Saturday, 29 June 2019

Looking Back and Forward or...........

.......................looking forward and back............+  answering comments.

It's going to be very warm today so take care.................chill!

Next Week
Yippee Do! Wimbledon starts on Monday. I hope the weather will be good and I'll have to choose between watching/sunbathing/gardening.................a First World dilemma!

Last week.
Gi-normous car boot at Needham Market last Saturday. I got there even earlier than the week before (7.20 instead of 7.40) and the car-park was still chock-a-block. I reckon  that nowadays to be there early enough to get the bargains and park closer to the people selling I would need to get there at 5.30am........... NOT doing that!
My only finds were a big Lock and Lock box for £1 and and a Cars activity pack for Jacobs next visit for 80p. There was tons of stuff that I didn't need........... Must find the "what I'm looking for" list.

At the Sunday local small boot-sale I came home with...........a bunch of beetroot (after nothing at all last week) It almost seems a waste of time driving down the road but I like my hour walking round and this time of year I'm always awake early enough so might as well get up and go out.

During the week
  • I quizzed with small WI in the Summer Quiz. We came 17th out of 44 teams. Not too bad I guess - we are always hard on ourselves -  we like to be top third.
  • Swum - it was lovely and quiet in the pool this week.
  • Picked lots of strawberries from BiL's garden and took some to Youngest daughter and Florence and put more in the freezer and made a little jam. 
  • Did some more edge cutting with my new strimmer
  • Got the electric hedge cutter, which I hadn't used before, out of the garage and had a go at the front hedge. It's a bit heavy for me to use I found. I managed to avoid chopping through the electric lead, didn't do many metres but it's one less bit for BiL to do.
  • Read a lot and sat in the sun when it appeared on Thursday.
  • Weeded bits of garden.
  • Made pesto and then used it in a courgette crumble (first time I've made it for years as Col didn't like pesto or the courgette dish!)

Now to answer some questions that have cropped up in comments during the week.

Thank you for comments about the greenhouse crops. The recipe for Aubergine/Egg Plant and tomato pasta sauce that I mentioned is on the Recipe page, scroll down past a few recipes to find it. I harvested the first two aubergines and made a big batch of the sauce yesterday. Divided up for the freezer.

Mikemax asked about the colours of Blue Tits and Great Tits
From a free photo site this is a good picture to show the colours of a Blue Tit. Not sure how widespread they are through Europe.
Blue Tit, Songbird, Bird, Nature

 And the slightly bigger Great Tit photo from internet

The garden behind the little thatched cottage in Wetherden was lovely. Very green with all sorts of shapes of leaves and evergreens for year round colour with pops and pots of bright colour here and there. The owner said they found it very tranquil for a small space. I said it was beautiful.

The Book Festival/Hedge cutting dilemma was solved when I heard and saw the weather forecast. There was no way I wanted to drive for an hour down to Felixstowe ............which will be packed out as it'll be a bit cooler on the coast and everyone will be heading there so the traffic will be awful........ and go to the talk for an hour in the Hot hotel at midday (It was hot last year and it was late afternoon) and drive home again in that heat. (Yes I've lost the price of my ticket, but saved my sanity! and diesel, my plan had it been cooler was to go early and look round charity shops - but not in the heat). And likewise no way was I going to be clearing up hedge trimmings either. I don't work in anything over 21 degrees! So everything is cancelled today.
BiL should appear tomorrow sometime, when it will be much cooler, he's at the pub listening to a band 'til 1a.m. tonight (The life of a busy 60 year old bachelor!) so might not be here very early.

This week I am grateful for...............
A quiet swimming pool
Strawberries from BiL
First vegetables from the garden

Have a good weekend
I'll be back Monday...........July already


  1. I think you're very wise. Comfort and healthy take priority!
    Have a super restful day.

  2. Glad the hedge dilemma was sorted to your satisfaction! That garden at the cottage was really lovely.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. A bit annoying to waste my ticket money but better to stay home rather than getting hot and bothered on the A14!

  3. Well done on 17th with the quiz nice things from the Car Boo
    . I love the little Blue Tits so pretty. I think you were wise not to go to the book day. I did a little but of gardening yesterday but the hay fever is back this morning. I have got the washing done, do a few chores and then will Knit for awhile, we are knitting for Apples to cover Chocolate Oranges for a stall next Saturday for Breast Cancel, they went well at Christmas decorated at Christmas Puddings.
    Hazel c uk
    Have a nice week Sue and try not to get to HOT.

  4. Keep cool! I was hanging out washing before half past eight this morning and it was already baking hot; too much for me!
    Thank goodness I have the cricket to keep me amused but next week, as you say, Wimbledon. The only sports I have any interest in and they're on at the same time. Typical.

    1. I only have free-sat so no cricket for me. I like watching almost all sport except horse racing and boxing

    2. Sadly for me, I can't watch the cricket, either but I'm glued to Test Match Special.

  5. Sounds like a sensible plan :-)

    July already, well almost!! How DID that happen. Time is whizzing by so quickly.

    1. Wasted money but saved myself getting hot and bothered!

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  7. Blue and great tits are very common on the Continent, as are most of the tit family.

    The naming of them can be a bit confusing though, e.g. in Switzerland we call the blue tits (Blaumeise - the same) but the great tits 'coal tits' (Kohlmeise) and the coal tits 'pine tits' (Tannenmeise.

    1. Thank you. Interesting to know about the different names across Europe

  8. Glad your little dilemma was solved, send some of the heat my way it is still quite cool but at least the sun is shining.

    1. Annoying to lose the ticket price but staying at home out of the heat seemed sensible

  9. Like you Sue I can’t wait for Wimbledon to start......I will be glued to the telly for two weeks. And like you I will be doing little in this heat....I would love to know how you get such great bargains at boot fairs.....I can never find them or maybe Kent people just want an arm and a leg for their stuff......

    1. I only buy things that are cheap! The Lock and Lock boxes are always handy, thought it was a good bargain for £1