Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Lane on the Last Day of August

Another month has flown by. What's changed during this last month of summer?

 Rose Hips and Ivy Flowers are new this month, and things that were flowering last month are now just seed heads for the birds

Here's why we probably won't get to enjoy any Hazelnuts. I looked up to see what was singing merrily in the trees above - a blackbird - and spotted this fella watching me.

 The birds have stripped most of the Elder berries. I had plans to make Elderberry syrup but
never got round to it.

 Pity Hawthorn berries aren't useful as they are always plentiful until the birds take them during late Autumn.
 Always something different each month down our little lane.

Some much needed rain here yesterday. I went over to Leiston to babysit Florence for a couple of hours while Col stayed home for the Septic Tank pump out lorry which cost £80, making it  much cheaper than mains sewer. It should be OK for a couple of years now.
I went to the Co-op while in Leiston as they had sent me a voucher for £2 off a £20 shop and one for a free box of Celebrations - no idea why. I stocked up on Locally Produced chicken thighs....on offer at 2 packs for £4 -  and sausages  and each pack of sausages came with a free pack of bread rolls. So a good day to pop in there for shopping ......£28.50 worth of food for just under £19.
The Celebrations were hidden in the cupboard and will be part of a Christmas Present and the freezer is full.

Thank you for comments on the car boot bargains.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder about the elderberries. I must get some this week. It seems like the hedgerows are laden this year. X

  2. Lovely photos.. our ivy flowers are buzzing with our bees and other pollinators, it's a lovely sound as you walk past. Apparently there are plenty of things you can do with hawthorn berries.. I just haven't tried any of them.. but our hawthorn hedge is covered in ruby red berries.

  3. I use a mixture of hips and haws for a delicious syrup...x

  4. You can really see the seasons changing now can't you, it is surprising how fast nature goes!

  5. Gorgeous photos and what a fab shopping haul!

  6. We have a hazelnut tree in the garden, but never get to eat any nuts as the squirrels have already taken them all....long before they are ripe! The blackberries have been very prolific this year....never seen so many wherever I walk the dog!

  7. I'll have to look up elderberry syrup I've never heard of it. Loads around here.

  8. You can use haws for both winter cordials (I usually make a hedgerow cordial with hips,haws, elderberries,sloes and blackberries). I also make a hawthorn vinegar (very tasty) and a haw-sin sauce courtesy of the River Cottage recipe. You can also dry them and use them for tea throughout the year.

  9. It's always so nice to get a voucher you can use -
    what a bargain!

  10. I do like a co op voucher. The one near my mum closed recently and she really misses it.
    Lisa x