Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Is it Because I'm an Aries?...................

........................or just impatient!

 It used to drive Col potty...................whenever I had an idea for something (and I was always having a Good Idea!) it needed to be done straight away.

Here's what I mean......................

On Friday I remember Penstemons  and how they would be a good idea for the garden as they are longer lasting than many of the plants already here..........................

On Saturday I went to Stowmarket and on one of the market stalls were Penstemons -  good size plants- for £2.50 each,  2 different colours...........plain dark pink or these.............

Penstemon Phoenix Appleblossom

I looked up the variety.........

A new group of Penstemon cultivars called Phoenix Series. This series, which includes other color variations such as red and magenta, was bred specifically to withstand heat and be disease resistant. The throat is bright white which offers a stark contrast to the deeply colored outer edges. The Phoenix Series grows to about 18" tall and is excellent as a border plant or in containers. 

 No sooner thought than bought! 

Summer of Sport update.................Good result for England yesterday in the football which I actually watched right through as it seemed to be a better game than any of the 3 previous and Mark Cavendish took a stage in Le Tour, which I caught just before the football. Dan Evans won his match at Wimbledon but Cam Norrie went one set down just before it got too dark for them to play.

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  1. you've solved a mystery! one of these grew in the garden a few years back by magic and I had no idea what it was, it grows to about 4 feet during the summer and I cut it back so it flowers twice - I get beautiful deep pink flowers all through Summer - bees love it. Good choice! and thanks for the post as I now know what it is.

  2. I have just one Penstemon - deep magenta with a white throat. Very pretty. I'd not grown them before.

    As a fellow Aries, I am like you, once the thought has lodged itself, I want whatever it is NOW - if not sooner!!! Isn't it strange that being born under a certain star sign brings certain character traits. I bet you don't suffer fools gladly either . . .

    Glad that you are enjoying the Summer of Sport. I am still wondering what the consequences will be of the Tokyo Olympics. I'm finding it hard to get excited about it yet. With the Eventing, and no events like Badminton or Burleigh having taken place, I am wondering how horses will be up to scratch and perhaps even event-fit, although I am sure all the work has been done at home to prepare them.

  3. I love those flowers. Must look out for one myself.

  4. Another Aries here! I also have Aries in my sun and moon rising (if you're into that kind of thing) so I have triple the impatience and like to act on ideas when I have them!! Thanks for the reminder as I'm also looking for long lasting blooms for my garden :-)

  5. Well I am very impatient too when it comes to diving into projects, but I am a Capricorn.
    Lovely Penstemons.

  6. I had lots of penstemon in my old house and must look out fir them again a such a pretty plant and the bees love them.
    Had to have an injection yesterday at the doctors for my carbel funnel so I do hope it will work.
    I am Cancer and I have lots of patience for most things but I do like to try things straight way when I get an idea.
    Had a lovely day food shopping (2 shops) with my D and GD who got me to try new food.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  7. P.S. I found the Irene Soper book so will add it to the pile of books to sell on eBay, as our book seller friend only bought 50 or so books last night. I was hoping he'd take a few more.

  8. It's definitely an Aries trait 😁

    Lovely plants.

  9. My neighbour has penstemons in her garden. They are lovely.

  10. I am now on the search for Penstemons. Long lasting and disease resistant are key requirements in my country garden. Like you, I want projects accomplished straight away. My attitude is: Why delay when it can be done now?

  11. The flowers remind me of Foxgloves, I wonder if they a cultivated version ?

  12. I can be like that over certain things and a terrible procrastinator over others. I am a Libran with a stubborn streak! Arilx

  13. Hmm, lived in AZ two years now, and don't recognize those. Maybe they are called Phoenix Series because of their colors? (and Suffolk heat doesn't measure up to Arizona heat, thankfully for you. LOL) So pretty!!

  14. I can't live too long with an idea either. It is the Aries.

  15. What a lovely flower.

    God bless.

  16. Penstemons are lovely like pink bells. I have never heard or seen these bells before. I am Aries too, from Malaysia. I know exactly how you feel. If I have to do something I will do it even in the rain. My hubby constantly gets annoyed as I do 5 things or more at one time. He only does ONE thing at a time and does it perfectly which annoys me. Following your ramblings