Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A 'Why?' moment

The older I get the more I have these 'Why?' moments.

The most recent one was due to the ad on the back of the latest Asda magazine
So why do Nescafe think it a good idea to bring out lots of different packs of coffee in designer packaging.
Are there really gullible people out there who will buy it because of the colours on the tin? Or maybe they want people to buy one of each?

Who knows.

Many thanks for duck comments, they are made from bamboo and apparently they do still come with names and two is enough............ I'm not that keen on dusting!

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  1. I said exactly the same thing to my husband last month when hubby bought the intense one to take to work.

  2. I don't know the answer to your question Sue, but I also have a lot of why questions. Must be our age.

    Joan (Devon)

  3. It's much the same with pain killers, once we purchased one pack for our pains, now you get one for all our different pains, backache, headache, period pains, who are they fooling.

  4. Then again, why not? I think they are, as said, bold, bright, beautiful {well, maybe not that beautiful} and while I would not buy them for the art work {not my brand} I think they are a splash of cheerfulness ~ and that is something we all seem to need by the bucketful these days :)

  5. Coffee advertising; Think it is called running out of options. How many teas or coffees can be offered. Once in the long distant past we hardly had so much on offer and it was bliss, made shopping so much easier.

  6. I think they want you to buy one that matches your d├ęcor or colour scheme. Not going to fall for that one.

    God bless.

  7. Marketing! Same thing, new packaging. It wouldn't work on me, our tin gets put into a cupboard so we wouldn't use it to jazz up our kitchen. The power of suggestion works well with most people, think of the exciting life you would have drinking that coffee! -Jenn

  8. I find the choice of teas and coffees bewildering enough without having to factor in which design of packaging I want.
    I'll just stick to me refill pack of Kenco decaff ta very much-x-

  9. Well, I have colleagues Who buy €8 bottles of bottled water, because the battle looks nice....


  10. mean you don't match all packaging yo your current decor?! x

  11. I enjoyed hearing about your new-found freedom in asking "Why?" I find myself doing more of that these days. The draw of needless consumption never ends!