Tuesday, 1 June 2021

June Country Days

 Two June pages from The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden

There would have been very little time in June in days gone by for celebrating the Saints Days as farmers would have been busy with haymaking and sheep shearing. Watching the weather would have been the main occupation.

Calm weather in June, sets the farmer in tune

 The weather pattern for June often alternates between spells of stormy weather and shorter periods of dry calm. The farmers prefer calm and warm with night-time dew to speed up crop growth.

Later this month on St Barnabas Day - 11th June there are a couple of sayings that date back to before the calendar changed so 11th was Mid Summer's day

Barnaby bright, Barnaby bright
The longest day and the shortest night.
Barnaby bright 
All day and no night
And a reminder to farmers

On Saint Barnabas
Put a scythe to the grass.
Christina Rossetti said in her poem                    Summer

If the year would stand
Still at June for ever,
With no further growth on land
Nor further flow of river.
If all nights were shortest nights
And longest days were all seven,
This might be a merrier world
To my mind to live in.

Although if this happened we wouldn't have much to talk about!

June as long been my favourite month of the year and this year will be no different as I'm already enjoying the French Open tennis on TV which will be followed by tennis from Queens and then Wimbledon and English strawberries will be available - even a few from my 6 plants brought here in big pots. The weather in Suffolk is forecast to be mostly dry and warmer than May - at least for the next week.

Looking at the long range forecast from the Met Office for the second half of June it doesn't seem to commit to anything definite....................

Confidence is typically low for this period, but it seems most likely that changeable conditions will characterise most of this period, with plenty of fine weather around but also spells of rain and showers, particularly but not exclusively across the north-west. Temperatures are likely to be around average, although this doesn't preclude short hot or cold spells during these two weeks.
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  1. I love your folk lore posts. Thanks very much. xx

  2. Watching the weather still is the main occupation of farmers.

  3. I too love June. I am hoping Wimbledon will go ahead, I enjoy it so much.

  4. We watched the farmer on the opposite side of the river cutting the grass in his field late last night, and as it's another beautifully hot day today he should be able to get a good first crop in. The turning of the seasons and some things being more 'normal' is very special isn't it.

  5. This has reminded me that I must buy my annual bottle of Pimms....summer in a glass as far as I'm concerned! Arilx

  6. June always reminds me of getting out of school for the summer when I was a child. It seemed to be a magical time for children. How wonderful that your first full month in your new home is your favorite month of the year!

  7. Also enjoying the French Open on TV although it starts too early in the morning for me! Wimbledon is only slightly better.

  8. It is interesting that your farmers are busiest in June. Here it is more April and then again late August and September.

    God bless.

    1. Yes June is a quieter month than in the past in this country too as very few farms make hay. So the main harvest is now later