Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Following on from Yesterday

Several people asked about the Cider Vinegar recipe. First I have to say I've never tried it before so have no idea if it will work or not.
It comes from this book

The Recipe

This was a messy job, seemed to end up with bits of apple everywhere!

I started of by taking out the cores and pips and chopping, then put the bits through the grater on the food processor and then into the liquidizer jug and finally into the straining bag.
I left it to drip then squeezed out as much juice as possible.

 Poured the juice into a big kilner jar added a couple of spoons full of the pulp and then a sachet of cider yeast. Which said "sprinkle on top leave 15 minutes and then stir".

Then Wait and see what happens.

I took a photo of the fruit cakes yesterday and forgot to add it to the blog post so here they are, looking and tasting good.
I'll add the recipe to the separate recipe page.

And while finding this photo, I also found a photo of my Big Spend at a car boot sale last Saturday, a total of £1.20 for 3 childrens activity books to put away for later and two small lock and lock storage tubs which I thought would do for storing a half onion in the fridge - instead of wrapping with cling film

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  1. Hope it works. I bet it will taste nicer than shop bought.

  2. Your cakes looked delicious, glad you were lucky to but a few cooks for the children. I am going and have a bus ride to change my library books.
    Have a nice day Sue.
    Hazel c uk

  3. The cakes look lovely. I was interested in the cider vinegar as I have a lot of windfall apples, but on reading the above I think I'll just carry on freezing them!

    You mentioned half an onion - quite often I'll cook a double portion of whatever it is and freeze the other half or reuse it in another meal. However on those occasions when you only need half an onion, I always chop the whole thing, use half in the recipe and put the remaining chopped onion in a bag in the freezer. If I've got onions starting to go soft or sprout, I chop them and add them to the bag (you can use the food processor if you're not bothered about the size of the chunks). This way I've always got some chopped onion ready if I'm feeling tired or rushed, and I don't have to store it in the fridge.

  4. I'll be interested to know how your vinegar turns out Sue.
    Andy would love that fruit cake.

  5. Nice finds. That seems like a lot of work! I love apples, but all that peeling, coring and slicing seems to take forever lol.

  6. I'm going to try it! If I can find cider yeast...?

  7. I always had trouble extracting juice from apples by crushing or pressing to make cider or juice, such a lot of effort for little juice. Then I tried freezing the apples first - much easier to crush them after that! I used to make cider just by leaving the juice covered in muslin for a couple of weeks, no need for the cider yeast. Of course this was very 'rough' cider.
    M Hill

  8. I never thought about making your own cider vinegar. I bet that book has a lot of helpful recipes. Your fruit cakes sure do look yummy!

  9. Hope the cider vinegar turns out. I have never heard of cider yeast.... Wonder if it is a lot like the yeast we use to make wine?

    The Christmas cakes look yummy.

    God bless.

  10. I never peel and core the apples when I'm using them this way, just a quick wash ... yep I'm a lazy oink 🤣😅😁

  11. Sadly there are no apple trees locally so not something I will do but I would certainly like to. The cakes look delicious and definitely on my list when I bake.

  12. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !