Monday, 28 August 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend........... Day 1

We didn't get a bank holiday rest when we were at the smallholding because Bank Holidays were always the busiest time for the campsite. Then last year in town Colin was stuck in hospital all through late May Bank Holiday and again right through August, and surprise! late May this year he was............................. stuck in hospital again.
That means it's quite nice to have a Bank Holiday weekend together even though  Bank Holidays are much the same as any other weekend except for more traffic on the roads. Best to stay close to home where the roads are quiet.
So on Saturday we went to Crowfield Church for the  Flower Festival and book/jigsaw puzzle sale.
 I went on my own last year, a fascinating little church tucked away. But what is that great lump of wood laying beside the church? They had a tree cut down because of disease and turned bits of it into benches for the churchyard, but I do wish they hadn't put one right by the church wall, spoiling this ancient place  - in my opinion!  By all means put them in other spots for folk to sit on but it just looks wrong - I felt oddly aggrieved - daft really.

Nursery Rhymes was the theme, this one Cock-a-doodle-do. Even this tiny church has a magnificent stained glass window
On the stalls outside I found 3 interesting looking books and two very old wooden jigsaw puzzles.

I had several plywood jigsaws when I was little - hope all the bits are there for these two. £1 for the books and another £1 for the jigsaws. We had coffee and sausage rolls and bought some plums to bring home.
A lovely morning out and then home to cut the grass after lunch. Rugby on TV and a book to read.

Thank you for all the comments on water meters and water costs. Our next aim will be to use less than they reckon.

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  1. That is a delightful church and I entirely agree with you about the thoughtless location of the log bench. The Suffolk Churches website (there is also one for Norfolk and a not yet complete one for Essex) is fascinating and a real labour of love or maybe OCD but is also an example of how the internet can be put to good use. We have a pig about to farrow so we have to stay put on this bank holiday.

  2. The farmer and I went to look at that church when we were down your way. It is charming and I totally agree about the bench. I don't think it was there when we went but it is an eyesore - so out of keeping with the place.

  3. I see what you mean about the bench. A beautiful church. We don't like to sit in traffic so we are staying in today. People will come from all over today to visit our local villages. A garden enjoyment day in glorious weather for us.

  4. What a lovely church, but yes, why leave a lump of wood (or a 'wump o' wood' as we say!) lying there, like that? And a lovely jigsaw!
    Margaret P

  5. What a daft place to put a bench!!

    I'm glad you got to spend this Bank Holiday together, doing something relaxing for once.

  6. What a lovely church. Went to an Essex car boot earlier, I think your Suffolk ones are better I must go before they finish.

  7. So we both went to visit a nice church. Your one looks worth a visit. I was pleasantly surprised that the traffic was quite light on the A140 and my dread of getting back and turning right out of Eye was unfounded. I was the only car at the junction and got out within 30 seconds. (On my arrival at the Eye junction there was a queue of 20 cars waiting to turn right, everyone on their way out I suppose).

  8. I agree, the bench sticks out like a sore thumb.
    Love the old jigsaws, remember them well.

  9. Love days out like this.
    Enjoy the jigsaws when you get round to them, fingers crossed all is there.
    Lisa x