Wednesday, 30 December 2020

The Penultimate Day of The Month and The 5th Day After Christmas

 On the 5th Day after Christmas...........

My Christmas Treat will be
Some posh Choca Mochas

A new craft to try
Chocolate liqueurs 
A Paperback book
And a big tub of chocolates just for me

These Double Choc Mochas are a treat now because I only usually buy the cheap Asda own label ones. It's certainly a case of you get what you pay for with packets of frothy coffee sachets. I'm trying to cut down and get back to normal coffees and even tea which I've not chosen for a while. The expense was getting out of hand.

Yesterday I tootled off to the main Post Office to get my ID stuff certified and stamped. I didn't need any food shopping, still plenty here to eat, just half a dozen eggs from the roadside stall on the way home. 

Just after I got home a fig tree in a pot was delivered to take with me to my new home. I brought one here in a pot and we planted in against the brick wall of the patio and this year, just 3 summers later, there were lots of lovely fresh figs to enjoy. So hopefully the same again. It's a good thing it wasn't a bare rooted plant as the email saying it was on the way arrived the day before Christmas Eve, so it's been sat around somewhere for a week before I let it out into the light but it looks fine, still damp in the pot and well protected in proper packaging.

I usually do a round up of the months finances and frugal savings on the last day of the month but in December the post on the 31st is always photos of the year and anyway December has been expensive with trees cut down, car insurance, deposit to solicitor for the house selling bit  and Christmas so there's no point looking for frugal bits!

 There was some Clearing out done

Lots of things to to the tip
4 Bags of books and odd bits of craft stuff to charity shop
Son's canoe out of workshop to his garage.
Box of books to Ziffit =£21
Old paperwork to light the fire
More old paperwork into recycling 
Lots of old bits from the greenhouse into the rubbish bags

But I failed to get the two crates of tools etc to the auction house before we were locked down on the 26th so just have to hope they re-open before I move.

Back Tomorrow


  1. Sue, I like those coffees too, just the plain unsweetened cappuccino ones, and agree that the nescafe ones are the best. What I do to reduce the cost is buy several boxes of the nescafe ones when they're on offer at £1.25, along with several of the cheapo ones (Aldi ones are 89p or sometimes even cheaper). I tear all the packets open and mix all the contents together in a big lidded box. Tastes better that way than the cheapo ones on their own, and not so expensive.

  2. My indulgence goes the other way - paying just that little bit more for Lavazza (decaf) and making a dirty great cafetiere full of it that lasts most of the day, drunk black.

  3. I'm afraid I now pay a lot more for my hot cocoa and coffee. I'm not going out to cafés now so I bought an Hotel Chocolat velvetiser. I don't indulge every day, but when I do it's a proper treat and I'm glad I splashed out on me for once.

  4. Not a coffee drinker, but I do go through an inordinate amount of tea. Not fussy tea...PG Tips, but in the US, they are comparatively expensive (£7.35 for 80). Whenever I come over the Pond, I bring an empty 2 gallon ziploc bag, buy a 240 count box, transfer tea bags into it and then flatten the bag in my suitcase by removing all the air. Since I won't get my annual visit to UK next month, my DD ordered me two-240 count boxes for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. That'll last me a month or two. :)

  5. I have a little cappuccino machine. Every morning starts with a cappuccino for me. I bought the first one at a thrift shop and spent $30 for it. It felt like such an extravagance. I bought it 12 years ago now, so I cannot say it was a bad purchase. I was at a household auction a couple months ago, and found one in a box. I bought that one too, to have in reserve in case this one finally goes. It is an affordable luxury to me, to have fresh beans to grind, and that hot cup every morning.

  6. I am beginning to think I like your after Christmas treats more than Christmas treats! I am always so busy before and during Christmas that it is hard to enjoy any treats then. I may keep this in mind for sometime in the future!

    It must have been a relief to get your ID papers taken care of at the Post Office. I am excited for you with the prospect of a new home. A lot of work I know but all towards something positive!

  7. Mmmmm, your treats are so wonderful. Enjoy.

    God bless.

  8. What a flurry there always is when moving! You’re weathering it awfully well, I think. I do enjoy a good coffee, mostly I just make a cold brewed concentrate, but every once in a while, I do like something a bit fancy.
    I’m still burning through my packing paper from my move, it makes the wood stove hum! Suddenly you’ll discover all the remove nonsense is over, and the big day has come! Then it’s all to do in reverse, but so much less and not rushed. Keep that thought in mind....