Friday, 19 February 2021

Around the World in TV Crime Drama

 I've been all over the place with the police of numerous different countries in the last few months.

 The Bridge in Sweden and Denmark

Wisting in Norway

Spirals in Paris - but only the first series as they then used jiggily hand held camera- made me feel seasick!

The Valhalla Murders in Iceland

Cardinal in Canada

Rebecka Masterson in the Arctic part of Sweden

The Nordic Murders in Germany/ Poland

And sunny Mallorca - catching up on the first series of Mallorcan Files

Most recently all around Europe with 'Crossing Lines' - which suddenly finished series 2 with half the cast being killed and started series 3 with some different people and hardly a mention of what happened 6 months earlier.

 I feel quite well traveled this winter 😃

And all without leaving the house!


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  1. After all that international crime maybe you wouldn't DARE leave the house!

  2. Sorry you too are having stress house sale/buying issues, we are up middle of the night most nights and thinking I am too old to go through all this.
    Hope it all gets sorted for both of us.

  3. Our TV is too small to be reading sub-titles, but I love crime dramas. A pity. A world tour sounds good!

  4. I'm so glad you felt that way about Spiral too...I thought it was just me feeling quesy!

  5. I've caught up with Inspector Montalbano (38 episodes) and at last Zen in Rome but with the delightfully young Rufus Sewell.

  6. And with the exception of one all to cold snowy countries.

    I've been to Oxford with Endeavour, a Caribbean Island in Death in Paradise and will soon be in Morecambe in The Bay and London with The Forgotten. Not forgetting the attempted murders of two in an industrial fridge in Manchester (Coronation Street).

  7. I begin to think that is the best sort of foreign travel.

  8. Follow up fro yesterday I put my flat contents into storage and lived in a holiday let when I moved to Devon. It is surprising how little stuff you need. Being tough minded and taking the minimum with you and putting as much as possible in storage is liberating. How much of the furniture and stuff will you need in the future? A static caravan beside the sea sounds fun the grandchildren will love it and there will be no temperamental lawn mower to contend with. The future is an adventure.

  9. Australia with Miss Fisher's Mysteries is another fun travel destination.

  10. The only place I've been with the police over the last year or so is to Sicily, with Salvo Montalbano. I'm a bit of an addict!

    I might be tempted to go to France if the French TV dramatisations of Fred Vargas' novels got shown over here with subtitles.

  11. The Killing series set in Denmark is a good one too! If you can find them some of the Irish TV series are good - Jack Taylor and Single Handed set way out west on the Atlantic seaboard. You might still need sub titles as the accents can be tricky. If you like a comedy detective somewhere different try Republic of Doyle. It looks like a super place.

  12. Dear Sue,

    We do not have a television, indeed we have not had a television for 40 years and counting....but we can so easily identify with you about travelling vicariously through our books.

    Crime has taken us most recently to Venice in the form of Philip Gwynne Jones' recent series of thrillers. If you do not know of them, you might enjoy his mixture of murder and the magic of this wonderful city. And Jo Nesbo can be relied upon for making the winter even chillier with his Norwegian adventures.

    Perhaps this is the best way to travel these days.No crowds of tourists, no expensive plane fares and no hassle of travelling. All from one's own armchair....fabulous!

  13. I've been watching "Miss Fisher's Mysteries" (Australia), "Death in Paradise" (filmed in Guatemala); "Lupin" (Paris) "Murdoch" (Canada) and loads of British ones that I guess isn't traveling all that much for you, but for me it's my "heart" place!

  14. We like Death in Paradise. But still like to remain in England Midsomer and Father Brown.

  15. If you have access to Drama/UKTV Play you could add Australia with Dr Blake Mysteries, Nd New Zealand with Brokenwood.

  16. I live in Hawaii so I am sure somebody is watching Hawaii 50, etc. but Sunday night on Public TV is my sacred time to watch English murder mysteries! I find the Scandinavian ones a bit too dark.

  17. Your first sentence had me quite anxious for a moment! x

  18. Cardinal is a wonderful Canadian Crime series. Another is Murdock Mysteries, Coroner (though the US has kind of taken this over).

    There are a few there I need to see if I can find to watch.

    God bless.

  19. Did you go to India, Afghanistan and France with The Serpent, it was brilliant. We have just binge watched the whole thing over two days.

    1. Brilliant. Also very poignant in that it was a true story.