Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Flower Seeds and Other Bargains

 Some boot sale treasures have already be mentioned but there were a few more during the month

At a small Sunday boot sale early in August I spent only 30p. The postcard book of Country Diary cards was 20p and the card kit 10p.
From another small Sunday boot sale that was actually bigger than usual I found a Gi-normous plant pot for £2 and the pretty Blackcurrant sage also £2.
 Plus some nappies of the size Florence now needs for 50p and 3 big mugs including a modern Denby which were also 50p each.I like to get a couple of big mugs each summer in case we break any during the winter when there are no boot sales happening. I was very good and walked by lots of lovely baskets that I really didn't need, masses of toys and a load of cross stitch kits.
 From the big boot sale in early August..............
Huge box of brio type railway for the grandchildren. I now have enough for Jacob to take some home when he is a bit older and some to keep here too. I paid £4 for this lot. The Hungry Caterpillar Card game was 50p.

4 new flannels for 20p each. A very large ziplock plastic folder was 50p, Some hand-cream without perfume 20p. And 10 packets of flower seeds for 10p each.
I never used to grow flowers from seed at the smallholding because it took all my time and space to grow enough vegetable plants. Now I don't need to grow so much veg I'd like to have  more flowers and some of these will be grown for the new cutting garden. These packets are ones that would have been free with a magazine so don't have many seeds in each  but that doesn't matter. There's a packet of really dark- almost black- Sweet William,some Sweet Peas, Cornflower and Corn Cockle, Sunflowers,Nasturtiums and Edelweiss.

Can you say Edelweiss without breaking into song?!

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  1. Love the thought of the dark sweet bills.

  2. That Brio is amazing value - a real quality toy.
    J x

  3. Some lovely stuff there Sue. Love the Edwardian Lady cards. I have A3 folders which house some of the boys' artwork from when they were young so maybe you can collect some of your grandchildrens' handywork!

  4. My goodness ! I think I need to start going to Boot Sales... What a haul!

  5. The train set is a great buy, I'm sure the little ones will have lots of fun playing with it. Love the song Edelweiss and I'll probably be singing it all day now! xx

  6. You've sure got some bargains there, Sue. I love growing flowers, there's sweet peas in the garden at the moment and calendula too. I'm not sure what I'll plant for the Spring yet. Meg:)

  7. Great bargains I love to see what booty you find.

  8. Goodness me, that box of wooden railway track brings back memories (good ones!)

  9. No! Ha! That is the answer to the edelweiss question. I can't spell it either!! Hee hee!!

  10. Great finds.. love the sound of those nearly black sweet williams.

  11. I just love, love car boots. If we can't go for some reason or other I get grumpy. We had the bonus of two this last weekend, whoopeeee.

  12. An excellent haul. What bargains.
    Eloise at

  13. A nice little haul and good value. I always go for the woden toys over plastic - so much nicer.

  14. oh the train would be fun for my grandkids. They are into Legos and they love playing with them when they come over. Nice mug finds too, as I like them. I got an eclipse one the other week, thanks to my daughter bringing one home for me and I paid her back. Yep...Edelweiss is a great song for me! Love the Sound of of my fav musicals of all time!

  15. The postcard book is very pretty.
    Our son had so many happy hours playing with the Biro, great memories.
    Lisa x