sales

Following on from yesterday's 60th post about car boot sales here is the NOT A BOOT SALE post!

The local Sunday small Boot  sales had to finish before the end of November because their site was  waterlogged and it just keeps raining so no big boot sales either. That meant  I was "forced" to go to Stowmarket to the monthly indoor table top sale in the Church hall  (really I went for shopping and to organise a new TV but I knew about the sale so had to have a look!).

I found a few bits and bobs including half a tub of bird feed fat balls for £1 and a new Sudoku book also £1.
I always have a Sudoku book on the go, so like to snap them up when I see one cheap. There's another copy of "The Night Before Christmas" ready for Willows advent parcels in 2021. And two little Christmassy bits - a little old fashioned snow-globe and some mini crackers. The snow-globe is another bit of vintage tat for the mantle piece and the crackers are for trimming the Hampers.

As for organising a new TV - it took a while because I need a proper aerial first - something this house hasn't got. The TV I have was bought several years ago, for a much smaller room and has no 'extras'. I'm getting myself up to date at last but still avoiding paying for any extra channels as I'll have free-view rather than free-sat.
Just hope the bloke who comes to set it all up and 'drive me through it' has plenty of  patience because although I might be OK at writing a blog, buying stuff online, hanging pictures, driving a ride-on mower and unblocking drains,  I'm totally hopeless at understanding things about TVs. Every time we've moved in the past it's been Colin or our son who've done all the tuning in etc.

The weather forecast has been telling me everyday that things are going to get colder but brighter, hopefully today's the day as yesterday was yet another wet, grey, dismal day. The car is a right muddy mess again so I suppose I shall have to clean it........... again. My least favourite of the jobs that Colin used to do.

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  1. I'm with you on the TV thing....I have no idea how to retune ours (there's always some message or other popping up on the screen saying it needs retuning), husband has to do it. Our car is always muddy living here, husband reckons there's no point in washing it as it'll be dirty again the same day!

  2. When the man comes he should set it up for you if you are buying from a reputable local electrical dealership. Later, re-sets you should be able to do yourself by trial and error and using the menu. Necessity is the mother of invention. I have nobody to ask so I have to work it out. A turn off at the plug and back on again often works wonders.

  3. I am constantly amazed at what people sell at car boot sales - the fat balls are one in particular - why on earth did the seller not put them out for the birds themselves?
    As Rachel above, like a computer, rebooting the TV can often reset it if you make a mistake when you are on your own and you have to retune for a new free channel - and they do happen quite often. You could ask the nice man how to do it and make notes - much easier than reading those hefty manuals that come with a new TV. Good luck.

  4. Many car-boot sellers are doing it as a means to make a living under the radar so to speak and will sell anything and everything and operate as house clearers and sell on at car boots thus saving fees and paperwork involved with auctions. They are not interested in what they are selling, it is just a question of sell all, it isn't their stuff, it is cleared from the house of strangers.

  5. I am 100% dinosaur when it comes to technology! I may be able to go onto blogs, search for information, order on-line (if it's straight forward) and write my family history, but other than that I am lost. No way would I be able to set something up using computers.

    If anything happened to my husband (God forbid) I would be taken back to time before technology. Things were simple then and easy to do and it's a time I've often wanted back, but have to face it that that won't be happening. My nine years old (today) Grand-daughter is making animated videos of robots on her computer for heavens sake, but then this is her world and not mine.

    I applaud you for even thinking about setting your new TV up. Hope you're successful.

  6. I just bought a new tv - the 'manual' was a double-sided A4 sheet of diags, that was all. but it came pre-set so tuning was a case of pressing one menu button and the rest was done automatically. I think the complicated things start if you want to attach a DVDplayer, laptop, cable box etc.

  7. It's a beautiful day here at the moment and I am going to have a walk later, I only have a standard TV but I am capable of booting it by self. Going to make a card this morning I have just been told one of my nieces are a nanny again.
    Have a good weekend Sue and everyone else.
    Hazel c uk

  8. I get an 'update' message now and again. I just press the button it tells me to press and hope for the best. It's worked so far!
    It's chilly here this moprning (just touching frost levels) but lovely and sunny and I am enjoying my driv elater on.

  9. I won't pay for extra channels either. As long as I get my quiz shows, Only Connect, University Challenge and Mastermind I am fine. Right now it's shouty at the telly when MasterChef is on at a professional chef doesn't know how to poach an egg. Seriously?

  10. We recently bought a new sound system for the kitchen - only an online manual and that wasn't very good (and it's a respected brand). It took ages to set up the preset radio channels. In fact I was convinced DAB (digital radio) wasn't working. Auto-setup didn't seem to find them. I was ready to send it back to the shop. I used to work in computing.

  11. I sometimes think that the televisions now are just a bit too complicated. However I do like just having to press a button when something needs to be updated.

    God bless.

  12. Snow globe! I must look for one of those. Last Christmas my grandson was desperate to have one and late on Xmas Eve my daughter-in-law and I ended up making one quickly using MumsNet instructions and a deer shaped rubber out of his pencil case. He was delighted but I think he deserves a better one this year.

  13. A new television will pretty much tune itself. The guy will show you which buttons to press hopefully, then you just sit and watch as it tunes up and catches onto all the channels.

    We have Freeview at the Van and Free Sat at home, both are totally free and have loads of channels since the last tune up. My son bought a Sky receiver box and satellite dish from Ebay for £10 and hooked it up to his tele, now he gets loads of channels via Freeview, far more than we do.

  14. Fully understand about not being techy. About tv, and all such, which need that tech understanding.

    Have him put directions in writing. Or, perhaps they come, already written down on a sheet. After all, not all of us, are good with such things!!!!

    Lovely new Header. Did not say that, the last comment.


  15. I know what you mean about televisions! They are a closed book to me, but thankfully Son loves his technology. He's set up Freeview, Netflix and On Demand on my TV, and a couple of other things too I think - all I have to do is learn how to use them. Much easier said than done :)

  16. I have a good degree but for the life of me I cannot do Sudoku - I am not a numbers person. Words are me.

    I meant to say on yesterday's post, I think you are very frugal and sensible with your car boot purchases. You buy things you need or have a purpose for (grandchildren) etc. I wish I could say the same!