Saturday, 30 June 2018

Last Week of June

What a week.

Dentist - expensive
Back there in 4 weeks
The antibiotics make me feel queasy.
Missed a WI quiz night.
Grand daughter in hospital, 4 nights in because although she was
OK during the day, her Oxygen levels keep dropping at night
Daughter had to cope there on her own
Her OH away working for 2 weeks - not even home for the weekend.
Friends take her clothes, walk her dog and help out
I took new clothes and nappies for Florence after the plumber had gone

Very Hot
No Rain
Fruit and veg looking sad
Plumber sorting bathroom, fitting walk in shower to replace huge ugly bath
A leak somewhere in bathroom
Puddle on floor in kitchen
Water travels downhill, hidden behind boxed-in pipes
Ants invading the kitchen again
  Stuck at home because of the plumber. plumber - waiting for delivery of the shower wall, wish they'd let me know
No swimming all week

Missed Colin so much this week.
Everyone else is back to normal
I'm not


How lucky there were some spare tiles in the garage to match those in the bathroom
Made 3 tiny jars of redcurrant jelly from ¾lb redcurrants
Put some courgettes and mange-tout peas in the freezer
An abundance of cucumbers
Lovely green beans
Got the washing dry easily
Watched some of the Wimbledon tennis qualifying games
Read lots more crime fiction
Watched some football
Brother in law fixed up chain fly curtain
I cut the grass down the footpath with the ride-on mower and round the garden too, it might not need doing again for a while if it stays dry.
Made some buns and a sponge to pop in the freezer.
Lovely colours in the corner
My view from the kitchen window

Onward into July
And Wimbledon starts Monday

Thank you everyone for kind comments

Back Monday
Have a great weekend


  1. Quite a week Sue, here’s to a restful weekend...


  2. Well done on using the ride-on mower. I am interested in the chain fly curtain - is your cat able to get in and out through it? I'm struggling to find a solution that keeps flies out but lets the cat in.
    Sounds like a very full week, hope Florence is soon back to normal. Keep on keeping on.

  3. All of us reading are sending good thoughts and prayers your way, Sue. Poor little Florence, bless her. What about getting some big glass clip frames for those photo boards ? You can get ones which are poster sized and they are not very dear.


  4. That's a very complicated and not particularly pleasant week for you but I love how you can see the positives too. How is Florence now? xxx

  5. What an eventful week for you, Sue. It’s so worrying when small people are ill and it’s good you were able to help out. Plumbers are not popular this week (Sheila) and very few tradespeople seem to communicate with their clients these days.
    We are needing rain here as everything is cracking with the lack of it. Schools are out now for seven weeks so the rain will come soon!

  6. Hugs from Devon, Sue,
    Margaret P

  7. You are such a busy lady ! Have a lovely weekend and I hope that Florence is getting better...hugs to your daughter, she must be so worried. x

  8. I was thinking the other day how can I explain what I do in a day in a blog post. (I was thinking day not week). Good way of doing it. Keeps us going doesn't it, the mundane and the unexpected and the have to be done things.

  9. What a week for you - but it's good to keep busy. Hope Florence will be better soon.

  10. Your post is a good description of the roller coaster that is Life. A lot on your plate this week, physically and emotionally. Wishing the best for your granddaughter and her parents. A worrying time for you, too. Hope the bathroom reno is completed soon without any more 'discoveries' of leaking pipes.

  11. And life goes on. No stopping it,the good and the troublesome. Sounds like you are managing better each day.

  12. love your positive spin on things though. And at least we have the breeze, if we didn't the days would be stifling right now! xx

  13. Your week has been as bad as mine, but with added heartache that the love of your life won't be back through the door to solve some of those problems with you.

    And yet still you find positivity ... to say I admire you would be an understatement of the highest calibre.

    Now it's time to move forward into a new month, enjoy the tennis, and I do hope little Florence is better soon. ❤ xx

  14. You are functioning so much more than I think I would in your circumstances. Don't be hard on yourself, it will take a lot more time before you can even begin to feel back to normal - your new normal. Keeping busy is good and it sounds like the world is conspiring to keep you very busy indeed. Very best wishes to you and I hope your little grand daughter is on the mend now. xx

  15. What a week. I like the way you have just stated what is going on. The high and the lows.
    I hope your weekend is/was nice.

    cheers, parsnip

  16. Here's to keeping going - one day at a time! xx

  17. congrats on seeing some bright sides in the week, too! When things are as rough as you had it, that can be very difficult to do. Hugs to you that things look up soon!

  18. Hope your grand daughter is getting better. Its clearly been a tough week but you are keeping going - thank you for continuing to blog - hope it helps you too. Here's to July.

  19. Get well wishes to your little Florence - and well done to her Gran, you got through a very tough week.

  20. As wonderful as our huge world can be, life can be cruel, I hope Florence is feeling better, and you get loads of cuddles. Love you used the ride on mower, Colin is watching you and would be so very proud of you, xxxx.

  21. I hope next week is better and Florence gets well. Its good you can see the highs as well as the lows. Thinking of you.

  22. What a week you've had! I know times like this are difficult and you must miss Col even more. You are such a resourceful person that you always work things out and now it is all behind you. You have a wonderful view from your kitchen window. I love your patio, it looks so inviting. May this new week be a good one and you get to go to the pool.

  23. I like the fact that even after a testing week you can still notice the good things in life. I think this is a hard time for you just now when as you say everyone else is getting back to normal but you don't have a normal yet - it is all new ground for you. Thinking of you - have a pleasant weekend - hope Florence better soon.

  24. You are doing really well. Focus on the flowers not the manure! Love and hugs from Lyme Regis xx

  25. Thinking of you Sue, as you tackle what life throws without Colin by your side. I hope Florence feels much better soon. My soon to be 30 year old daughter started with asthmatic symptoms when she was 2. I well remember those long nights with her.

  26. A hard week but hopefully an easier one next week. You still managed to be productive. That’s a lovely corner to sit a while and enjoy your pots.

  27. You had such a busy week! So sorry you are having some rough days right now...I am widowed twice and have found that as time passes, a person just slowly adjusts...slowly :( Staying busy helps a lot and spending time with good friends is lovely also. I love Wimbledon also....I live in the US (Illinois) so it starts for me at 5am Monday So I will be a very early riser for the next 2 weeks :)

  28. I agree with lynney62 that staying busy is good for you. It is the quiet, alone times that are hard I think. I hope that Florence is better very soon.

    Your new shower sounds great. You are smart to get to done now.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  29. Thankful for good times among the trying times. We here in our part of Oregon were happy the OSU Beavers won baseball championship! Hopefully your new shower will be finished soon. Your are in my thoughts and prayers thru this time of Col's passing. When you were writing earlier about songs he liked, I've remembered that Phil's always liked Puff the Magic Dragon song growing up ane that's something he wants played at service. :-}

  30. Sending love, hope Florence is better. Difficult for R when partner is away. I struggled with that sometimes. Hope you get your swim next week xxx

  31. That was a week from hell wasn't it?
    Although you may think other folk are all back to normal, they're not, they're being strong in front of you!
    It's only to be expected that you'll still be missing Colin, and when things go awry, you'll miss him all the more.
    He's watching you though, and will be very proud of you using the ride on mower, and of how well you're coping.
    Hope little Florence is getting sorted, it's a bugger when small people are ill. I'm sure they'll get her sorted soon, and when this awful hot weather breaks, she'll improve rapidly.
    Take care Sue, look after yourself.

  32. I'm sorry you had such a trying week. It must be especially difficult to deal with these on your own. You have an abundance of people who only know you via these pages, but we all are cheering you on from afar. Take care.

  33. That kind of week would challenge anybody. I hope your granddaughter is feeling better by now, and that the coming week is better all around for you.

  34. A very trying week, Sue. And whilst you are already low, things will seem harder to cope with. But it's lovely to read that you are still finding lots of positive things to write about too.
    I hope all is well with your granddaughter now. X

  35. Hugs Sue. I think you are coping very well. I hope your granddaughter is better now.

    Love the colourful corner.

  36. Keep on riding those waves Sue...hold on tight...eventually the seas will calm...the very hot weather really does not suit our little ones...hoping for great improvements for you and yours very soon xx

  37. Sorry, I managed to miss your post yesterday. Not the best week for you by the sound of things. Grieving is such a very individual experience and I can imagine you feel Col's loss more strongly at one time than another - especially when things go wrong and you need a shoulder to lean on. Poor little Florence being in hospital would certainly be one of those moments. I hope that she improves soon and is home again. It is so hard to be brave alone.

    You have counted your blessings, and that is not a bad thing to do at any time. Enjoy the tennis and be grateful for not being one of the players - my golly gosh, they will be passing out with heat exhaustion this week. I think strawberries and cream would be a great accompaniment to the matches!