Monday, 27 January 2020

The Weekend

Hello and welcome to some more followers, hope you enjoy reading and also hi to some new people commenting.

I needed to go and pick up a new LPG cylinder for my cooker so thought it would be a good idea to call in at a village event..........not my village..............nothing happens here. But at Cotton they have Village Cafe once a month - breakfasts and some stalls - I had a chat with Colin's Aunt, who never seems like an Aunty as she's only 12 years older than me. (Col's Mum was already a teenager before this little sister was born). After my bacon roll breakfast and picking up the gas I came home a different way and saw some signs for a Jumble Sale........  so of course I went back in the afternoon to have a look.
It was Eye Scout Group  Jumble which I went to last year, so lots of children's toys and books. I found a big pudding basin to replace one that I chucked last year because it was badly crazed and two packs of children's card games, modern versions of some we had years ago. Had a go on the tombola and won................nothing as usual!

On Sunday I had a late 'Christmas' lunch round at BiL's house. Col's sister was there too as she had been to chapel. BiL had bought a reduced price turkey crown and wanted to use it up, without having to eat it all week - he's a much better cook than I am nowadays. I love baking but cooking for one is still a chore - I ought to get more organised with meal plans.........or something.

I meant to do the RSPB great garden bird-watch but didn't get round to it - and I'd cleaned out all the bird-feeders too. Earlier in the winter there were goldfinches but they seem to have vanished and the long-tailed tits only make an occasional appearance. I reckon it's because the weather has been so mild they are finding enough to eat in the garden and hedgerows. If winter isn't going to arrive until February or March I'd better order some more feed next month and a new peanut feeder as the one Colin made years ago it's falling apart.......squirrel proof this time so they can't bite through the plastic.

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  1. I'm still not getting birds in the garden, despite the feeder and plenty of food - apart from pigeons, that is. I have no idea why but will persist.
    A belated Christmas meal sounds lovely - a real treat.

  2. Nice to have a meal cooked for you.
    Lucky to find a few bits for you at the jumble sale. I went to ours but I only brought a very big Addis big square container my daughter got a lot of china she does Tea Parties on Vintage themes so is always on the lookout for different ideas.
    It looks as thou it's going to be a nice day.

    Hazel c uk

  3. I always think food tastes MUCH better if someone else has cooked it! :)

  4. You're right about the garden birds Sue, we're not seeing many and the bird feeders are virtually untouched. In previous years we've been topping them up twice a day sometimes. It's never too late for a Christmas lunch!

  5. Your jumble sale finds sound great! Our winter has taken a mild spell here as well but that’s not really saying much, we still have several feet of snow,,

  6. We've had quite a few birds to the feeders in the garden. They haven't been clamouring and waiting their turn in the hedge as in the past, but the fat ball feeders have needed filling up often, so we'll have to make a trip to the garden centre to stock up their pantry.

    I still have the children's card games that I bought for my daughter when she was little. The cards are in good condition, but the boxes are a bit battered and I kept them because of the memories as she loved playing with them. Her favourite was the game (I can't remember the name) where the cards were face down and you had to pick two the same up. She always won, (smile).

  7. I love card games, dominoes, backgammon; anything that doesn't just need you to push a button and watch it go! We are getting lots of starlings on the feeder, magpies come and go and a few sparrows. The weather has finally given us a clear, if chilly, day. Best, Jane x

  8. I think I've probably mentioned it before but I do miss my jumbles. I love the big white bowl.

  9. I do miss Jumble Sales. Best bargain ever was a really large concertina style wooden clothes airer I snagged for 50p, mostly because it was displaying clothes and everyone was after the clothes not the display!

  10. My mom had a bird feeder on her deck. She'd put corn cobs in it and lots of seeds for the birds in the neighborhood. One morning she heard all kinds of noise, pulled the blinds back, and there was a large sea gull upside down inside the plastic case munching on the cob. She resorted to glue plastic spears on the outside and the gull never came back.

  11. We have both of those great children's card games, always fun playing them. I hope you get lots of happy times using them too.
    Our birds didn't materialise this weekend when we did the count, I agree with you that the mild weather is not helping this winter.

  12. Lovely to have a village event, somewhere close enough, to get to though. Village Event... That sounds delightful..

    💖 💖 💖

  13. I love a good jumble sale and am a particular fan of a car boot sale. Sadly, jumble sales are non existent here and a car boot sale a rarity.