Saturday, 2 November 2019

First Saturday in November

I've had another good week in Suffolk, not too busy but some interesting days. I do love sharing My Quiet Life in Suffolk with so many people around the world and getting comments and replying - time permitting - and reading lots of other blogs too and commenting - time permitting again but best of all I just like writing my almost daily posts. I can't imagine not writing. It's very therapeutic. 

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, it was a grey drizzly day in Suffolk, so much for the weather prediction about All Saints Little Summer......Ha!

Swimming was a treat as there was hardly anyone in the pool, a couple of other oldies like me ploughing up and down and a Gran and Grandad there with their little granddaughter who was such a cutie, just had to keep smiling at her as I went by.

 I've finally got round to planting the three small trees that were in pots, they're now out in Colin's Birthday Wood. Two  Rowan and one Hornbeam free from the Woodland trust at various events . I've now only two growing in pots - the Wayfarer tree from the Eye Green fair and a Yew Tree which came from a charity sale sometime this year.
The protection mesh circles are the ones Col made for the original trees and come from the few bigger trees  that didn't survive.

 A few weeks ago I noticed that here and there on the meadow were some tiny Oak trees. Probably planted by Squirrels. They might be Turkey Oaks from the big tree here or Common Oaks from further afield, hope it's the latter.
Because we lost so many of the Silver Birch in the first summer after planting I had all the protective sleeves so I've stuck a cane in by the baby oaks and wrapped them up. Four more trees that hopefully will survive summer drought and Muntjac deer. Oaks are really slow growing........I'm certain I won't be around to see them produce acorns!

Something that amused me this week was all the news people/politicians talking about canvasing for the December difficult and cold it would be for them having to knock on doors after dark in winter. I have NEVER had anyone knocking on my door to persuade me to vote for them......even in town..... and the chance of anyone coming up a lane in the middle of nowhere is so Very unlikely. Anyway most of Suffolk has been boringly Conservative for ever so I suppose they think there's no point.

I got the ride-on mower out one afternoon when the grass had dried and went up and down the footpath and around some of the garden but there's something wrong with the steering so I'll need to ring up  the company that mended it last year. It was about time anyway to get them them to come and fetch it to check over and service it before next spring.

Then I got the small mower out to do the narrow paths and under the fruit trees and pulled up the undergrowth near the trunks ready to put the wood ash from the fire around them. I'll put some round the gooseberry bushes and raspberry canes too.

Had a good morning visit to a friend from way back - so glad we kept in touch with Christmas cards during all our years over on the coast and we were able to pick up again now I'm back in Mid Suffolk.

This week I'm grateful for..........................
A quiet swimming pool
Sunny days to get the washing more or less dry outside
Dry days for gardening
Living closer to friends

The weather forecast here for the weekend is a bit questionable, not sure about boot sales, the grand opening of the local cycle route or bonfire/fireworks  but I will be watching the rugby of course.

Hope the weather is OK for everything you want to do
Back Monday



  1. So lovely that you have had a good week Sue....and I love your new header photo.

  2. Love that you and Mother Nature are constantly adding to Col's wood. Do you keep a note of what trees and how many you've planted or is the information just stored in your head?

    Canvassing isn't a big thing here either. As much as you're in a blue constituency, we're in a red *big sigh* lol. I'm really interested to see how this general election will go.

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. I did a tree survey a couple of months ago and found that in total there were 94 various trees on and around the garden and meadow. Its on the blog under Colins Birthday Wood labels. So with 7 more that makes 101!

  3. I too love the new cosy winter header - it must be lovely to sit by the woodstove on an evening. We could do with a few free trees for our wood - we get so many Sycamores but I don't want a wood full!
    The Conservatives started canvassing here a couple of weeks ago - I presume they were determined to have an election come what may so have started early.

    1. Sycamore is one tree I dont have anywhere - and they self set so easily too

  4. here in Hampshire it's horrible, the wind and rain is relentless, we won't be going far today.

  5. Hi Sue, I am back online, I have had technical problems.
    Colins wood is a lovely idea.
    Love your new header.

  6. Your first paragraph is lovely... I too enjoy a quiet life, with the joy of blogging, being a precious part of it. I enjoy peeking into the lives of others, in Pretty Blog Land.

    I do feel almost compelled to w-r-i-t-e. -smile- And by writing, to share my thoughts, with others.


  7. How lovely to be planting trees on your land.

    Oh, the bonfire and fireworks sound like fun. Hope your weather cooperates. Our weather is finally being more seasonable. Most all the leaves are gone, and the growing season is over. I'd prefer some frost, thank-you-very-much. -smile-


  8. The weather forecast looks awful, let's hope they've got it wrong. My pup has his last injections Tuesday which means we will be able to walk him outside 10 days later. He so wants to be out.

  9. I am glad that you had a good week.

    I had to laugh at your comment on politicians and door knocking. Like you I have never had a politician knock on my door. Perhaps that is a good thing.

    God bless.

  10. The Rowans and Whitebeams that we planted after the polytunnels went up have taken off brilliantly. They were quite an investment as they were already ten year old trees but they were worth every penny.

    I doubt we'll get anyone stopping to knock on our door canvassing, even the Jehovah's witnesses only come about once every two years.

  11. I love your new header photo, Sue. It's so lovely that you have such a variety of trees in Colin's Birthday Wood :)