Monday, 3 June 2019

One Exhausted Nana

Eldest Daughter + now 3 year old Jacob came to stay for a couple of days and on Saturday we met up with youngest daughter + Florence and son, DiL and Willow at.............


Saturday 1st June & Sunday 2nd June 2019

international junior tractor

Warren Farm, Wetherden, Suffolk. IP14 3JX


A14 eastbound, junction 47a (from Bury St. Edmunds)

A14 westbound, junction 49 (from Ipswich)


  • Steam Engines, Tractors and working demonstrations
  • Vintage cars, motorbikes & commercial vehicles
  • Stationary engines
  • Vintage & modern fairground

Although this has been going for years it's not somewhere I would choose to go - Stationary Engines that just sit there and go putt, putt, putt don't excite me very much! But Jacob likes Tractors so of course Nanna wanted to go too!

It was a hot sunny day in a dusty field so you can imagine how filthy the two oldest were by the time we all got back to mine late afternoon! Willow wasn't so bad as she was mainly in her pushchair. 

Thankfully there was a bit more there than just putt, putt stationary engines.

Shock for the children - as I went on the Merry-go-round too

Then all back to Nannas for tea.

Suffolk Show last Wednesday, Woolpit Steam on Saturday - I'm done  walking round shows for a while thank you!

Back Tomorrow


  1. What lovely smiley happy children, they all seem to get on well together. Looks like you had a fantastic (even if tiring) weekend.

  2. Family time is precious, we are often shattered on a Monday evening after a visit from Will.

  3. Treasured memories all round, I think.

  4. So pleased you had a good time we are so lucky to have family. I went to Scotland for a few days with the family to meet by grandsons girlfriends family. There farm was huge fields everywhere with sheep. We had a barn dance with a fiddle, guitar and something else I did not know, it was so lovely to see the youngsters dancing. Brought back so many memorie. Hazel c uk

  5. The photos are beautiful especially of the children.
    Hazel c uk

  6. I agree about the putt putt putt stationary engines, but as you say, plenty of other things to see. I didn't go this year but the grandkids and their cousins went with the other side of the family, H loves the tractors. PatC

  7. Lovely vehicles and even lovelier children. I bet you slept well!

  8. Your photos brought back some memories as I went to that show with two of my grandchildren a number of years ago when visiting my son (stationed nearby with USAF at the time). I remember some of the really large steam tractors and the wood planing machine as fascinating the children. Thankfully our visit wasn't on a hot day, but I can imagine how exhausting it must have been for you. Clearly the children had a grand time.

  9. You complain now, but you know it was well worth the time spent with those lovely grandchildren. I sure don't pass up the opportunity.

    1. Not really complaining - anytime with all three grandchildren is a treat

  10. Sounds like you need a nice easy day! It looks like you had a great time with the grandchildren though. The weather looks nice too!

  11. What wonderful fun! And what beautiful grandchildren you have. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  12. Sounds good although tiring. I know all about that!

  13. You've got some wonderful pictures! It sounds like a tiring time but also blessed. Enjoy that family for before you know it the kids will be grown.

  14. Static engines that do nothing except make a noise have no appeal for me either. I like the red bus, I used to drive one like that. Smashing pictures, thank you.

  15. We have a local Vintage Fair/Steam Rally in our nearest village and often go along to that. As you said, not just the putt-putt static engines on show! Our vintage tractors parade in the ring and then go out for a local drive to show off! There are always vintage cars on display too and a car boot sale (mainly folk who follow the steam fairs round the country).

  16. Makes me tired just looking at the lovely photographs.

  17. The children look as if they are having a grand time. Looks like there was quite a crowd.

    God bless.

  18. What a wonderful time had by all, creating so many happy memories for you to treasure.

  19. But what a lovely way to be exhausted, Sue :) x

  20. What a lovely day,and my haven't your grandchildren grown!!

    I love, love, love the green caravan ... but you would guess that wouldn't you ;-)