Monday, 17 June 2019

Old Newton Parish Church

Every time I visit Son, DiL and Willow in their village I go past this church on the way, yet it's taken me until now to visit.

St Mary's in Old Newton is a small church situated at one end of the village, and like many other villages the main part is now over a mile away.

It's one of the churches featured in the 100 Treasures book because of this...... An Altar prayer book dating from 1793. It was found under the vestry floor during building work and is now displayed in a glass case.

On the page that's open it shows where the names of the king or queen at various time has been crossed out with the new monarch written in. The last person mentioned is Queen Victoria.

This was the weekend of the Annual Flower Festival, so flower arrangements everywhere.

There's a small gallery in the west end, I didn't go up there but apparently it's divided to keep boys and girls apart.

 This is unusual war memorial made of wooden fret-work

The theme of the Flower Festival was 'Art and Artists'. This one depicts  Freda Kahlo.

Lots of small arrangements, depicting Claude Monet's Water Lily Pond

Jackson Pollock

The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner

An arrangement mirroring the painting by Jan van Huysom - 'Still Life with Flowers, Fruit, Bird's nest and eggs'

Different sort of Art.....Music..............This is Rocket Man by Elton John

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  1. What a brilliant art festival, clever villagers and beautiful displays. Think I am more of a 'Pollock' flower arranger myself.

  2. Super theme, and I think, although I am not a Kahlo fan, I think that arrangement is the best interpretation of character. What a fun idea!

  3. Beautiful displays and arrangements. The flower arrangers are artistic themselves.

  4. A very unusual church and it was do lovely to see how clean the church yard was. The arrangements are very clever. The memorial is beautiful. I went to open gardens yesterday were very good but the best were a school (4 yr to 7yrs) and the children had made there own gardens in plastic trays and decorated with little bits they brought from home, the plants they had grown themselves in class and planted outside into the trays, a wonderful way to teach children.
    They also had got some very large tyres and planted up flowers, strawberries and other vegetables. It was a lovely day.
    Hazel c uk

  5. You managed to get a two-fer out of this visit--interesting church and a wonderful flower show. Creative and beautiful arrangements. Actually, now that I think about it, you got a three-fer since you were on your way to visit Willow and her parents, too. :)

  6. Those flower arrangers are really talented. Were prizes awarded?

  7. Wow what a wonderful idea for the flower arrangements. They did an awesome job.

    Love the ceiling in the church.

    God bless.

  8. Its nice to visit some of our old churches isn't it and even better to find them open. So many are locked up these days because of light fingered visitors. Growing up we wouldn't of dared take anything from a church for fear of being struck down by lightening.


  9. The flower arrangements were excellent. Nothing like that in the churches around here.

  10. I loved the flower arrangements, what an amazing festival. Beautiful church.

  11. Lovely flower displays and interpretations. The Freda Kahlo arrrangement and the Jackson Pollock one are my favourites. It looks an interesting church to visit:)

  12. People who can create such wonderful arrangements of flowers have my respect. I'm a member of the gather-and-drop-in school of arranging - like Muss Read!

  13. What a lovely church and some very imaginative flower displays. I am more plonk in a vase and tease out "artistically" (hah!)