Tuesday, 1 September 2020

September Country Days

"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer's best of weather
And Autumn's best of cheer."
                                                                                Helen Hunt Jackson
 The Autumn page from "Ceremonies of the Seasons" by Jennifer Cole

 September = Autumn either on the 1st  meteorologicallly,  or astronomically at the  Autumn Equinox on the 22nd (although this year autumn seemed to arrive around the 25th of August)
 The word autumn comes from Latin autumnus and it's use dates back to the C14. In the USA it is known as fall and both autumn and fall were used in this country until the C18.

The Anglo-Saxons called September Gertsmonath, meaning the barley month.

There are generally three consecutive windy days around the middle of the month, millers called these the windy days of barley harvest

Nowadays the grain harvest is usually finished before September.

According to the 2020 almanac day length this month decreases by 1 hour and 57 minutes here in the east of England.

There are a few general weather sayings for the month

September dries up wells or breaks down bridges
                                              September rain is much liked by  the farmer

Many haws and many sloes make many cold toes.

Below is a page from "An Illustrated Country Year " by Celia Lewis, showing how the hedgerows will fill with berries during the month.

My list of jobs to do through September includes turning some of  my harvests from the garden into preserves for the hamper gifts and for my cupboards.

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  1. Autumn seems to have been with us for weeks, this morning it’s so cold. But it has been a great time for scrumping, got six pound of Bramley apples when I went for a walk with my son and Grandaughter on Saturday, we’ve got plenty of blackberries at the bottom of our overgrown garden! so time to get baking and like you Sue,get on with making chutney etc. for the store cupboard

  2. At last Autumn is official {meteorologically speaking} but it's felt more Autumnal than Summery since the end of July here. Not complaining, cool over searing heat any day! Let's hope the days of harvesting continue. Lovely folk lore for the month.

  3. I hope we may have a blip with this cooler spell and then an Indian summer (which can go on until Christmas if it likes!) We put a patchwork quilt on the bed last night and I was warm in bed for the first time for several days. I have preserves to make too. First the plums .. .

  4. Interesting the Anglo-Saxon 'Gertsmonath', the German for barley is 'Gersten' and month 'Monat', and yes, the Saxons did call it Gerstenmonat. Country folk also used to call it Altweibersommer - old wives' summer, which is our Indian summer.

  5. I always feel that making preserves out of autumn's harvest is one of those warm soul-satisfying activities that help make this season so special :)

  6. quite the comment from "Laura Mildred" there!

    September has started off with such beautiful weather, but there was a definite smell of autumn in the air early this morning. Gorgeous. I'm off to get some things done in the garden. Hope the month starts off well for you :O)

  7. I love September ... so much so that even 'Laura Mildred' made me laugh ;-)

  8. There was a distinct chill in the air when I took Rick out for his early morning walk. Autumn has most definitely arrived in our neck of the woods.

  9. I always enjoy your seasonal change posts. I love Autumn as a time of change and preparation for the Winter to come.

  10. I love autumn - and a sunny autumn has to be one of the best things there is - all that colour!

  11. I always think of Autumn commencing properly at the start of the last week in September. The air starts to smell different. It's a time to of year I love, the downside being that it precedes winter!

  12. We are expecting severe heat this weekend, 36C and above. We usually get most of our heat in September and also the Santana winds. I love autumn days when the skies are overcast and the sweaters come out.

  13. I still go by when the days become shorter than nights. Never paint outside after that because you will be sealing the moisture in.

  14. I love these posts of yours. So much new information.

    God bless.

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