Tuesday, 29 December 2020

On the 4th day After Christmas

On the 4th Day After Christmas.....................
My Christmas treat will be
A New Craft to try
Chocolate Liqueurs
A Paperback Book
And a big tub of chocolates just for me

This popped up on amazon and  I just needed to know what it was! 

30 Teeny weeny books to make - if one of my granddaughters has a dolls house these will be perfect. It includes a bookcase to put them on too. Probably best to put these away until I've moved and the two small girls are a bit older.


Yesterday started sunny but then fog rolled in and the washing that I'd hung out stayed wet. No sign of sun yet this morning but I'm glad we haven't got the floods and snow other parts of the country have.

Back Tomorrow


  1. Your miniature books are different, a good fews years ago I went to Staffordshire to make a wooded dolls house on holiday along a couple of other people it's was a wonderful time. I still have the house 20 years on.
    I expect one of your G/D will have a dolls house and they would love the books then.
    We had fog all day yesterday but now it's clear and it looks like it's going to be nice.
    Hazel c uk

  2. What a lovely craft to try. My fingers are itching to get hold of it. :-)

  3. That looks like it would be fun to try.

  4. Now that is a weird coincidence, I almost bought myself a tiny make-it-yourself bookshop just before Christmas, and then for whatever reason talked my self out of it.

    I think I'd be having a start before I moved, it would make a nice change from watching television or packing your life into boxes.

  5. I used to dabble in miniatures. But I have packed up the Georgian Dolls house and now with a boxful of furniture it awaits a new owner.

  6. I think I'd have had to buy that one too. I've made books before, but never miniature ones. I think it might need better eyesight than I have! xx

  7. How utterly gorgeous. Just like the Bronte family tiny books...

  8. I have made books before, but never miniature books....how charming!

  9. What a wonderful craft! I gave my granddaughter a tiny book of Jane Austen quotes as a stocking stuffer and she was thrilled. These little books are amazing to see.

  10. Sounds like a great fourth day after Christmas. Sounds like an interesting project!

  11. It was a bit chilly here this a.m. as I was headed to do a bit of shopping then a pedicure. Frost on fields and Mt Hood looked dull as there was no sunshine and a bit of fog but it looked nice. I need to keep reading a book I bought recently for an online Bible study. Finish it and then read book I got from Phil for Christmas. I always have something to read for sure. Stay warm and cozy!

  12. Please note that I sang chocolate liquers as 5 goooooollld ringgggsssss. It fits well!