Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Bank Holiday Weekend Part 2

Bank Holiday Sunday and off to the small local car boot sale. Not many booters there - it was a grey morning and I spent a grand total of 20p!................. on some clothes pegs.

Home again for more work in the back bedroom.
 A handy find left behind in the garage by Mrs F- a tin of radiator paint, but I had to buy wood stain for the window sills. Both jobs done. I managed to roll the old carpet halfway across the room to sand down half the skirting board but that was as much as I could do without help to shift the carpet.

The weather turned nasty wet and windy  in the afternoon so Sunday evening I lit the woodburner.

The room was soon toasty warm and with just a few sticks and half a dozen logs I was warm all evening.


Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers 
If Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers
Where's the Peck of Pickled Peppers Peter Piper Picked?

In the freezer!
Not pickled but frozen

Some of these red sweet peppers that were in the greenhouse on Sunday are now in the freezer. It's been a fantastic year for them. I have enough to make my Red Hot Relish and for many stir-fries all through the winter and spring.
A few more skinned  plum tomatoes have also been added to the bag in the freezer. I need to collect 4lb, but they are ripening slowly so only just over 2lb so far.

Col's brother came round to give me a hand with a couple of jobs that I couldn't do on my own, he took the doors off the upstairs shower room and airing cupboard ready for the new flooring to be laid. It's got to have hardboard and vinyl so will be a bit higher. He'll come back later in the week and cut a wee bit off the bottoms of the doors and put them back on. He also cut the skirting board to fit in the corner where the shower was. I'm going to try sticking it to the wall with gorilla glue.........another bodge that will be hidden behind the wardrobes!

Another job I did over the weekend was to have a move round in the craft room which got rid of the small drawers that I was using to store paper. I made a decision about the amount of stuff I have compared with the card making I actually do and having a clear out is another job to add to the winter job list...........after I've made up cards using the 3D decoupage sheets I already have.

Not quite so chilly on Monday evening as it was on Sunday thank goodness.

Thank you everyone for comments over Bank Holiday weekend............
Elaine - I thought of you when I bought the book - thinking you probably had copies of the original recipes among your old books!
Joy - not sure I will be trying any recipes - they are a bit odd
Sadie - Lovely to see you back blogging. Blogger was playing silly Bs and wouldn't let me see pictures or a space to comment! I shall try again.
Amy - and I thought our odd bits of skirting board with random joins and unfixed was odd!
Suzanne - hope you've had a good summer
Eileen - I'm getting much better at not buying too many second hand books - but I will be going to two big second hand book sales later in the autumn!

and I'm glad I'm not the only adult who isn't keen on Where the Wild Things Are

Back Tomorrow


  1. LOL - so the book is a feast for the eyes but not for the body!
    Such a cosy fireplace - it makes me feel warm just looking at the photo. A fire is such great company.

  2. Your fireplace and mantle looks so nice. I love the little cottage and your other pretty decorations. The flowered jugs are just beautiful!

  3. Gosh, you were very abstemious at your car boot sale! We went to one on Saturday morning and spent a lot more than that (stock though).

    You are doing very well with your house improvements. I am slowly working on our bedroom but need to get the topcoat for the walls today so that my wardrobe can go back in.

    I don't blame you for lighting the woodburner - it was such a miserable day and we had the central heating on for an hour (it felt damp and miserable indoors, let alone out).

  4. ooh, that fire looks so welcoming. It has been cold at times over the weekend, so I don't blame you for lighting it. You certainly keep yourself busy :O)
    Your peppers look good. It's been a funny year for growing stuff. Some things have done really well, others have been rubbish. Our tomatoes for example. Last year we had tons of the things, this year we've had a fairly decent amount but nowhere near as much. Pumpkins are a fail. My sweetcorn I'm not sure about. It looks as if it might be ok, but a sneaky peek the other day told me maybe not.

    Thanks for checking out the blog. I hope blogger behaves for you next time, sometimes it can be a real pain!

  5. It was certainly a day for the wood burner. I nearly caved in and lit mine. The central heating cut in at one point. A very productive weekend for you. I’m glad you had some help with heavy stuff.

  6. Your fire looks wonderful, there is nothing quite like it :) We lit ours after supper at the weekend, crazy weather - three months drought and then the woodburner in August?

  7. Sorry to bang on about skirting boards, but... from our experiences, if you have any the builders adhesive stuff, like no more nails, it works really well for sticking skirting boards on if the glue doesn't do the trick - we have lots of experiences with this as I already said!! Also, I am so impressed with the way you just get on in there and do stuff Sue, you really inspire me! Thank you!

  8. Your mantelpiece and blazing fire looks wonderful. I've not lit ours yet,but I was tempted to the other night, only the fact that it was already 9pm and not really worth it made me reach for a cardi instead.

    My best DIY friend was No Nails when I lived solo. I put up a whole set of shelves in an alcove with No Nails and tiny tacks ... they lasted until I sold the house a couple of years later, so your skirting board should be no problem :-)

  9. Beautiful photo of the fireplace with its warming glow. We always use “no more nails” for skirting and it saves filling the nail heads. Mind you, I use Gorilla Glue for everything so it will hold the skirting in place for ever. Your craft room sounds like mine-I’m sure stuff breeds in there but the one thing I spent hours looking for yesterday seems to have gone its holidays.

  10. Love the fireplace! I always find them so cosy on cooler nights. I'm glad Col's brother was able to come round and help you. Sorry the haul at the car boot wasn't any better. Perhaps next week.

  11. Sue, you put me to shame with all the jobs you are getting through.

  12. It was a bitterly cold day, I'm not surprised that you ended up lighting the stove - nice to see handsome Mr Hare on the beam.

  13. Good job on the growing things and putting away for winter. I enjoyed seeing your fireplace and especially the fabulous old mantel! Do you know where it came from or how old it is? Looks very old and wonderful. You're really making a lot of headways! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Sadly not old at all as this part of the house was built in the 1970s. The oak beam might be older but no idea where it came from

  14. What a gorgeous wood burner. You will be toasty warm this year. Glad to read you are getting help with some of the redos.

    God bless.

  15. Oh I love your mantle piece over your fire, I would like to get one of these, but not sure it would work with ours as, but I am so tempted as I would love to have something above the fire to have seasonal displays.

    Those peppers look good!

  16. Car boot sales are funny things aren't they? You never know if you'll find everything or absolutely nothing.

  17. No cool weather here in Colorado yet but soon. Your fire looks so inviting. I wonder if setting your wardrobes flush against the wall would suit as you would need no skirting boards behind them. You are keeping busy and getting so much accomplished!

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