Monday, 26 November 2018

"Black Friday" ...............I Did it My Way!

A change of plan so I had time to go to Ipswich and it happened to be so-called "Black Friday".  I wanted to look round the charity shops for some longer length tunic tops for wearing at home because I'd been round the Stowmarket charity shops twice with no luck and I don't want to buy new.
Also wanted a few Christmas bits.

 I wouldn't normally show a picture of all my shopping on the blog but as it was " Black Friday" I thought I'd treat you to  shopping spree my way................. everything secondhand or cheap!

From Charity shops I found 3 tops for a total of  £7
                                         Green crepe paper for  £0.25p
                            Tree Decorations for total of    £2.50
                              Xmas Present for Jacob  for   £3
 Another Christmas book for the grandchildren   £0.49p
From Poundland Biscuits  for Christmas Day      £1
                                                 Gold Spray           £1
                                            Party Poppers            £1
 Aldi  for Xmas  dessert cocoa coated...Nuts       £1.99

And finally, because I'm going to make an effort and put up a Christmas tree this year I got some new  lights for £9.99.

I didn't see anyone fighting over reduced stuff, the town looked no busier than usual for a Friday morning. I didn't bother with any of the big department stores and went home via the packaging place for the red crepe paper (couldn't find any in town) and florists tape......................I have a craft project in mind that I happened upon on a Kirstie Allsop Handmade Christmas Programme.

If it works you'll see it here, if it fails you won't!

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  1. I found the same, Sue. I was in town on Friday and, while there were loads of Black Friday signs up, the town wasn't at all busy and nor were the shops I went into. Maybe people are getting fed up with rampant consumerism of that sort.

  2. What a great haul. Glad you were able to get the tops you needed and at such a great price.

  3. Great deals there Sue. As Black Friday has been going on for over a week I suspect most people already bought what they wanted. I bought Tredaire quality underlay for £3.20m2 online instead of £7.99 in-store.

  4. Looks like a productive and inexpensive morning. Great job.

  5. Wow.Great shopping.Bargains galore.

  6. I took my daughter to the osteopath on Friday and there was little bizz in the big town. She also bought some Christmas lights as she had been having a clear out of her decorations and found she had no lights for the tree. Great haul as usual, Sue.

  7. I didn't see a lot of people out for the Black Friday event which isn't really Friday anymore but a whole week or more. There didn't seem to be anything more unusual price wise than a normal sale. We took advantage of a few items but we actually don't need a lot at the moment - I am mindful that I don't want to refill the space I have just uncovered!
    Looking forward to seeing your craft project.

  8. Some good buys Sue. Look forward to see your craft idea. My daughter went to a bazaar on Saturday and brought me a couple of good little ideas for I would like to do for a charity stall.
    Hazel c uk

  9. Did not darken a door of a store on Friday or Saturday. We can see the Mall from our windows and traffic was heavy there. I should go and take a photo of the poinsettia tree to share. It is lovely there.

  10. All my shopping this weekend was at normal prices as nothing I needed was in the sales.
    I have one thing to order online today but that won't be in the sale either.
    Love your bargains.

  11. Well done; it's very satisfying when you find items you like from the charity shops. My bargains were via tesco - veg,bread,posh ham all yellow stickers and 2 half-price XL bags of Cadburys Heroes which I will use as gifts. Not quite 'BF shopping' but felt very good all the same!!

  12. You did well, that's a good haul. I haven't seen any Kirsty Allsop programmes so I'm look forward to seeing the craft project.

  13. No Black Friday shopping here either. I just can't see myself fighting to buy something.

    Love your "Black Friday" haul.

    God bless.

  14. I just can't believe my eyes when I see some of the newscasts from the states where people are fighting and grabbing stuff out of peoples hands. Not for me. Didn't see anything like that here. We were out and about the last few days and didn't see any big crowds. You got some fabulous bargains, especially the tops.

  15. Mum said she went into Ipswich on Friday but didn't find any 'bargains'. Black Friday here really started on Thursday (Thanksgiving - not even giving you time to finish the meal lol). I really don't agree with that. People who work in the shops don't even get the holiday Thanksgiving off any more as the shops open in the afternoon to shop! The only place I went was the bookshop as they had 30% off their magazines and I treated myself to some of the English ones (which can be quite expensive!). Some of the other items on 'sale' are actually cheaper later - closer to Christmas

  16. The best sort of shopping to do on Black Friday ☺

  17. Only black friday shopping I did was oils, here in the usa. I didn't know there was black friday in England as I thought it was because of thanksgiving that's celebrated in the other country. Interesting. Nice goods you got. I did shop this evening after work at a store and all was 50% off and my military discount as well, another 15% off ....a warm shirt and 2 pr of sox...almost bought a purple back pack purse but didn't...maybe later? Will see.