Saturday, 7 July 2018

The First Week of July

Well.......... That's the first week of July done and dusted - dust being the word, as without rain for so many weeks everywhere is very, very dusty.
When I haven't been out and about I've had windows open and curtains closed in the living room, that means it stays cool for most of the day .

 With June gone there ought be a post about the half-yearly accounts  -  and I've done no frugal month notes for a while either - but the financial thing has gone silly with all the costs of the funeral, the death grant/life insurance type thing from the County Council, the  grant and payments from the Department of Work and Pensions, the refund of council tax, then there was the costs of tax, insurance and MOT for the car and the big expensive dentist charges and not forgetting the plumbers' bath to shower work. I'll just say that one way and another, "Ins" to the bank were more than "Outs" - thank goodness, and there is no way I could be "Frugal In Suffolk" like the first title of the first blog. I feel so grateful that we inherited money and that Col worked for the County Council for so many years and loved his job. It means as long as I keep being careful I will be able to survive into old age without poverty and with all the years of practice I do know how to be careful.

Although I then promptly gave up carefulness for a moment and have spent out on a  day trip by train with Col's sister for later in the year And I had a spur of the moment takeaway! And bought two items of new clothes AT ONCE- unheard of............! and found a few bits for the Grandchildren from car boot sales.

Which reminds me...........the reason there haven't been any 'car-boot-bargain photo' posts for a couple of weeks is because, although I've been to a few, all I've spent is a couple of £s  on grandchildren stuff. There was a game to pop in the cupboard one week and a  tub of cutters and suchlike that are used with play-dough. Then last Sunday I got this.............. a doll's rocking cot complete with bedding plus a dolly feeding bottle and bib. There was a doll too but Florence has a doll she calls  'baby' at the moment so this new bigger doll will go in the cupboard for another grandchild or when Florence gets older. I paid £5 for the lot which seemed a good buy.

I gave the bedding a wash and took the cot over to Florence and she spent ages putting her 'baby' in, covering it up, rocking it violently and taking it out again! She was also pleased with another Shirley Hughes book that's been around since her mummy was little. "Alfie's Feet" has the lovely drawings and a story about shoes and boots and splashing in puddles - something all children like.
Jacob plus parents will be up to visit at the end of the month so better look out for things for him next, and it won't be long before I'll be finding bits and bobs for Willow....... Have to treat them all the same!

I got back to swimming, after the week off "with the plumber", and spent out more cash on a 20 swim discount card, so I've really committed myself to going now! it takes each swim down to £1.78 a time, good value I think. I'm now up to swimming 8 lengths (sounds good but only 160metres) non stop and then another 20 or so with some rests in between.
The first week of Wimbledon flew by, there have been several seeds knocked out and most of the Brits............ as usual. I've watched a lot on the BBC red button where they seem to have found the money to show more than just one other court which is what's been happening in the last few years. It's nice to be able to choose who to see. One match - a  men's doubles between 2 lesser known Brits(Clarke and Norrie) and two people from somewhere else, was on with no commentary and the fifth set went on and on and on. We are so used to commentators talking all through that it seemed quite strange and then all of a sudden there was a commentator which seemed even odder and then the match quickly finished after 5 hours of play.... 22 to 20 in the final set.....Brits lost, I think they call that commentators curse!

The only charity shop finds during this first week were two more Shirley Hughes books, one for Florence and one for the book basket at home and a Mary Wesley book for me.........Second Fiddle.In one charity shop I saw a little Wedgewood jug in an interesting design but it was £ a charity shop!

My plan for the weekend - once I've collected the electric sander from son and DIL  (spent ages looking for it before I remembered who had it!) I'll get started on preparing for repainting  the bathroom. Also hope to do another church from the book and visit a car-boot sale too.

Have a Good Weekend folks
Back Monday


  1. I had every intention of watching Wimbledon this year but things haven't gone according to plan and so far I've only seen bits of a couple of matches.

    Well done on the swimming. I hope I do as well when I start in the gym after my holidays.

  2. Spending, ooh, you monkey:) There are still quite a few Brits left in various doubles matches. Luckily, most are somewhere on the red button, or on the BBC sport web site.

  3. What a good buy - the cradle - my daughters had one when they were young - I found it a great to hold all the soft toys and dolls in!
    It must be a bit of a change over with your finances at the moment with monies needing sorting and coming and going but I presume this will settle down in a few weeks.
    what a good idea to have a train trip - hope the weather is good for you then it would be disappointing after all this sunshine.

  4. Glad you have some financial security. These days that is a worry for far too many people.

    As far as purchases, having a train trip to look forward to is a good plan. And the cot/extras was an excellent buy. Sounds like Florence was delighted with your find.

  5. I think treating yourself to a trip on the train is an essential. We would have loved our trip to York to be by train but the price for three of us was astronomical so the coach it is for us....on a bank holdiay Monday too....I must be mad.
    Love the little cot.

  6. It sounds as though you have your management of the finances well under control. When you are alone it is so much more comfortable if you have it all sorted out from the start doesn't it?

  7. I love doing something out of character every once in a while, feels like even more of a treat. Currently squeeky bum time in our house. Come on England! Xx

  8. Don't feel guilty about having a treat, you deserve it.

  9. I spent money on a or of leggings this week. And buying shoes on clearance today....big savings. Need to go thru my summer clothes and give a wash and downsize to ones I like. Need to haul items to thrift store soon. Glad you got things figured money wise. We all need to watch what we spend and keep saving as well. Happy weekend!

  10. I'm glad you got to get back to swimming. I am committed to going 3 times a week. I don't count the lengths, but I swim for a complete hour, non-stop. I do a lap, up and back, in 3 minutes, so I guess it's 20 laps, or 40 lengths. I'd love to have seen a photo of the Wedgewood jug! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Your doing well with the swimming and it is smart to buy the swim card. Your days sound busy and varied which is so nice for these hot summer days. I love the little doll cradle. It is fun to find things like that for our grandchildren. Have a good weekend Sue.

  12. I watched the Edmund-Djokovic match this being 8 hours ahead get to see a lot more tennis. As much as I like it, I'm not getting up at 0500 to see it. I may do it for the mens final if Rafael gets into it. I'm so ticked at the seeding for the Women that I may not watch it. As good as Serena W is, they should not have piggy backed her up to a higher seed. So totally unfair to the younger talented women.
    Good for you for the swimming. Now that I have Medicare and an Advantage plan, I am enrolled in Silver Sneakers which gives me a free membership to a health club. The one I picked has a pool so I can swim.
    Have a wonderful week.

  13. Can’t get into the tennis at all this year-I’m sure the heat’s melting my remaining brain cells. Cradle and covers was a lovely buy and I’m glad Florence liked it. I can imagination how much money will be flowing outwards at the moment but buying two new items just for you is not such a naughty extravagance. I agree that the swim ticket means you are more likely to go -I have to pay in advance for my Pilates class and hate if I miss it.

  14. Good for you for keeping up with the swimming. It sounds like you were quite the swimmer in your youth. Even though I live only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, I’m not a good swimmer. But I recently joined my city’s recreation center (free) and they have a pool.

  15. Just to let you know I am up and running again, thankyou for your kind comment on the old blog.

  16. Your grandchildren really do have lovely names.

    You are doing okay, even though the road is not a straight, or particularly flat, one. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

  17. Good to hear you're keeping busy doing lots of fun things...excluding the painting of course! x