Saturday, 1 June 2019

June Country Days

June was named after either the goddess Juno or from Iuniores - meaning young people

The first of June marks the first day of Meteorological Summer but traditionally summer starts on the Solstice on the 21st June but there are Midsummer festivals on the 24th!

Here's the Wheel of the Year with the Litha or Summer segment from the book "Ceremonies of the Seasons" by Jennifer Cole. Litha was the Anglo-Saxon for the sixth and seventh months

June was such a busy time in the farming calendar that there was little time for festivals, not many special church days either so much of the folklore for June is centred around Midsummer Day. Good weather was needed for hay-making.

A calm June sets the farmer in tune

Below is the first June page from "Cattern Cakes and Lace" by Julia Jones. It explains that St Barnabas Day was the longest daylight day of the year before the calendar change in 1752.

Barnaby Bright
Barnaby Bright
Longest Day
  Shortest Night

In Ancient times people thought that needed to help the sun as it increased in strength by lighting bonfires. They would jump through the flames to ensure good fortune and drive their animals through the embers once the flames had died away to protect them from evil.

If it rains on Midsummer Day we may expect a wet harvest

 St Johns Day is on the 24th
Before St John's Day we pray for rain, after that we get it anyway

Cut your thistles before St John,
You will have two instead of one. 

 Below are illustrations from some of the June pages in "An Illustrated Country Year" By Celia Lewis.
There will be yellow flag irises in the ditch across the track very soon.

And Finally
A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, I'll keep doing the end of month review as it's not as boring as I thought!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I have Eldest Daughter and Jacob staying for a couple of nights so it will be little cousins getting together again I hope.

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  1. Have a lovely time with your family and thank you for all the fascinating facts about June. I always look forward to these first of the month posts.

  2. Have a lovely weekend with your daughter & Jacob, Sue. I love the first photo of the Seasons 'pizza'. The artwork is beautiful!

  3. Nice post! I see some of those Iris where I walk. Have a GREAT weekend! I'm sure it will be lots of fun.

  4. Enjoy your family visitors!

  5. I have that book too. Let's hope that June is not at hot as it was last year (which did for my asthma!)

    I was watching the racing from Epsom today and even they had a swarm of bees on a sign behind the commentators, only some plonker called them WASPS!

  6. It's been cold and miserable here today - it doesn't feel like June at all, as I'm wrapped in a blanket!

    1. We've had the warmest day of the last couple of weeks today - lovely

  7. Wouldn't that Year Wheel make a wonderful tapestry cushion.

  8. A delightful read . Joy to you all ! :) x