Thursday, 27 June 2019

Wetherden Open Gardens

Parked up and crossed the road to see the Poor old Primary School, it's not been a Primary School for 30 years. For a while it was used for Wetherden Playgroup,  but it's been empty now for about 5 years. It's just sold to be converted to a house - of course. I was there from 1960 - 1966 when the attendance was about 60 children. In the first few years our only play area was the playground at the front and a tiny bit round the back. Then the school got a big field on the right to use - a big playing field with 4 trees that we used as the rounders posts and room for sports day without having to carry all the benches etc up the road to the village playing field. Now both on the old school field on the right and what was a field on the left and at the back there are houses.

 The church, not one of the churches featured in the 100 treasures book. There were a few people showing their crafts here
Including silk scarves, silk paintings and flowers
One of the oldest houses in the village "Weavers Cottage"right opposite the church
Love this cottage"The Chantry" it has a big extension on the back and the loveliest small garden completely full of ferns and hostas and other green things
 Just a peek
 More thatch on Harvest Cottage

they had  giant alliums

 The Old School House, not right beside the school as many were but a little way up the road. The Head  Teachers used to live here. I remember first Miss Harrison and then Miss Lewis. The school only had two teachers, I guess the other teacher had to find their own place to live.

 The Baptist Church where I went to Sunday School every Sunday from the age of 7 to 16. My choice - nearly all the village children went - if they didn't go to C of E church - and I didn't want to miss out on Christmas parties, prize giving and summer outings. I also went here to FOY - Fellowship of Youth - (Baptist Youth Club) one evening a week - we had wonderful leaders and had great fun.
Out the back of the chapel is the final resting place of my Mum and uncle/step-dad/dad!(Complicated- My Dad died in an accident a few months before I was born, when I was 3 Mum married his older brother - and I called him Dad). Neither me or my sister "tend the graves". We are not the sort of family who does.
 Then I went for a Cream Tea in the village hall - very nice too

Just a couple of hours in the village, didn't see anyone I knew. I'll be back there for the  annual Local History Society Exhibition later in the year.
(It was only when I came to do the post that I realised how few photos I had taken of the actual gardens!)

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  1. The Chantry cottage and garden is just beautiful, I would absolutely love to live there. Who knew that just greenery could be so lovely?

  2. Lovely pictures and memories of your past life. It all looks so clean, even outside the school, no rubbish or graffiti, marvellous.

    It is many years since I went back to the village where I was born and lived until I was nine. At the time I said, "Never again" and have kept to it. The whole village looked so scruffy and my Junior School had been demolished. Bitter, sweet for me.

  3. Oh how I love 'open gardens'. They are such wonderful sources of inspiration.

  4. The Harvest Cottage photo looks like the jigsaw I have just started. Weavers Cottage is like my house. Lots similar in South Norfolk and North Suffolk.

  5. Having a little nosey around the gardens of others gives a more realistic way of getting inspiration than from the big shows and tv programmes, as everything is realistically sized to what most of us have.

  6. A lovely trip down memory lane for you. I attended a tiny village school once just like yours - they were the best memories for me of my schooldays.
    Love that cute cottage and garden.

  7. Lovely gardens so clean everywhere. I went to Sunday School and went on to teach as well. Did you have Sunday School outings to the coast.. the sun is out today so have just but some washing.
    Hazel c uk

  8. I love Open Gardens days, and I especially love how special this one was for you with your history tied up in so much of the village.

    I could live in The Chantry, preferably without it's slightly more modern extension, but definitely with it's garden full of greens. Maybe I would add some lavender and a few Ox-Eye Daisies just for a delicate splash of colour.

    This was a lovely post Sue.

  9. I just found your blog today. Oh so far I'm loving it. I live in the USA, in the state of North Carolina.
    I look forward to hours of perusing.

    1. Hi and welcome, my old blog goes back to 2013 so plenty to read!

  10. The cottage is beautiful, I love the thatch on it. Sounds like a wonderful day out with so many childhood memories to ponder on.

  11. I really enjoy the pictures of all the lovely homes and the places of your memories. Pictures of memories are just as beautiful as gardens!

  12. What beautiful gardens...and a lovely trip down memory lane. x

  13. I flew to the midwest this past week to put my moms ashes on her parents grave and then on to my dad's grave. There is only 1 family member there to tend the graves and I feel guilty that I am not there to take care of them. But the deed is done, even though my brother was trying to guilt me out of doing it.
    Lovely gardens and the 2 homes were lovely as well.