Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Last Sunday's Car Boot Sale

 Bank Holiday Sunday and a very busy car boot sale,  as always there was loads of stuff and toys and then even more stuff and ornaments!

I didn't spend much but it was a bit more than several weeks recently as I found 4 things............A Fantastic Mr Fox dressing up set for £2. Thought this would be handy for Jacob for the next World Book Day - if he needs to dress up for school. A new teether for the baby due in the Autumn £1. The River Cottage Preserves book which I've probably had before and sold (duh) but at 50p I thought I'd have another look  and finally something I didn't expect to find - a brand new photo frame with room for 5 photos which set me back £3 - ready for when the new arrival will make 5 grandchildren. I've been very lucky as the one I had when there was 3 grandchildren and the one I have now with 4 apertures both came from boot sales too.

It was a lovely sunny morning walking round but even with more car-boots and  things to look at  I was still home in time for breakfast.

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  1. love seeing peoples bargain finds, I have a photo board frame but having trouble filling it as we have very few pics of our now adult photo shy sons!

  2. We muted going to one but didn’t fancy getting up so early for it!

  3. It's years since I've been to a car boot sale, we don't seem to get many round here, but I love to see what people find. You've been very fortunate finding the photo frames with exactly the right amount of spaces you need for photos at the right time.

  4. After 18 mths of Car Bootlessness, we finally got to two last weekend. At the first in Llandod I bought mainly plants. We got a couple of things for stock too - ever hopeful that the big Fairs will start up again like Malvern has. I don't think Builth Showground is the vaccine hub any more so there's a chance the September Antiques Fair and Fleamarket will be on and we'll be selling if so.

    We went to a much bigger one at Madley on Sunday and did very well for purchases there - stuff to sell on again (Keith did well), as well as some 30s Deco glass lampshades (one was the old "flycatcher" type). I can't tell you how good it felt to be wandering around in the sunshine, looking for bargains.

    Then Monday it was Malvern and we walked round for 6 hours there! We slept well after that!!

    You got some good buys and were very controlled! I went a bit mad with the plant buying as they were perennials I needed and so cheap!

  5. P.S. Lampshades were for the house and one's up in the bathroom already - don't want to get to the stage where you no longer notice it's bare lightbulbs!!

  6. So good finds Sue the dressing up suit will be lovely for the youngsters. We don't have any car boots in our village, we do have a big sports field which would be useful for a sale.
    Nice surprise this morning I have some lovely pink poppies in the back garden and overnight they broke open they are about 7" I must get the seeds this year.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  7. Great finds. I do wish we had sales round here. We used to but not any more. I think there were too many sellers and not enough buyers.

  8. Some great finds, especially that photo frame :-)

    I'm itching to get to a car boot sale, but just as they have started I can't walk that far yet ... sooooo frustrating as some nice 'homegrown by someone else' plants would be brilliant to fill up the garden.

  9. It sounds like a successful boot sale for you. How fortunate to find the perfect frame to hold all the grandchildren's pictures after the new one arrives!

  10. Great finds at that car boot sale.

    God bless.

  11. Nice finds. We have "garage" or "yard" sales here in the States, where folks put their offers on the yard or driveway or in the garages. We went to some in the small town south of us. DS2 had given us a list for their family: shorts for Little#3, toys, books & DVDs. As mommy is having #4 in about a month we tried to find things that will occupy the rest during those first weeks.
    We came way with a bag of shorts, a bag each of books and dvds, some smaller toys. We also found a toddler sled, a girls bike for when they get bigger (FREE!). For ourselves we got a dehydrator, a black metal shelving unit for DH's bathroom, a garden cultivator, a FREE hose and 5 black garden edging rolls. Oh and a compost bowl for my kitchen (free). And lots of fun admiring other people's gardens. :)