Sunday, 10 December 2017

December 10th - And the Card Making

This was my desk several weeks ago

Making Christmas cards for the family with 3D Decoupage sheets, which I got from Craft Creations two years ago. There wasn't anywhere to work on them at the very small bungalow so I couldn't do them last year but got busy on them in the Autumn.
I thought they looked quite good when finished, but put them all in envelopes the other day without taking a photo - Duh.
 I think Christmas card writing is all finished now. The Christmas card stash has been greatly reduced as I avoided buying any in 2016 and 2017 January sales and at two years of boot sales so this January I give myself permission to look round the charity shops again.

Thank you to more new followers and for comments - much appreciated.

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  1. Well done you. I only send three cards and usually handmake them. Unfortunately time is at a premium this year so they are store bought. Better intentions for 2018.

  2. Just reading through your yesterday's comments, I find that if I click on Joy's Retired Teacher Site to comment lthat ike you I get nowhere other than diverted to some very dubious sites BUT if I go off the site and immediately back to it ,it comes up with the post plus comments so you'll be able to make a contribution.
    A rather rambly sentence which I hope you can understand!
    So glad too see from yesterday's post that you are having the odd treat.
    I hope some of your friends remember to spoil you too. It's very stressful being on the sidelines able to do very little! Sue

  3. Another comment - yes, it's a right pain, that diversion and Blogger isn't the least bit interested. Fortunately, you can just close it down and get back to my blog and then, after that, it doesn't do it again for a while. Really sorry about that.
    J x

  4. Very lovely.
    I am a lazy bint when it comes to cards. I've not written or sent any for years. Up until last year I'd take a photo of Violet and then turn them into Moonpig cards. Bill would write on them and send them out, but I put no effort into it other than taking the photo and placing the order! This year, we won't even be doing that, as I can't imagine for one second that Violet would be happy to be the face of Christmas any more!

    1. I send a small amount of money to Breast Cancer Care each year now instead of sending tonnes of cards. I used to make about 40 each year but now prefer to send my money other places.

    2. Maybe you could send one of your beautiful Christmassy house, Sadie?

    3. I still like receiving cards and Christmas is the only time I keep in touch with some distant relatives and friends from the past, so will keep sending as long as I can afford.

    4. I do send cards to friends overseas - despite the cost of postage-its a way of keeping in touch. But locally although I still send them I find I receive less than in past years. I do like receiving cards -particularly ones with robins and old fashioned scenes. Jean/Winnipeg

  5. Lovely looking wintery scenes for your cards, Sue.

  6. Your cards look just like the view from my window this morning.

  7. I really love the cards you take the time to make. Everyone I have seen has been gorgeous as I can just imagine these are as well.

    God bless.

  8. I shall be posting some of my cards tomorrow.

  9. The cards look lovely and I'm sure anyone who receives one will appreciate it. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the sending and receiving cards (and hopefully at least a note included). I finished the last of mine today, ones that go here in the US. Sent ones to my English penpals several weeks ago. Speaking of English, are you familiar with the author Marcia Willet? I've enjoyed all of her books; just received The Song Bird which I ordered on Amazon and was shipped from England.