Friday, 16 June 2017

Bright Young Men

When our eldest daughter went to uni we said she was the first in the family to get there but only in our small bit of the family, because this was another photo I came across while looking through the shoe box of photos.

 On the back it says "Uncle Victor at Oxford". I'm guessing taken in the early 1920s. Thanks to the  arrows by his feet I know Uncle Victor is the one sitting far left. I have no idea which college he was at or what he studied . If I'm right Victor Cone was the brother of my grandmother on my Dad's side of the family. From the spidery writing in our old Family Bible I know he married in 1925 and died in Bromley in Kent. I vaguely remember some of my Dad's Aunts and Uncles but not Victor so maybe he didn't live in Suffolk.

What struck me most was the difference in neck-ware, some have the modern turned down collar and tie, some like Victor have a jaunty bow-tie and some still have the upright collar that seems to hark back to Victorian times.  I wonder what became of these Bright Young Men.Were they too young for the Great War? Did they survive WWII? Perhaps somewhere there are other families with this same photograph among there family heirlooms.

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  1. Isn't that just wonderful.
    I love old photographs-x-

  2. Uncle Victor looks very dignified.
    You might be able to find him on the 1911 census.- that might throw some light on his background.

  3. Chills ~ as soon as I saw this I began wondering if your relative ever saw Tolkien, Lewis or Williams while he was there?

  4. I hope you can find him in the Census. I wonder what he studied? Interesting about the taste in neck-wear, I guess it depended on their personalities (or what mummy told them to wear!)

  5. Ah yes Sue, collar and tie! Those were the days!

  6. Oh, finding old family photos is wonderful. I love to look through them. I met up with a cousin last year. It was the first time in about 40 years and we spent a happy hour looking through the photos she bought of our fathers' family.

  7. Nice to share this photo. I saw some family photos at the vintage flea market I was at last weekend. Felt sorry they weren't in someone of the family. I nearly bought one awhile back and it was an older couple and they looked like they needed to be in someone's home, like mine. They are in the human race they are related, correct? !! :p Have a good weekend!