Monday 13 May 2024

St Bartholomew's Church, Finningham

 This is another village not far from home and as it was having a Flower Festival over the Bank Holiday weekend I knew it would be open. Only problem being that it was much busier than I thought so not good for photos. 

St Bartholomew's is a small church, very simple inside and outside

The Flower Festival Theme was 'Going To The Movies'

Winnie the Pooh on the window sill

Mary Poppins on the font - love the sweeps brush - a clever touch

Someone knitted lots of bees for  The Swarm

My Fair Lady

This memorial below has only been here a while - late recognition for an unsung hero of science, whose discovery of ancient stone flints and bones led him to believe that people had been around a long time, before the discovery of metal and before the current world . The idea was controversial and the Society Of Antiquities suppressed his paper which was only discovered in the 1860s by which time other people had put forward the same ideas.

A memorial window to another member of the Frere family

And a memorial with instructions for helping the poor.

I went back after the weekend, when the flower arrangers were clearing up, to pick up the prize mentioned last week and if my brain had been in operation I could have taken my camera for better photos!

Back Soon


  1. I like the flowers but I am a traditionalist and think that churches are for religious worship and so themes like Disney films etc. in a church don't seem right to me. My own church does the same sort of thing. I like good flower arrangements though and the skills involved.

    1. Many people agree with you but I love to see churches used more often for more people to enjoy them - like the Osier Cafe in Stowmarket. All are good fundraisers - to keep the church open for worship for a bit longer.

    2. Yes I agree in principle. My church is used for musical evenings and a weekend of folk music in the summer and a quilting exhibition. It keeps the church alive in the community.

  2. I like the swarm of bees. It's right that John Frere was finally recognised and honoured for his work.

  3. Some lovely and imaginative ideas there. Those bees - so cute!
    Alison in Wales x

  4. The Flower Festival is a good event and it brings people together. The creativity shown is impressive. Our churches rent out space for various events, like exercise classes. They also host free lunch on occasion in the hope of attracting new members. Fund raising seems typical for most churches. I was asked if I wanted to make a pledge. A Flower Festival is very appealing to me.

  5. Some lovely quirky arrangements there! I hope they raise plenty of money for the church.
    Our tiny local churches have had no vicar now for several years, but they still have to somehow find the money to pay a huge amount for insurance, and I do mean huge. £6000 in one case. I fear for their future.

  6. What lovely flower arrangements. Looks like a nice little church.

  7. Interesting to read about John Frere - it was ever thus I fear. When at Uni, I had a research idea about the origins of Pictish art (which someone else has since worked on) but was told to abandon it as the current theories held by the Profs etc in Archaeology wouldn't consider it. Not from a humble undergraduate anyway!

    Lovely floral displays in the church.