Saturday, 18 January 2020

Over the Halfway Hump

January always seems such a long month, I think because it almost seems to start straight after Christmas, so it's good to be over the hump and running toward February.

Here's some more bits of my week up the end of the lane.

Last Saturday I went to look at my nearest farmers market. It's in a village hall about 10 miles away on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
 The stalls included someone with beef, pheasants and venison;  honey and candles; Pakenham Mill flour; and a family who, like me and Col, were in at the beginning of the Suffolk Smallholders Society, they are still going strong with their Gloucester Old Spot pork and jams and chutneys. I hadn't seen G for about 10 years so of course she didn't know about Colin. There was also a market gardener with a stall outside. I bought some lovely fresh purple sprouting broccoli - so delicious - it lasted me for 3 meals.

Drove all the way to the swimming pool one morning only to to find it closed due to a power surge which had damaged lots of the electrical circuits, they said it should be all sorted for next week.......think I'll ring and check before setting out.

When I go to the library van I park in a pub car-park -  at lunchtime, so this month I decided to go in and have a carvery roast lunch - very delicious it was too - and a treat not to have to wash up after a cooked meal.

Spent several minutes mid-week trying to catch a mouse that kept appearing and disappearing in the living room, Polly cat was no help, she just stood there looking behind the log basket long after the mouse had gone under the armchair. Next day I got up from the settee and found I'd been sitting on a dead mouse!  😲 How?.......................  It was very flat!

This week I've been grateful for
  • Being prepared for the electric going off
  • Plenty to read
  • More wood for the wood burner = More years here.

The weather forecast is more hopeful for the weekend - colder but dry and bright at last. Everyone I know is so fed up with all the  wet days we've been having. Perhaps I'll be able to start getting the newly cut logs into a heap and visit a Jumble Sale too.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are planning
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  1. January is a funny old month isn’t it! I like the early part, getting the house back to normal after Christmas and then it just drags! The Nat Trust property, near to me, has a farmers market on the 3rd Saturday in the month for all the tenant farmers. There are always lovely cheeses, pies, bread and veggies there. Hope your swimming pool is up and running next week :)

  2. That farmers' market sounds lovely. We don't have anything round here really, whgich is a shame.
    Poor mouse and it must have given you quite a shock (and the mouse too, of course)!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Sorry to read about no swimming and would not have been pleased to see the mouse. It's nice to have a surprise dinner and pleased it was nice.
    Sharp frost here this morning but I am going to Leyton Buzzard I have not been since before Christmas.
    Have a good weekend Sue and everyone.
    Hazel c uk

  4. After all the hussle and bussle of Christmas January is always an anticlimax and it does feel like a very long month. The weather has been so miserable with so much rain but I suppose it could have been worse it could have been snow!!!

  5. Your week sounds great. I like treating myself to a meal out occasionally. I am waiting in this morning for the tree-fellers who are at my neighbours house and are coming round here to tidy up the high bits on my hedges that my brother can never reach, overhanging boughs etc. and the high trees that are getting near my electricity wire to the house. My neighbour offered the services and he says I don't have to pay anything which is kind of him. I find January and February the two worst months of winter and the time we are most likely to get snow.

  6. I always think of January as a calming month after a busy, hectic December preparing for Christmas and New Year. It's a month to slow down and catch our breath ready for the year ahead.

    It always surprises me that Farmers Markets sell meat as I only associate them with fruit and veg, eggs, chutneys etc.

    Very annoying about the swimming pool, especially when you have made a special journey and ringing up to find out if they are open isn't something you automatically think of. You'll enjoy it that much more when you next go.

    Enjoy the back breaking log stacking and finding new treasures at the jumble sale. I'll be sat down finishing knitting some dolls clothes for my youngest grand-dsaughter.

  7. omg, fancy sitting on a dead mouse, it bought a smile to my face, lol
    Have a lovely weekend, its supposed to be nice and sunny.

  8. It has been such a miserable month weatherwise but we do have a nice frosty morning today....with sunshine which is lovely.
    Oh my word.....they would have heard me screaming in the next county if I found I had sat on a
    I hope you find some good things at the jumble sale.

  9. I'm starting to notice that it's getting lighter at the start and end of the days now. That's encouraging in itself.

  10. I remember having mice in my classroom when I taught in the south. I was on top of my desk often lol

  11. I always find January to be a very slow moving month, and I really don't know why.

    Oh, my, I don't think I could have stood getting up and seeing a dead mouse where I was sitting. You are a brave thing.

    God bless.

  12. I think the fact that my husband is always paid a few days earlier in December makes January feel like such a long month. Normally it flies from one payday to the next, but never in January. There are things I want to get on with, but can't until February, which is adding to the feeling that January is about 6 weeks long!

  13. It does seem to be such a long month doesn't it, the one saving grace is that day by day the nights are staying lighter. The lovely cold crisp days mean a 'going dark' time of around 5pm here now. Sometimes there are perks to being right near the west coast of the UK.

    Sorry but I had to laugh at you sitting on a dead mouse, I've never sat on one (that I know of) but I have had a live one run across the bed under the covers while I was in it. I don't know who was more amazed when I flung the covers back it or me!!

    We're having a weekend of simplifying things even more ready for selling up. Choosing what to put on Facebook Marketplace and taking photos ready for loading them next week when Alan's back. It's very liberating.

  14. Oh dear. I can't imagine me not screaming just a little if I found that I had squashed a mouse by sitting on it.
    We once saw a little furry creature each evening in our sitting room, running from underneath the door to the spare room to hide behind the curtain, then return a little later. This went on for several evenings until my husband eventually found the body of a tiny shrew that had fallen between the floorboards into the workshop beneath the house. Poor thing.

  15. It sounds like you've had a good week other than the pool being closed and the dead mouse of course. It is good to treat yourself out to a good meal sometimes - you deserve it! The Farmer's Market sounds nice. We have one in the spring and summer but not in the cold winter months. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Ugh! That dead mouse would have had me making some unladylike comments!
    Stopping off for a carvery lunch sounds great, always nice to not have dishes to do.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  17. A flat mouse - reminds me of the Tom and Jerry cartoons!

  18. That really made me laugh OUT LOUD! Just check next time you sit in the armchair that Polly cat isn’t sat there slumbering all unaware of the total eclipse of life about to descend!


  19. Oh dear, I HAD to laugh at your flat mouse!! We have 4 cats who hibernate indoors much of the winter and so no meeces dare show their faces in the house!

    January always seems such a long month but we are heading towards the light again and it's nearly 5 now before it's really starting to get noticably dimpsey. End of the month and it will be light until 5.10 (I noted this 35 or so years ago when I used to live in the Piddle Valley and work in Dorchester and it took me 10 mins to get home . . .)

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  21. Did the cat kill the mouse and leave it in the chair for you?

  22. Sorry but you did make me laugh out loud.Sometimes in Australia it feels like the land of plague and pestilence so I really get the mouse �� issue

  23. Sitting on the dead mouse, that did make me giggle, sorry! Our cat would have been batting in around the floor. I remember when he brought a vole in (still alive) in his mouth and dropped it at our feet. Took days to find the silly thing.
    A sharp frost here this morning followed by a wonderfully sunny day.
    Have a good week.

  24. My January appears to have flown by...not sure where to or even how...but we're heading into February at an alarming rate. x

  25. LOL YOur cat had taken care of the mouse, after all. And left it, for you praise his work. But he didn't leave it, in a proper place. -gigggles-