Monday, 4 November 2019

Pre-Christmas Boot Sales

The car boot sales in the weeks before Christmas are the time to find almost everything you need for the festive season without buying them new from a shop.
A few people might be dealers but there's bound to be some ordinary house-holders selling unwanted stuff. It's always puzzled me..........why don't they just keep it and use it - whatever IT is for this year?
But they don't and I'm glad as it gives me a chance to find things, so that I don't need to buy new.
Very wet underfoot at the local boot sale a couple of weeks ago, everyone tip-toeing through the mud and not many people selling but I did pick up these.

Why would someone have Christmas crackers and paper from Wilkinsons - all new costing £21 originally and then sell them for £2.20? No idea but they did and I benefited. The crackers have modelling balloons inside. I'll keep them in the cupboard until the grandchildren are a bit older and here for Christmas .

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  1. I've bought crackers before and not used them. I hang on to them and keep them for another year - I know I've got a full pack in the garage that I bought reduced last year - so it's more than likely someone has done that, and rather than hold on to them just decided to get rid and make a bit of money back.

  2. I keep any leftover crackers and bring them back out the following year and I haven't needed to buy wrapping paper for years and years after getting a lot in post Christmas sales.
    Your post has reminded me to go and check how much I have left. Gift tags as well. Thanks.

  3. I bought my crackers in the sales last year, although they're a bit of a pain to store without squashing them. X

  4. I am not buying crackers this year due to all the plastic they contain. I shall make a reusable, or recycled substitute. Also, only using my own hand decorated brown paper for wrapping as our local authority will not accept regular gift wrap for recycling, nor will they accept anything, such as cards, with glitter on them. I do not want a £150 fine for doing the wrong thing.

  5. Car boots are still running here but the field is extremely mucky.
    I haven't had to buy wrapping paper for a few years now as I have a drawer full where I got it for 20p each in the January sale.

  6. Often in Wilko's they have these items in their sale down to just a few pence just to get rid of them. I often buy packs of seeds at 10p a pack.
    I always buy my crackers in the January sales, but never buy the ones with plastic toys, they are rubbish.

  7. I often make my own and probably will this year, but I have stored crackers before - if stored too long or in a damp place it can affect the 'snap'. We had a bad lot once and had to shout bang as we pulled them!
    It is not like wrapping paper goes off so I don't understand why people would buy it then sell at a loss.

    1. We too had a Christmas where the snaps failed and we shouted Bang!

  8. I always buy my wrapping paper in the new year sales; if you wait till last minute, the £shops sell off what is left for 10p. My best bargain was 2 years ago when I got 10p rolls of plain metallic red, gold, silver paper; used for both Christmas and birthdays.

  9. Their loss your gain! Great buys!

  10. Good find! Crackers here are really expensive. I'm not sure if I'll get some or not. It will be a quiet holiday - daughter won't be visiting and middle son will probably have to work.

  11. Christmas crackers and Christmas wrap! You certainly got a bargain.

    Not many use Christmas crackers here on the prairies, I might try and see if I find some this year to give them a try.

    God bless.

  12. Maybe they have decided on a different colour scheme this year. So many people do this, it's ridiculous.

    As I've minimised my Christmas decorations each year I have taken a bag full to the charity shop, every year for the past few years. At least they make more money selling them just before Christmas than I would selling them in a sunny field in July :-)

  13. You just have an eye that searches out such things Sue.

  14. They were teaching people how to make reusable crackers at the Repair Cafe this month. Unfortunately wasn't able to go this time. Arilx

  15. Seems odd to find things like that for sale just a few weeks before Christmas doesn't it. Maybe they've cancelled Christmas lol.

    Do your car boots run all year? The ones around here tend to stop in September. xx

  16. It is strange that they didn't want to use them for this year! But their loss is your gain :)