Friday, 11 August 2017

Pleased With These Cards

Three more cards made recently. I have to admit the idea isn't mine, it was something I saw in an old copy of Craft Creations Magazine but all the bits were in my stash including those owls which I'd had for Years without finding a use for them.

A space has been left at the bottom under the owl for adding a peel off greeting. I'm quite pleased with them.
I'm much better at card making if I have an idea to other words I'm not very arty!

Had a re-arrangement of the craft room so that when the Surrey family come to stay we can put Jacob's cot in there - then he won't disturb  H and J and vice versa. Made a good space in the middle of craft room then discovered the cot won't come out of the bedroom without taking it to pieces! Duh! Means when they come to stay we shall have to put the cot back together in craft room each time - how annoying.

Thanks for comments about everything over the last few days. Thank heavens the weather was better yesterday. I did some clearing in the greenhouse and garden and washed pots. 

Back Soon


  1. They are lovely - owls are great!
    J x

  2. Can you look out for a travel cot at the car boot sale? A good temporary measure, and they do seem to turn up at the boot sales I go to.

    Lovely card design. I have a soft spot for owls. I was very envious of your Barn Owls which you mentioned the other day. We have lots of Tawnys in the trees around our house, but haven't seen a Barn Owl locally for years.

    1. He won't lay down and sleep in a travel cot - little pest!

    2. Our LJ has a travel cot at our house, he's not keen on going to sleep in it, so we let him fall asleep on the bed first, then transfer him! When he first nods off, there's a ten minute window when he can be moved, rearranged, have 'Cheerios' stacked up on his head for a photo opportunity, anything, he's out cold!
      Woe betide anyne who disturbs him after that first ten minutes though!

  3. Lovely cards Sue. I was going to have a craft room but I haven't got round to it yet

  4. The cards are lovely. Yes I always need a bit of inspiration to make cards.

  5. Love the owls! Lovely cards

  6. The cards are nice! I enjoy looking for ideas as well. Sometimes I embellish my photo greeting cards with stickers to make them a bit different. Need to do that again. Work on Christmas ones as well. Hope you can figure out the best way to make room with out removing cot from craft room. Up against a wall...and attach it by bungy cord so it won't fall over off wall? Hummm?!

  7. I enjoy your card making posts very much. Thank you for sharing!