Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Photos From the Fayre

Not as many photos as there might have been because I spent too much time nattering with people.
 I still can't get over the fact that living back in Mid Suffolk means I know more people than I ever got to know from 23 years at Knodishall! Of course it helps that Colin lived in the village before we were married and his Brother still lives there and of course I was Cub Scout leader here for nearly 20 years.

In the Show Marquee............
Flower arrangement...............WI Members only theme "Keep the Home Fires Burning" I'd love to be able to arrange flowers like this but would never have enough flowers of my own and buying flowers would go against the grain.
The WI Members only Marble cake, mine is back right. Sad to see only 3 entries

The WI stand, selling cakes and produce, such a shame so few were donated (although this photo taken at the end of the day when most had sold). We decided that it had been too hot Friday to do much baking.
The lady selling hats on the next stall did well, she buys in the hats and then customises them with different trims
There were some classic cars to look at and this interesting old lorry.
Posh old cars
There was a small funfair with this vintage chair-o-plane,  all rides free thanks to sponsorship of a local long established car-sales business. They also sponsor lots of other things at the show.

Now this was a strange idea................................

............a swimming pool for dogs? Possibly a local business. It had lots of people looking but the two dogs that were in there when I looked were just trying to get out!

The Stowmarket concert band were brilliant as always. Do love a good brass band

And the Stowmarket Boy's Brigade Marching Band were good too

It was a hot day and the best place to be was under the shelter of the WI gazebo! which is why there are no photos of all the other happenings. The 6 parachutists landed exactly in the grand ring but no photos, there were children's races, children's magician, dog show, charity stalls but no photos . The Guides ran the tea tent and the Scouts doing burgers etc and no photos of them either!

The money raised is divided between the Stowmarket and District Lions Club who do a lot of the work organising the show and village charities and organsations.

Thanks to everyone for lovely comments yesterday and welcome to another follower.
In reply...............oh yes, the marble cake came home with me and most went in the freezer and the rest I'm eating and it's very tasty.
Well done to Gwen for being a show secretary for ten years, hope you find someone to take over.
To Patricia.......Yes it's so good to go in and see if the judges have stuck a sticker on your entry card.
To Jennie........yes I can imagine Banana Jam being given a funny look by the older people at the show. Strangely there was only a class for Strawberry Jam at this show, which I didn't enter because I'd forgotten I made some in June (memory failure is my worst symptom since Colin died).
I was a bit worried about the herb entry one day last week when I went in the greenhouse and found I must have forgotten to water the Basil the night before, luckily a good soak and it perked up. The Sage outside is looking extremely stressed, only a few bits left alive but Rosemary is enjoying the heat. I've been watering the parsley to keep it going as I'm using it in potato salad.
I entered the chutney class but forgot to put a date on the label to say when it was made so it wasn't even judged - I knew, according to RHS rules, it needed a date but forgot to write it on - Duh! ( Any date would have done!)
Elaine - Fear, lack of time or  apathy probably or maybe lack of knowledge of the rules of entering. In Knodishall they started putting the rules of each class on the form (tomatoes have to have their calyx etc etc) and that seemed to get more people entering.

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  1. It all looks like good fun except for the "dip and dive" for the dogs. Do people bring their dogs to events like this? It is very hot here in the high desert of Colorado. We are used to very warm this time of year so are not suffering too much, however, we are really suffering from drought of several years. Seems as if everywhere is hot right now.

  2. How frustrating about the preserves!
    Reading back over yesterday's comments, it reminded me of the village show when I was little. There were classes for children and the teachers always encouraged us to have a go - let us take out artwork to enter, etc.
    I wanted to enter the 'wild flowers in a jam jar' class but left it until the last minute because I was too busy with my 'flowers in a sauce' entry (that's my excuse anyway) so I ran out and grabbed a selection of wind grasses from the verge, rammed them in the jar and ended up with first prize!
    Happy memories - thanks for stirring them!

  3. The dog dip and dive looks like a great idea I remember taking one of mine to a training day when temperatures were excessive and the dogs were wearing sopping wet towels to keep them cool. It was 35 degrees when the shooting season started in October and a Weimaraner collapse with heat stoke. Typical UK first aid was applied warm sweet tea and wet towel.

  4. These rules do need explaining I think, and that should encourage people as they are obviously worried about not knowing what is needed. We have a lady at our patchwork group who makes the most amazing things and enters shows with them - her little knitted baby sets are stunning, and she makes lovely quilts too.

    It was definitely a case of the Old School up in arms over my Banana Jam! I did have a little snigger, I have to say . . .

    Those are lovely pictures of the day, and great to see folk enjoying themselves. I couldn't help looking at that doggy swimming pool and thinking, what a waste of SUCH a lot of water!!! We are still on 2" baths and flushing the loo with the bath water here . . .

  5. I love to hear a brass band at this sort of event. I teach and play with the local youth brass band where we are gradually rebuilding numbers and ability after it nearly died out. The standard of playing has improved so much that we are hoping to start playing at the summer fetes again this year.

  6. I love a brass band too, always gets the foot tapping.

  7. I'm sure an old volleacol of mine plays for the Stowmarket brass band. He travels all over to play.

  8. The vintage Chairoplane sure did remind me of village fairs when I was young. Half terrified and half excited to ride as a child. But I imagine on that hot day, a breezy ride would have been just the ticket.

  9. Now that is a proper show! Is that your marble cake - the one with the clearly defined colours? There must be quite a big team of organisers and workers to get all of that off the ground, but well done to them. I hope the turn out made them feel it was all worth while. Not having enough time to take photographs is surely a good thing! Well done to you.

  10. What a wonderful fayre you attended! We have our county and state fairs coming up in late August.. I hope to go to one. Congrats on the marble cake win! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. You did brilliantly with all your wins!

  12. Love the beautiful flower arrangements. Very artistically done.

    Congratulations on your marble cake winning a prize.

    God bless.


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